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Stripchat Review - Free Sex Chat, VR Cams, and Great VIP Benefits

last updated January 05, 2021

Stripchat delivers webcam sex with amateur performers for free. The models on the site are permitted to use their rooms how the see fit. Many of them are simply hanging out in their open rooms, doing full-on sexually explicit shows for the public, while collecting tips. Beyond the free chat, there are one-on-one shows, spying, and sending private messages to the models.

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Stripchat's Prices

On Stripchat, the larger tokens bundle purchased will give you more value for what you spend. The private chat rates and available tokens bundles presented here are calculated from purchasing the smallest tokens bundle with a credit card. Other payment methods, like Bitcoin, PayPal, and the redemption of brand name Gift Cards, offer their own priced tokens bundles.

Stripchat's Membership Options

There are four types of memberships, or User Levels to hold on Stripchat. The first is the Guest membership, which recognizes visitors to the site that have yet to even sign up with a simple username creation and email signup. As a Guest to the site you're treated to an unlimited amount of viewing time in any of the open chat rooms. The moment you decide that you want to send, even an innocuous chat message, you'll be prompted to level up and create a Grey membership, by signing up to the site. The third membership level is the Green status, which is attained after your first purchase of Stripchat tokens. And, there's the highest status, the Gold membership, which costs $19.99 per month, and comes with numerous benefits, including being able to silence Guests and Greys in the public chat.

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Features on Stripchat.com

Stripchat Pros and Cons



Our Editor's Impression of Stripchat.com

Stripchat introduced itself to the adult camming industry in 2016, years after the market was replete with sex cam websites. To succeed, it had to make big moves and apply a strategic approach to garnering market share. It did this by opening up its platform to just about any model that wanted to be a webcam performer, and then making it all free for viewers to watch without limit.

Within a couple of years, Stripchat was being recognized by the camming industry with accolades and awards. As well, many of Stripchat's own models have themselves been recognized for their on-screen performances with industry talent awards.

Today, Stripchat is home to 10's of thousands of registered performers, with near 2,000 models online throughout any time of the day.

The site's meteoric rise to success is in large part due to its having implemented among the best services and features available on the best premium and freemium sites, and having combined them into one destination that is clean, sleek, intuitive, and just an all around fun place to hang out and engage with the webcam girls.

What distinguishes Stripchat?

The performers that come to work on Stripchat veer more toward the amateur side of the spectrum. Where other cam sites are sure to present a super polished look and feel, from a site's functional interface to the models' broadcasting locations, Stripchat is more free flowing. The models here are permitted to use their broadcasts how they deem. Scan through the gallery of online models and you'll come across those that have taken their webcam into the bathtub or shower for you to watch them in a soapy and sensual cleanse. Others will have you following them into the kitchen to show you how to make a sandwich while topless, and some will flip on their mobile phone's camera while they're on the move, giving their viewers flashes from locations like the mall, supermarket, of library.

Though, while it's certainly entertaining to freely watch these exhibitionists as they go about their day, the majority of their time spent on Stripchat is performing seductively for their viewers from their own webcam rooms. And with that, as a passive viewer, you'll be able to watch their shows without limitation.

A few of our favorite Stripchat features:

Virtual Reality sex cams. Stripchat is among the very few live porn sites to deliver live broadcasts in VR mode. Other sites have tried and fizzled out in this effort. Now, while not every model working on Stripchat offers the service, there are a good number that do. The cam rooms offering the VR experience all have a VR icon that's visible on the snapshots from the gallery previews of all online models. Or, from the main menu, there's a quick filter to sort out all the girls set up to broadcast their connection to your VR device. Typically, there are around a dozen or so models always online that are offering a VR live sex show. To use this feature on Stripchat, you'll need to follow the instructions given, which start with downloading the GizmoVR player for your VR hardware.

Mobile category for models camming over their phones. This gives quick access to all the girls currently broadcasting from their mobile phones. These models may be streaming their activities from their regular cam rooms, or they've really gone mobile and are broadcasting from any number of locations, like: a dressing room at the shopping mall, or while traveling on a bus or train, or in a quiet place like the library or a secluded place outdoors. Catching these wandering webcam shows is a fun way to interact with a girl when she's on her phone. We've seen girls take their phones and broadcast from locations like the hair salon, or while they do errands around their town. There are even student performers that will take the camera into their university class rooms and flash you their cleavage while they're taking their college course. The broadcast is most distinct by the portrait mode of the video player.

Becoming a Knight. This one will cost you. But, if you're a big fan of the benefits that VIP memberships can bring you, then we think this is one of the more advantageous programs. Of the four membership statuses that exist on the site, the Gold Membership status will get you more attention from the models and more power over your chatting experience. We see the top benefit to upgrading to the Gold status, which will cost you $19.99 per month, as being the ascendance to knighthood. Any model can take any Gold status member and choose to make that member a Knight within her webcam throne. A model's Knight is her guardian and protector against any abuses or wrongdoings by other members. With a Knights power, you're able to silence any or all the Guest (visitors, not signed up) or Grey (members with a username, no tokens) members.

Toggle between Private and Public text chat. While a model is in her open show status, there's the option to make conversation with her, either by joining in on the Public chat, or toggling over to a Private text chat window, to send her a message for only her to see. Sending a private message while in an open chat, is accessible only to Gold status members.

What are the performers up to on Stripchat?

You're going to find a mix of motivations on Stripchat. There are girls here that are only in it to get you into a private chat. They won't even entertain the notion of giving up any free action. If you want to sex chat with them, then it's only going to be during a private one-on-one encounter.

And, while most girls looking to go private will start a show without any requirements, there are those that require that you agree to a minimum duration of time. They'll only start a private show if you agree to a block of time, like 10 or 20 minutes. If you wish to stop the show before the duration is over, you'll still pay the full amount you agreed to before entering the show. If the model herself stops the show before the time block is over, then you'll pay only for the actual minutes spent on the show.

Then, there are some girls that are doing this for the exhibitionist thrill only. They may even perform with a mask on. They're in it for the thrill of exposing themselves. If they get tips from the crowd along the way, they'll take it, but it's not their sole motivation.

And then there are the girls who will not even entertain invites to enter into a private session. They want to stick to their free public sex performances while working their audience for tips. Most often, they'll set tip goals that have to be met before they move to another stage in their performance.

Going webcam to webcam may or may not cost extra.

The option to activate your own webcam during a private session, may or may not be available, and it may or may not cost extra to do so. It's all dependent on if the model allows for it and if she charges extra for it. If she does charge extra for it, it's up to her how much to ask for. As such, you'll see a wide range of cam2cam rates presented. The rates can range anywhere from a few tokens more per minute, and on up to double the price of the model's regular room rate. All private show rates and costs for c2c activation are clearly shown when selecting Start Private. If you want to include your webcam for her to see you, then you can select to include it before the show starts, or you can start the show without it, and choose to include it later on in the session.

Additionally, many of the girls will permit you to have a copy of the show you've paid for. You'll save the show into My Collection, and you'll be able to go back to it to rewatch it at any time you want.

Don't miss out on the free giveaways!

While promotional offerings may change, as of the publication of this review, Stripchat is graciously giving away 500 free tokens every hour, split among 10 lucky members. You must have created a basic member account to take part in the giveaway.

To enter this giveaway, simply select to Participate in Giveaway. You'll see this button to 'participate' at the bottom of the text chat box in every performer's webcam room. If you're not lucky one hour, you can submit yourself for the next hour, and so on, without limitation.

No sense in waiting any longer...

On the whole, Stripchat is a great site for free tip-driven sex shows and intimate private sessions. Whatever your preference, the site is made to satisfy the great many. This is a destination for those that enjoy the fun and openness of free sex chat, as well as those that desire a more discreet encounter in private. And with near 2,000 models online at all times of the day, you would be hard-pressed to not find someone to your liking.

At the moment, Stripchat seems to be pulling from all angles. The site has created a place where the best services and features on both types of sites, freemium and premium, exist.

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