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last updated May 03, 2020

This is a colossal adult webcam site that serves up a multitude of various fetish chat rooms. Here, we take a solid look at all facets of the site, from: model selection, chat room features, streaming quality, and pricing.

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LiveJasmin's Prices

Prices on LiveJasmin are competitive in relation to other sites. Use the price finder to sort through the girls according to your budget. The more famous and popular models may ask for well over double the average rate on the site. But, there are always newer girls coming online who'll go private for just over a dollar a minute.

Membership Options

LiveJasmin.com may have loads of fetish chat rooms, but only two types of memberships for you to choose from. No hassle, no complication and as you will see below – no reoccurring cost whatsoever, other than the credits you keep buying because you'll be having so much fun.

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Available Fetishes

LiveJasmin has thousands of live camgirls, but it's a bit difficult to assess the exact number of fetishes these babes offer because the search categories are somewhat limited for this niche. However, the following options are pretty easy to come by and there are more that you will be able to find with a simple free-search.

Features on LiveJasmin

LiveJasmin's Pros and Cons


Considering the massive size of LiveJasmin.com it isn’t surprising that this adult webcam community dishes up so many fetish chat rooms, and ones that guys would love to see. The quality of the streaming is amazing and the kinky webcam models are beautiful, easygoing and trained in a variety of XXX games and fetishes. There are On Sale chat rooms for those who want to save some cash and even if you have your heart set on another camgirl, most charge very reasonable per-minute fees.


LiveJasmin is all about the live sex shows and it doesn't pay much attention to anything else. There isn’t much entertaining between one fetish porn show and the next and there is absolutely no "community" feeling. Also important is the fact that the fetishes are not serious here – more tourist stuff than an actual BDSM dungeon.

Our Editor's Impression of LiveJasmin

Fetish is no longer a dirty word these days – or at least not as dirty as it used to be. Thanks to the internet and maybe also Hollywood, certain sexual preferences that you couldn't even mention in good company a few decades back are now almost mainstream, and definitely not something that will make others cringe. Yet even today, when it seems that many bedrooms hold a pair of handcuffs and a dildo, people still feel embarrassed to share their darker sexual preferences. They are afraid of being judged, they are scared that people will get disgusted and sometime they simply were not blessed with an open minded sex partner. These people live double lives or they hide what turns them on and we think that this is a terrible thing. This is exactly why we review fetish webcam sites like LiveJasmin – to let people know that there's a solution, there's another alternative and there is a safe haven where they can be who they truly are.

LiveJasmin is one of the largest adult webcam sites in the world. It may not all be about fetishes, but its fetish sex chat category is so large that it is actually bigger than some specialized fetish cam sites. There are always over 10,000 women available to join you for kinky games and at time there are as many as 12,000. That's a lot of options. So it's a good thing that LiveJamin has an advanced search that other website could and should be jealous of. However, this search option isn’t perfect. The fetish category is a bit wide and spread to a few different types of chat room sections, so you can't just click once and see all of the fetish camgirls. It's true that most guys for example prefer submissive women OR dominating women – but what about those who are just looking for a kinky woman and are versatile in their control preferences?

Other than this inconvenience though, this adult webcam site is a genuine extravaganza of sex and fetishes. You can easily find women who enjoy foot worship and can choose your own private lesbian foot slave or an Ebony footdom in a click of a mouse. You can practice slut training with a beautiful sub or bow down and obey a stunning dominatrix who wears nothing but a latex thong, high heel boots and perfume while she works her whip with precision and skill. If this is not your cup of tea, you can also get dressed in a funky costume and role play a sexual fantasy – be it as filthy or as innocent as you feel like it. However, and this is something that you ought to consider right from the start: The sexy camgirls on this site are happy to engage in fetishes – they are not, by any mean, fetish camgirls. If you fail to see the difference, let's remember that while some guys just like to get kinky, for others, fetish is a lifestyle and if you are one of the formers, you might end up disappointed by the selection of fetishes on LiveJasmin as well as by the proficiency of the performer. Not every babe that can spank with a hairbrush understand the fine delicacy of hogtying and not every hottie who does Tease and Denial can give a male sub the sissy training he craves for. Live Jamsin is a great fetish webcam site – but strictly for mainstream fetishes, not the genuine intense BDSM practices.

Although this adult webcam site is one of the most premium choices on the grid, the average prices for nude chats are relatively, and almost strangely, low. There are On Sale chat rooms that cost only 0.98 credits per minutes and most of the dominating and submissive women only charge three bucks per minute on average. After signing up – for free, you will be able to enjoy unlimited free public chats and will only be asked to pay when the naked 1 on 1 session begins. You don’t even need a credit card to sign up – so you can just go and check the site out, even right now.

Streaming on LiveJasmin is beyond good. The professional platform is remarkable and the HD chat rooms will make you feel as if you were right there on the bed with your kinky fetish mistress. As part of this LiveJasmin fetish review, our research team has explored many, many chat rooms and not once did we come across one that disappointed. True this is mostly because the vast majority of live camgirls on this adult webcam site are pro webcam models and they have the privilege of enjoying superb web cameras and great lighting, not to mention a better understanding of web cam angles than most. Well, you may need to give up the notion of chatting with a real amateur girl, but most of the guys who are into fetishes prefer skillfulness over inexperience anyway and you will get to watch sensational live sex shows along the way. We were very much impressed by the selection and quality of the fetish chat rooms on LiveJasmin. Will you share the sentiment? Here's your opportunity to pay LiveJamsin a quick visit. After your first couple of chats, chances are you will be just as mesmerized as we were.

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