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Flirt4Free Gay Review - A Cultivated Selection of Male Sex Chat Models

last updated August 07, 2020

If you're looking for a group of guys that have been preened and polished into an offering of top male sex cam performers, then you've got to check out the gay live webcams on Flirt4Free. The models that make it on the site have been selected for your pleasure. The guys that get to stay on the platform to perform have proven to be adept at webcam show performance and have been found to be worthy. Those not making the grade, are kindly pointed South.

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That's why, at Flirt4Free, you'll always find a top choice selection of gay and straight male models ready to get hardcore. The site is not interested in hosting the unfiltered mass of wanna-be webcam performers. On this site, it's all about presenting quality over quantity.

Flirt4Free Prices

Much of the access to the various types of shows on Flirt4Free is free. You can spend hours poking around the rooms of all the online models, or checking out the profiles of any model working on the site, at no cost to you. But, of course, there are many offerings where access is for premium members only. The site has an assortment of private, voyeur, and group sex chat rooms, model fan club upgrades, and one of the most beneficial VIP programs in the industry.

Memberships and Benefits on Flirt4Free

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The Most Popular Features on Flirt4Free.com

Flirt4Free Gay Review - Pros & Cons



Flirt4Free Gay Review - Editor's Impression

While not a wholly dedicated platform for straight and gay male webcam performers, Flirt4Free does an impressive job at catering to fans of gay sex chat. Where most mainstream adult video chat sites are overwhelming dominated by female models, with a pocket full of gay models available on the same site, Flirt4Free has done an exceptional job at culminating together an impressive gathering of top male models.

While the links we provide within this review will take you directly to the gentlemen on Flirt4Free, if you find yourself on the ladies side of the site at any time, just return to the men by selecting the Guys side, found at the top of the homepage.

Then, as you navigate through all the category options, and search and filter features, you'll stay within the pool of male models currently online.

I'm new to Flirt4Free. What first?

First, we suggest signing up with a simple username profile at the point of the email sign-up. If you don't at least do this, then as a Guest on the site, you'll only get 1 hour of poking around the open chat rooms before being locked out for the next 24 hours.

By establishing a Basic membership at Flirt4Free, you'll have unlimited time to hang out and converse in any of the open chat rooms. And, when you're ready to take the next step and buy Flirt4Free Credits, then you'll be able to send tips and start your own private one on one sex chat sessions.

Getting started with Flirt4Free Credits -

Don't miss out on one of the more generous gifts from any cam site online. At Flirt4Free, when you complete a credit card verification, the site will gift you 120 credits (value: $12.00). This will give you the power to try out a sex show for anywhere from 10 minutes with the guys charging the least, or just a minute or two with the most popular and in-demand gay sex chat hosts.

When it comes time to making your first purchase, Flirt4Free has one of the most affordable buy-ins to a sex cam site going. $10.00 is the lowest priced credits package available. That'll get you 90 credits. The next offer goes for $25.00 for 225 credits. And with the third credits buy-in available, you'll start to see your dollar gain some weight, as $50.00 gets you 450 credits with a bonus of 50 for a total of 500 credits. $100.00 for 900, plus 150 gifted. $250.00 for 2250, plus 500 gifted. And finally, $500 gets you 4500 credits, with a bonus of 1250 free credits.

Are you a VIP?

Do you enjoy those extra benefits that are kept out of reach from the masses? If you're into rising above the fray, then you should seriously considering the VIP membership at Flirt4Free. It's a monthly rate that'll get you access to thousands of sexually explicit photos of the male models, access to 150 free porn videos every day (straight videos included), access to periodic feature shows, often with celebrity pornstar models. And unlimited access to your own recorded shows - the private shows that you would have already paid for.

Additionally, you'll see the color change of your texts in the chat box. When the guys see this color, they'll know you're a big player. You'll be able to email any model with an attachment - Yes, that means sending your dick pics. You can reserve up to 10 nicknames - good for those that may want to approach each model with a different persona. And, you'll be able to turn off the chat ability of guest visitors and basic members in any webcam room that is currently in a free chat status.

There are actually two VIP memberships available. One sells for $39.95 a month, the other for $49.95 a month. Both come with the same benefits and featured upgrades. The only difference, is that with the $49.95 membership, you get 300 credits added to your account each month. With the $39.95 membership, you get 150 credits added to your account each month. So, the extra $10.00 a month just goes to automatically topping off  your credit total with an extra 150 credits over the number of credits you would get with the $39.95 membership. If you were to just outright purchase 90 credits, it would cost your $10.00... And that's your deal! 150 credits for $10.00, instead of 90 credits.

The guys and the types of shows available -

The male models are a mix of straight, curious, and gay sex cam performers. You can have fun trying to figure out who actually sucks dick in real life, if you even care. The larger point is that they are all here to show you their sweet bungholes.

Of the thousands of faces you'll see over time, you can expect there to always be close to 200 male models online during most times of the day. And it's an impressive mix of guys. From the main page, you'll get the gallery of all online models - as you hover over a model's preview image a few details will present, among them - the primary category the model puts himself in. Or, use the category search to find your type. You'll see categories like Anal, Bears, Beef, Bi-Curious, Bottoms, College Guys, Daddies, European Guys, Guy-Guy, Guys Next Door, Guys who Top, Hairy, Jerk Buddies, Monster Cocks, Straight, Twink, Uncut, and many more.

If you want to start off by seeing which guy is doing which type of show at the moment, then you have to get to know the show-type indicators that each guy's chat room is labeled with. It shouldn't take you too long to get familiar with the set-up.

Most guys are hanging out in Open Rooms. They are ready to start a standard Private Chat. You'll see other rooms labeled for Premiere Chat, which showcases the popular and successful gay live porn performers. There are always a few guys with their rooms set for a Group Chat. Find the 'View By' sorter and pull up all the guys currently in a Group Chat, or the Party Chat mode. Or, you can always start a Multi-User chat, which allows other members to join, and will be cheaper for everyone. And, of course, if you want to passively spy in on a performance, you can enter a private chat in Voyeur Mode.

Let's make this happen!

There are so many cool things happening on Flirt4Free, that it'll be a shame if you never give it a shot. And with the 120 free credits gifted to you for simply verifying your credit card, the site is doing its best to seduce you.

You can see how much effort Flirt4Free puts into making a great product to feature its extraordinary male sex cam models. There are so many little things that you'll see as you interface with the site that demonstrate the care the Flirt4Free staff puts into their live porn platform. For instance, this is the only site we have seen to indicate when a performer changes his per minute sex chat rate. If you've gotten used to a certain model, and he changes his private sex show rate, the site will inform you in the chat window, at your next visit to his webcam chat room. It's the little things like this that exhibit Flirt4Free's care for its members.

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