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Supermen.com is a Huge Gay Sex Portal with Live Cams, VODs and Info

last updated January 08, 2021

Supermen.com is a lot more than just a gay sex cam site. It is packed with homosexual VODs, information about sexy gays and the best gay chat rooms that you have ever seen. This is the ultimate gay porn portal and it is professional and inviting. We'd like to tell you a bit more about the adult webcams, the horny guys and private chat prices. Look through this Supermen review – it covers everything.

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Supermen's Prices

If you're looking for cheap gay porn chats, get ready to be excited. Supermen.com is not only one of the best gay webcam portals that you will ever come across, but it is also one of the cheapest. The different member benefits lower the price even further, so it is worthwhile sticking around. The more shows you'll see, the bigger the discounts will be and the less you pay for each sexchat minute.

Membership Options

There are several memberships available on this adult gay cam site and although users win upgrades automatically and with no cost, we decided to include an explanation about each and every one in our Supermen review, just to make sure users understand the options and know what to expect.

User & Chat Features on Supermen.com

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Supermen's Pros and Cons


With loads of unique features, an innovative style and excellent prices Supermen has a lot to offer. We love the fact that users get extra bonuses without having to pay anything to upgrade their account and the live sex shows here will certainly feed any type of kinky hunger.


There aren’t all that many homosexuals here as we've expected and some aspects of the site are just for show. It is not always easy to understand what this site focuses on and it appears as if a lot of the added content is just for show.

Our Editor's Impression of Supermen.com

When we've planned this Supermen reviews we were under the impression that this is a huge portal. We have heard great things about it and knew that it caters many users, so we have just naturally expected to find 150 guys online, at the very least. Reality was quite different though and the first time we took a peek there were around 60 fine-looking guys online. This is not a terrible figure of course, but it places this site in the medium-size range, far behind the biggest homosexual chat communities such as CameraBoys.

The men we did meet online were quite handsome and some had pics that should be placed in actual adult magazines. There is a nice variety and although many of the studs look like models, it is easy to see that they are performing from their own homes, around the world, and not from some studio. There were a lot of HD sex cams, which is always a good indication of the quality of the site, and even on free chat rooms, streaming was superb. We were really impressed by the clever design that manages to look sophisticated although it is very clean and simplistic.

The most interesting part about this adult webcam site is that it is not a webcam site at all. This is a portal where guys can find articles, blogs, local gay hangout, pics and videos and the webcam chat rooms is just one of many available sections. This Supermen review is written for sex chat users, but we did take a peek at other sections on this site. The articles were pretty bland and the same can be said about a lot of the added information, and the local spot section is very limited and can hardly be considered a reliable source of information. It appears that most of the extra content on this site was added mainly for show, to create a feeling of a hub rather than a site, and while it succeeds on surface level, this is where it stops. The only section other than the webcams that was actually well made, were the homosexual sex videos. If you enjoy streaming sexy vids and XXX clips between the live porn shows, this site has a large selection, but keep in mind that nothing here is totally free.

Back to the live sex chat rooms then: They are definitely worthwhile and it is very easy to choose the ideal guy for any live sex chat. There are several search tools including a free search box and an advanced search features, and they are pretty effective. You can find hosts that charge less, that perform in Happy Hour or ones that are new right from the drop-down menu, without even having to conduct an actual advanced search.

Don't let the name of the Happy Hour shows mislead you: These sessions are available throughout the day. There are always a few chat rooms offering Happy Hour, but choice is rather limited, so many guys prefer the regular free chats in spite of the very tempting price. If you want to start any paid session, you will need to purchase credit first. Credit here is about a dollar per minute and the only reason to purchase bigger packages is that you get extra Miles, which eventually allow you to advance in your membership. This Supermen review has already explained the different types of memberships, but maybe the term Miles needs to be clarified. This is part of the site's Frequent Fuckers Club, some scheme that's made to offer regular users additional benefits and all users need to do in order to enjoy the bigger discounts and bonuses is to collect enough Miles to qualify for the next membership stage. The more credit you buy, the more Miles you get, so all you need to do is keep spending. It's actually pretty nice to see a site rewarding its users just for staying loyal and it is certainly a reason to come back and watch more shows instead of spreading yourself thin on different sites. Just to be clear: Platinum members can end up paying 0.20 per minute for Happy Hour gay chats. This is the lowest price that we have ever seen on homosexual sex cams and it buys you incredible nude shows, not just okay ones.

If we need to conclude this Supermen review with some final verdict, we would definitely give this gay webcam site thumbs up. We didn’t find the magazine or the articles especially interesting, but they didn’t bother us either, and the gay webcams here are affordable, premium-quality and very entertaining. If you are looking for an especially large selection of live guys, then perhaps you should look elsewhere, but if you're okay with a medium selection and care more about good value for money, drop by the chat rooms on Supermen.com and you're going to love what you'll find.

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