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Sexier has an Ample Selection of Lesbian Cam Couples

last updated January 06, 2021

Sexier is a veteran player in the field of adult webcams. It's been around for over 20 years, so it's no surprise that they have quite the selection of lesbian cam couples. If you enjoy watching lesbian live sex, you've come to the right place. The women are hot and the prices are low, get ready for sultry girl on girl action.

Having the the biggest number of lesbian sex cams online means the biggest variety. While Sexier.com doesn't have the best video quality, it's wider variety means that there are lesbian rooms dedicated to various fetishes such as role-playing and S&M.

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Sexier.com Prices

The prices on Sexier.com are in Euros. At the moment, the price per Credit is exactly €1.00. The models on Sexier get to set their own prices, so be aware that we listed the lower end of costs. The majority of models are realistic don't try to charge the maximum 5.9 Credits a minute that are allowed. In fact, we didn't even run into any of those rooms.

There is no monthly fee to join the Frequent Fuckers Club. Each purchase you make earns you points. As you earn points you will automatically be upgraded in status and will receive more and more benefits. The discounts can earn you some cheap lesbian sex cam thrills. Here's how many points you will earn for each amount of credits purchased.


Sexier is one of those webcam sex sites that offers many forms of payment, to attract as many customers as possible. It offers three alternative processors, so if your payments doesn't go through on one, you can always try on another.

Various Memberships and Their Benefits

If you enjoy group private cams, then Sexier's Happy Shows are perfect for you. Rising up in the ranks of Sexier will make your video chat sessions cheaper and cheaper to watch. In case your confused, group private cams don't mean you are all watching each other. You are all watching the model, usually without cam 2 cam enabled. If it is enabled, it's set so the models can see all of you, but you can't see all of each other.

At Sexy Silver you are awarded 10 bonus credits and will get a bonus 1% credits on every future purchase. Happy Hour shows cost just 0.50 Credits a minute.

Reaching Sexy Gold awards you 100 bonus credits and a 3% bonus on all future purchases. The price of Happy Hour shows is knocked down further, to just 0.35 Credits a minute

At the highest level, you are awarded 200 bonus credits and a 5% bonus on your future purchases. At Platinum is when you can enjoy the cheapest group cam shows, Happy Hour shows are just 0.20 Credits a minute. You also unlock, 24/7 Platinum Customer Service, so get ready to be pampered.

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Chat and User Features on Sexier.com

Sexier' Pros and Cons



Editor's Impression of Lesbian Cam Couples on Sexier.com

Sexier.com is undoubtedly one of the best xxx cam sites to watch lesbian live sex. The site has been in the air for over two decades, during which time many improvements have been made. Sexier is now easy to operate and easy to navigate. While lesbian cams aren't an option among the sites tags, you can easily reach the girl on girl webcams by simply clicking on the advanced search option. 

How advanced is it?

The advanced search option is one of the best on the net, you get to click on pictures to help you find what you want. No typing and no guessing, you can reach your dream babes quickly.

Since Sexier has been around for so long, it has managed to amass quite the number of lesbian live sex chat rooms. When compared with other sites, Sexier.com has among the highest number of active lesbian cam girls. What that means is that when you log on to the site, you can expect to see quite the selection online, we counted over 30. This is a huge bonus, as it gives us more opportunities to cover our individual fetishes.


Yup, on Sexier.com you will find that many of the lesbian cam couples have their own fetishes that they would love to share with you in private chat. Just look at the girls details and you will find out if they are dominating mistresses or submissive slaves. If you have a dirty sexual fantasy involving lesbians don't be afraid to look around, you might find just what you are looking for. 

The biggest downside that we found in Sexier is the quality of the video feed. Many of the lesbian live sex videos are broadcast below 720p which when combined with the giant screen format results in pixelization and graininess. It's not that the feeds were unwatchable, but when paying for private sessions we expect quality. This isn't the 1990's, HD should really be the industry standard by now.

That being said - 

The giant screen size might actually have been done intentionally to help the visually impaired. If you suffer from near vision, the big screen format will help you enjoy the show more easily. We didn't think this was intentional at first, but we realized how easily accessible the font size changing button was. We are assuming this was put in so older users can still chat easily.

However, the gearing at older users does also have it's own negative consequences. When talking to webcam lesbians you realize just how bare the chat features are compared to sites like Chaturbate. On Chaturbate, users are distinguished by the amount of tokens they spend. Models and other users can see exactly how big of a baller are you really are. But, that isn't an option on Sexier. Everyone looks the same unless they make it all the way up to Sexy Platinum, which is no easy achievement.

Furthermore, you can't play around with the text font or anything like that. In fact, you can send text and a few basic emoji's, but that's about it. If you look at how many emjoi's sites like Facebook and Snapchat have, you'll realize just how few the options really are. On Chaturbate you can send messages to models with pictures and GIFs, a feature which isn't available here.

Sexier offers some of the cheapest cams, if you are into group private shows. However, if you want the personal cam 2 cam experience, but still want cheap cams with a rewarding loyalty program, you might prefer ImLive. It is a very similar site, but it's loyalty program extends to private chats aswell. Since many models broadcast on multiple sites simulatenously, it is very likely that you might find most of the same lesbian couples on both sites.

One of the great things about Sexier.com is that they have a satisfaction guarantee. Yes, it is only $25.00, but with 10 free Sexier credits, you might as well test out the cheapest package available. If you enjoy the live lesbian sex you watch, great, you can come back and get more credits. Otherwise, worst comes to worst, you will get your money back, no harm no foul. 

If you enjoy reading up on detailed bios written by the models, you might be slightly disappointed by Sexier. The bio information is much shorter than some other sites, and often many parts are not filled in. There's no way of knowing how old the camgirls on Sexier are. Everyone is of course over the age of 18, but everyone gets the option to list the age they feel like, and not the age they are. This isn't exactly a deal breaker of any kind, but we would to know the real age of the people we speak with and not the pretend number they feel inside. When sex cam sites allow this to happen, you get cam models who are clearly in their 40's trying to pass off as teens.

Generally speaking - 

LiveJasmin has the most complete bio information out of all the adult cam sites. But, lesbian cam couples as a whole don't seem too eager to write detailed bios anyway. They know you'll come in to watch lesbian live sex regardless of what they write.

Comparing the customer service at Sexier with other sites, we had to say that we were a little underwhelmed. The contact us button was difficult to find. In fact, the contact us section said to click 'Contact Us' if we needed help, but it was nowhere to be found on the page. To reach customer support we recommend scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page and clicking on the Customer Support Center internal link at the bottom. Once there, click the contact us by email option at the center of the page.


Yes, The only option available is by email, which honestly kinda sucks. If you want to speak to anyone on the phone you are going to have to get to platinum level.

When all is said and done, Sexier isn't just a great site to watch lesbian cams, it is great place to watch any adult cams. Find out more about solo cams and more by reading our full Sexier review.

In conclusion, Sexier.com is a great place to watch lesbian live sex. It has among the highest variety of lesbian cam girls out of all the adult cam sites. If you are looking for a site with private cam 2 cam sessions, you will likely enjoy with the many attractive sapphic couples. That being said, if you watch a free chat experience, you are unlikely to see much nudity. Sexier is not a freemium site, it is based largely on private chats. While it doesn't have the coolest features for actual chatting, when you are in a cam to cam session, you don't really need your keyboard.

Our recommendation,

Get the basic package at €25.00 and test the site out. You get 10 free Sexier credits no matter which package you purchase and you are still covered by the guarantee.

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