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TSMate is a Nice Tranny Webcam Site with Low SexChat Prices

last updated January 06, 2021

TSMate.com is a well-known tranny webcam site that has a descent number of live shemale chat rooms and okay prices. There is nothing wrong with this website, but is it really one of the best cam sites for hot shemales? Read this TSMate review and you will have your answer.

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TSMate's Prices

TSMate is an inexpensive adult webcam site, especially if you make use of the several discounted sex shows it offers. You can easily interact with hot shemales for a very low price, but keep in mind that host fix their own rates and that some transsexual models can charge a high fee.

Top Features on TSMate

TSMate.com's Pros and Cons


TSMate.com has some great looking Tgirls that will do whatever you ask them to, assuming that you invite them to a private room first of course. There are several low-cost sex chats available which can significantly lower your bills at the end of the month and it is very easy to find the chat room you want.


This is not an especially large site, so if you are very specific in what you want, you might need to settle. The design is very old fashion and there are no advanced search tools other than the basic options, so users that are into gadgets and cool video chat tools might be disappointed with what they find.

Editor's Impression of TSMate Webcams

This is not the first TSMate review ever written, because clearly this tranny webcam site has been around for quite some time. This is possibly one of the better known shemale chat communities and while it is not the biggest one by far, it still has quite a few fans. When we first logged on we were a bit disappointed by the outdated design. We understand that this is not a new site, but it is high time for it to refresh its style, even if just on a surface level. We would expect such a professional site to have access to some trained designers that could probably give it a facelift without having to re-launch the whole portal. In any event, this problem stops at surface level, because everything online does work very well. We've spent some time on free chats getting to know some of the sexy Tgirls and all in all concluded that they were friendly, sexy and very open about what they do on their live porn shows. The Party Chats where fun, but we don’t quite get what makes them special. Many adult cam sites allow users to see each other's comments and it hardly deserves a special title. The one thing about party chat is that if enough users tip the performer, sometime she might get naked. This is nothing like what you see on free sex chat communities such as MyFreeCams or Chaturbate, but at times these free shows do turn into actual sex parties.

The next stage was to check the XXX tranny webcams, which is probably the most important part of any TSMate review. The Gold shows are not bad at all, and they do allow a user to spend a very low sum of cash and watch a fully naked ladyboy, but they vary a lot in quality. In these session users commit a certain amount of "Gold", or credit, to the show and when the goal is reached, the show begins. A Gold session can be 10 minute long, or 5, or 20, and can be as cheap as 0.99 per minute. The problem is users can never know how good a Gold show is going to be and sometime you get very short naked chat or just not very exciting ones. The main problem is that Gold cannot be rated by viewers, so you don’t have any previous experiences to look through. However, if you know a host or see enough guys commit Gold to her show, chances are she delivers the goods.

The profile pages were just like the rest of the site: Okay, but need a new design. They are very convenient in the sense that they offer all the information in an orderly manner and users can click on the upper tab of the profile to reach the hosts' content, but they really need to be refreshed so they are more visually appealing. There are plenty of Tgirl pictures on the profiles, but they are of inconsistent quality. Some are incredible, featuring pre-op cocks and big tranny tits and some just show blurry faces and low-quality snapshots. We loved the fact that there were schedules on each profile page, but as can be expected, not all trannies offered accurate information.

Search tools are very efficient and you shouldn’t have difficulties finding what you want. Users can utilize the upper sort tool which includes criteria such as region, language, rating and feature or to use the left side sort tool which lists all imaginable categories. Then you have the free search box where you can just write any work or phrase and the impressive advanced search tool where you can limit your search to any number of predefined criteria.

We loved the search tools on TS Mate, but the real problem is not finding the ideal Tgirl, but finding her online. With only 40 to 60 live sex chat rooms, there is hardly an endless choice of trans women to select from, so the advanced search tool might prove itself to be pointless because you will end up with no results at all.

Many users look for a TSMate review just to hear about the quality of trannies and in this case we have a mixed verdict. There were many beautiful transsexuals on cam and some were truly extraordinary, but there were also some that were less appealing and in some cases it appeared as if transvestites also got into the transsexual category. Luckily, the site features the prettiest babes on the first few pages, so you can easily find a hot looking chat partner. There are significantly more M2F host that F2M, but this is usually the case on all tranny webcam sites.

TSMate.com is not a bad option for tranny webcam enthusiasts because it does showcase hot shemales and has all the features users need to communicate. The porn shows are very entertaining, the Gold sessions are very cheap and it is easy to find models that charge 1.99 or even less. With such low prices and easy access it is not surprising that this website remains in the lust of the best tranny webcam sites throughout the years. It is not an incredible option, but it is a good one and the fact that it has been around for many years proves that users must be pretty pleased with what they get. Should you give TSMate.com a try? We think you should. There's a free membership and free chats, so you're not really risking anything. Go online and look around.

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