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xLoveAsian.com Has an Appetizing Selection of Hot Asian Camgirls

last updated January 14, 2021

Why are Far East webcam models so desirable? It's not just their looks, although those perky tits and tight asses certainly play a role in the attraction, but also their style and attitude. On the surface these chicks seem so shy, but when you scratch the surface you discover sexy wildcats that can be shameless and curious. Men from all over the world go online looking for Asian sex chats, but of course not all adult cam sites provide enough chat rooms, for low enough prices and in good-enough quality. Our team of experts is always looking for fantastic Asian webcam sites for our horny readers and today we'll be assessing XLoveAsian.com. Is this a video chat portal you should consider? Read this review and get your answer.

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xLoveAsian Prices

Here we come to the part that most of our readers are curious about: How much are those nude Asian shows going to cost? This is a fair question. After all, it doesn’t matter if those Thai and Japanese camgirls are the most beautiful women in the world and are as skilled as pornstars. If they overcharge for their adult webcam shows, you should just leave and look for a more affordable option because there is no shortage of those. Well, you won’t need to leave X Love Asian. This sex chat arena has average costs for the industry and some chat rooms are even quite cheap. Here's a sample of the average prices you'll see online.

Top Features on xLoveAsian

xLoveAsian's Pros and Cons


X Love Asian is an inviting adult web cam site and clearly a professional one. It provides members with all of the features they need to enjoy themselves online and the live Asian porn shows that you will get to see here are hot and entertaining. Prices are decent and you can even narrow down the live chat rooms according to price, which is always a nice advantage. What else? There are loads of porn videos and even more pics. Claim your free VIP video when you sign up gratis and have your email verified. You then receive 1 VIP bonus video (recording of a private webcam show with a model of your choice).


The number of live Asian sex cams is very limited and there is a bit of the mess regarding categories, so the women online are not only camgirls from the Far East. Also, in spite the fact that there's a clear FAQ page, there is little to no info regarding VIP clubs.

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Editor's Impression of XLoveAsian.com

We are now officially done with the informative section of our XLoveAsian review and now it's time to offer our opinion – an educated and as objective as possible, of this adult webcam site. This shouldn’t be hard, or so we imagined when we started our regular research. On the surface what we have here is a large Asian webcam community where guys can spend time with beautiful Oriental women and watch them strip live. Is this really the case? In all honesty, this sex chat arena has left us somewhat baffled and we're pretty sure that this review explains why.

The main issue that we have with X Love Asian is that it has a misleading name. You may be thinking that this is hardly a capital offense – after all, a rose by any other name, etc., and it's not like it's hard to find expensive adult webcam site that stick the word "free" in their name as if this is just some decoration that you put up. If the word in question would have been, let's say, "love", we certainly wouldn’t be nagging about it. Love does indeed imply romance but no guy with any sense who logs on to an adult webcam site expects to find romance – at least not one that isn’t fake. Besides, love could also mean sensuality and even imply sex. However, the problem we have is with the word "Asian" and that is a whole different story. When you review a site that's called XLoveAsian.com, it's fair to say that you expect it to be an Asian sex cam site. However, in this case you are dealing with a regular adult web cam site that just happens to have a few Asian camgirls and this is hardly the same thing.

In reality, the simple truth is that XLoveAsian is not quite an Asian webcam arena. It is simply a regular website that promotes Asians and wants guys who are into oriental camgirls to drop by. You will find Far East cam girls online – of course you will, but most are Asian-European and there aren't as many live Asian sex chat rooms as you would have expected to find on a strictly Asian cam site. It's also a bit confusing, because you actually need to search for sexy Asians when you reach the home page. Why? Because the chat rooms you'll see will feature women from all over the globe and they will be Ebony, Caucasian, Latina and yes – also Asian.

Okay, enough with that. This is indeed a serious disadvantage, but after all this website, as we said, does offer enough chat rooms to choose from and perhaps we should just refer to the non-Asian camgirls as a bonus – that would be nice, right? Anyhow, you can sign up in a few minutes and become an official member. All you need is a name, password and email – and it doesn't even have to be a valid email. Membership is free and there is no subscription fee other than the VIP clubs, which we will get to soon enough.

The free chat rooms on XLoveAsian.com are open to both members and nonmembers, but they're limited unless you have credit in your account. Even members, assuming you run out of credit, will end up with a fairly irritating box urging them to go top up their account. This is an old-fashion and ineffective strategy. Nowadays the best Asian webcam sites such as LiveSexAsian and LiveAsianWebcams.com have unlimited free chat. The Asian camgirls do work hard to make sure that you enjoy your time inside their video chat rooms and while being a VIP will probably – definitely get you more attention, we have to say that the babes do a pretty great job at making sure that everyone feels welcome. When you want to buy credit, you can simply click and add funds to your account. Make sure that you are fully aware that a single credit costs more than a single euro. When you see a price tag of let's say 1.99 on an Oriental chat room, remember that it doesn’t actually mean $1.99, but more.

This XLoveAsian review is not the first adult webcam site review we've written and we know by now that sexcam users are into sex chats and not porn videos. If they were into porn videos, they'd go join a porn tube portal, right? That said, at times you do end up bored online, waiting for a specific webcam models to become available or just want to workup an appetite before you start a live sex show. If that's the case, you will love the entertainment section on this XXX cam arena. There is a huge and inviting video area where you can check out some amateur porn clips as well as semi-professional adult vids. This is on top the free clips that the camgirls upload to their profile pages and if you're into sexy pics, you are going to be one happy camper. There are so many that you won’t even know where to start and you can find the majority of them for free on ever camgirls' profile.

If we had to evaluate which of you guys will enjoy X Love Asian and who will leave unsatisfied, we would say that the answer depends on one thing: Expectations. If you are extremely specific in what you want and you have to have a Thai webcam model with big tits or a Japanese dominatrix or a Chinese chick with blue eyes – you will probably not be fully satisfied with the online selection. However, if you just like hot Asians and want to find one that could turn you on and get you off on live chat rooms, you will certainly have a blast. The average price of a nude chat is fair, the streaming, as we mentioned earlier, is glorious and there are enough HD webcams to go around. Perhaps you should take a break from reading (we're coming to end of this XLoveAsian.com review anyway) and log on to the site for a quick peek. Try the free membership and take a look around – you might be dazzled by the horny Asian cam girls and end up feeling right at home.

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