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Where Can You Pay for Live Shows Without a Credit Card? Here.

last updated October 09, 2020

We noticed a growing trend in the demand for sex cam sites that don't require a credit card. We weren't the only one's who've noticed, many xxx chat sites have begun to offer alternative payment methods. These payment options can all be done from your home, without having to go or talk to to the bank. You don't have to worry about getting a disposable credit card either. Want to know where you can pay for sex cams without a credit card? Look no further.

The payment options which we will be talking about are PayGarden, PayPal, Wire transfer, and Bitcoin. But beware, these payment options sometimes randomly go down. They usually come back within a few hours or days. You can try waiting, using an alternative payment method on the same site, or using a different site completely.

You can find a brief explanation of each payment method as well as the pluses and minuses further down the page. It's up to you which alternative to pick. We recommend using up your giftcards where you can and continuing with PayPal when you run out.

The Top 10 Sex Cam Sites That Don't Require a Credit Card



LiveJasmin is the best adult cam site in the world. They have the most gorgeous webcam models and the best quality video chat rooms. LiveJasmin has fair prices and a satisfaction guarantee to keep you more than happy. When you go to LiveJasmin, you will notice that every picture is professionally shot, giving the site a luxurious feel. The webcam models on LiveJasmin are the best in the business, they are hot, attentive, and all broadcast in HD. If you want to be pampered by hot babes, you are at the right place. 

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LiveJasmin model that takes Bitcoin, PayPal, and gift cards

LiveJasmin accepts more payment method than any other site. If intend to pay for sex cams without a credit card, LiveJasmin is your best choice. LiveJasmin accepts both PayPal payments and Bitcoin payments. The site has even recently introduced PayGarden as a payment option. You can buy adult chat credits with gift cards you have. If all those options don't appeal to you, you still have the option of a wire transfer. The free credits on signup are only given for PayPal and credit card payments.



Flirt4Free has recently become one of our favorite xxx chat sites. Flirt4Free has a delightfully large model selection with many of the chat rooms being broadcast in full HD. The site has some very cool chat features which can't be found anywhere else. Members on Flirt4Free gain prestige as rewards points. As you accumulate points you rise in status and gain more attention from the models. Many of these points can be collected without spending any money.

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Sexy young Flirt4Free camgirl

Flirt4Free has a fantastic selection of payment options to compliment its ample selection of webcam models. Other than LiveJasmin, Flirt4Free is the only other site that offers all four alternative payment options to cc's. But, to reach these payment options you will have to get to your payment accounts. This option can be found by clicking on your user name and choosing the Billing tab. Just a heads up, the 120 free credits are only given if you pay by credit cards.



CamSoda is an upcoming adult webcam site that features live pornstar shows and voyeur cams. The site has a decent selection of cam girls and beautiful video quality to show them off. CamSoda follows the freemium model, that means that many cam girls get naked in the free chat. But not all of them - many will only strip in private. CamSoda continuously tries to introduce innovation to the camming world. They recently introduced language lessons with their sexy webcam models.

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CamSoda takes PayPal and wire transfers

As you should expect from a newer site, CamSoda has embraced a number of alternative payment methods to cc's. On CamSoda, you can add sex cam tokens with PayPal or wire transfer in addition to the credit card option. At this point, CamSoda doesn't take any other forms of payment, but as a progessive site, we are sure that they will soon embrace newer forms of payment. By the way - on CamSoda you can pay by check too, but you will have to request a check of money order information by email.



A veteran powerhouse, ImLive was one of the very first adult chat sites to hit the internet. ImLive hasn't let up on the heat, they have continued to recruit some of the best looking webcam models around. The site has a big selection of cam rooms to choose from with a huge video format in all of them. ImLive has some of the cheapest cams around. Want to see something cool? Check out the Multi Viewer and you can watch 6 cams at once.

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Gorgeous smiling ImLive camgirl

While we love ImLive, it's list of payment options that don't require a cc is honestly underwhelming. At the moment, the only option to pay for sex cams without a credit card on ImLive is to use PayPal. The standard bonus credits and sales still apply to all your purchases and to the rewards points you collect. We recommend ImLive if you are looking for a long term solution that will only get cheaper and cheaper. But, be warned, it's a long way to the top if you want to enjoy it all.



With over 21 years in the porn business, Sexier is an adult chat site that you can't afford to miss. With hundreds of beautiful women online at any given time, there's always something to be found for your viewing pleasure. If you are feeling particular, check out Sexier's advanced search options. Their filters are really great in helping you narrow down your searches. You can search by anything, ranging from ethnicity and body type, to kinks and bust size.

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Stunning Sexier xxx chat model that can be tipped with Bitcoin

Like ImLive, Sexier only accepts PayPal as your only no cc payment option. Sexier doesn't even accept wire transfers. Their logic is that they want to stand by with only internet transactions. We are assuming that they are among those that don't have faith in the Bitcoin, but we can't say for sure. Sexier's Frequent Fuckers Club make the site a worthwhile investment. Sexier is a serious contender for the cheapest no cc cam site.



Cams.com is a great xxx chat site that has been around for a long time. During that time, they have changed the focus of the site, but what they have never compromised on is quality. Cams.com used to be focused on private shows, but many rooms now focus on the free chat element instead by utilizing Lovense toys. Cams.com has fantastic HD cam rooms, and the Conexxion feature. You can have real virtual sex if you own the Lovense Max toy.

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Sexy Cams.com webcam model that takes BTC payments

Cams.com's preferred method of payment is still the credit card, but you still have other options. At present, Cams.com is accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment. You get a few extra tokens per transaction than you would than paying by cc, but you get no sign up bonus. You can also do mail/fax payments, but we don't really recommend them unless you can't avoid it. These payment methods take a minimum of 48 hour to process and can apparently take up to 10 business days.



The most popular free adult webcam site in the world, Chaturbate leads the freemium market. If it's your desire to see loads of nudity in the free chat, Chaturbate is the place to be. It has some amazing webcam models and fantastic HD cams. So why isn't Chaturbate ranked higher? Taking control of a chatroom can be very expensive. With some chat rooms having over 12,000 people watching, it can be hard to tip and get what you want. Many cam girls don't do privates, won't respond to pm's, and won't cam to cam.

Visit Chaturbate.com

You can buy Chaturbate tokens with Bitcoin and wire transfers

On Chaturbate you can easily buy xxx chat credits without a credit card. Chaturbate currently accepts Bitcoin and Wire transfers. If you buy with Bitcoin, you get a better rate per token than you do if you pay by card. Chaturbate was actually one of the first xxx webcam sites to accept PayPal, but for some reason they don't accept it anymore. By the way - you can invite friends to join to earn tokens. If you invite someone to who broadcasts, you get 500 free tokens.


PhoneMates logo

PhoneMates might have started as a xxx webcam site for mobile phones, but the site is now available on all platforms. PhoneMates features a large selection of cam babes, all broadcasting on a large screen. The site might not have the best video quality when viewed on your computer, but on on your mobile phone, PhoneMates looks damn near perfect. If you enjoy porn on the go, PhoneMates might just be the site for you. Private sex chats start at just $0.98 a minute.

Visit PhoneMates.com

Sexy Blonde camgirl on PhoneMates

While PhoneMates might be a website for the modern user, it unfortunately does not provide many options to pay for sex cams without a credit card. At present, the only available option to buy credits without a cc is to use PayPal. It gives you the same benefits and promotions that you would receive if you paid with a card. PhoneMates has a great customer loyalty program. As you gain miles, Happy Hour shows gets cheaper and cheaper. They drop down to just 20 cents a minute.


XLoveCam Logo

XLoveCam is a European xxx webcam site that features models from all around the world. The languages the models speak are clearly listed on the site, so you could in theory find someone to practice another language with rather easily. While the site does feature some nudity in the free chat, the site is focused mainly on privates. XLoveCams has many HD chat rooms, but not every room has perfect video quality. The model selection on XLoveCam is small than the sites above, but it has more European options.

Visit XLoveCam.com

Sexy redheaded babe on XLoveCam

XLoveCam has a surprising amount of options to pay for sex cams without a credit card. It is possible to use PayPal, Bitcoin, and wire transfers to buy your credits. But, XLoveCam doesn't offer any sort of loyalty program or sign up bonus. Yes, you get a free recorded video, but that's not what we mean. LiveJasmin at the top of this list gives you free credits on every 1st and 5th purchase. Be aware, it seems you get better rates when paying by credit card than you would by PayPal or Bitcoin, which is honestly disappointing.


BongaCams logo

While BongaCams can be considered a relatively new name in the webcam world, it doesn't lack in its number of models. At any given time, you can find hundreds of webcam babes online, with many of them broadcasting in full HD. BongaCams is a freemium model site, meaning many of the shows happen in the free chat. If the model is popular and is already getting flooded with tips, she might not be as down to go to into a private show. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy Lovense based shows in public.

Visit BongaCams.com

Purple haired BongaCams camgirl sucking on her finger

As far as sex cam sites that don't require a credit card are concerned, BongaCams actually has a very nice selection of payment options. You buy tokens with PayPal, Bitcoin, or wire transfer. The only payment option which isn't available is PayGarden. When you buy with Bitcoin, the price is set to be 10% lower than if you paid by card. Sometimes you will get sale pops up, in these cases, the only payment options available to you are Bitcoin or credit card.

Payment Method Comparison Table

These are all the sites where you can buy tokens/credits without using a credit card. We listed them out and filled out which site accepts what.


PayPalBitcoinPayGardenWire Transfer

The Payment Methods


Pretty much everyone is familiar with PayPal. It has been eBay's payment processor since 2002. While PayPal originally avoided involvement with any adult content, they have branched out. PayPal can now be used on select adult sites including a wide range of PayPal sex cams. PayPal does not advertise themselves on these platforms. Usually, the payment option will be hidden under the name "Epoch", it is a third party processor which enables the payments. You can read about our list of the top 3 PayPal cam sites here, we even included guides on how to buy with PayPal on each site.

Benefits of using PayPal on Live PornSites

Drawbacks of using PayPal on Live Porn Sites


Bitcoin has been a hot topic for months now. The currency has seen explosive growth and with it, explosive interest in the currency. More and more businesses both online and offline have begun to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. At first, there were very few Bitcoin cam sites, but as more no cc cam sites open up, Bitcoin is becoming more popular. The lack of regulation over the currency makes it the most anonymous form of payment available. Confused about how to pay with Bitcoin? Here's our full write up for the top 3 Bitcoin cam sites.

Benefits of using Bitcoin on Sex Cam Sites

Drawbacks of using Bitcoin on Sex Cam Sites

PayGarden (Gift cards)

If you receive gift cards from your relatives and have no idea what to do with them, boy do we have an idea for you. You should buy xxx chat credits credits with giftcards. We can't tell you exactly how much each card will be worth, but if you type the number into the payment box, you'll get an offer from the site. Your card won't be charged unless you decide to accept the offer. The list of gift cards accepted on XXX cam sites is pretty damn large and includes over 100 brands such as Starbucks, Target, and BestBuy.

Benefits of using Gift Cards on XXX Cam Sites

Drawbacks of using Gift Cards on XXX Cam Sites

Wire Transfer

The first wire transfer was in 1872, so you are probably familiar with what it is. Basically, it's an electronic transfer of funds from one account to another. In the case of xxx chat sites, you can wire transfer for sex cam credits. It is a method that works, but we don't really recommend it if you can avoid it. Wire transfers are the least rewarding method of payment. You get the lowest value for your money and the transactions are not immediate so you can't even start spending straight away.

Benefits of using Wire Transfers on Adult Cam Sites

Drawbacks of using Wire Transfers on Adult Cam Sites

So Why Not Credit Cards?

So you might ask yourself, why would I care if I paid by credit card or not? Well, your credit card information is something which you should do your best to protect. Yes, you can always go to your bank and get a card cancelled, but if you've ever gone through it, you know exactly how much of a pain in the ass it is. Using other forms of payment safeguards your 16 digits and prevents your identity from being compromised.

The xxx chat sites we recommend all have superb security, but the internet is an ever ominous place as far as money is concerned. There are many cyber attackers out there that would love to break into adult sites. By using alternative payment forms in the first place, no information could be compromised.

Depending on the method of payment you choose, you could get completely anonymous transactions, so no one will ever be able to know you bought sex cam tokens. Click here to go back up to the no cc cam sites.


When looking at sex cam sites that don't require a credit card, your options are PayPal, Bitcoin, wire transfer, and PayGarden. At present, there are only two no cc cam sites that accept PayGarden - LiveJasmin and Flirt4Free. Since using gift cards on xxx cam sites is such a cool idea, we are sure that it will soon be incorporated on new sites. It was only recently introduced on LiveJasmin.

Undecided about where to go? Check out LiveJasmin. They accept the most payment forms and are one of the most rewarding cam sites around. Their babes are the hottest and the video quality they stream at is the highest.

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