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Streamen.com is a Large and Kinky Gay Sex Chat Arena

last updated January 10, 2021

Users that like to get dirty would definitely appreciate Streamen.com. The amateur homosexual studs that strip and stroke on this adult webcam site are shameless, creative and not afraid of any challenge. The result is mind-blowing, cock-draining live gay sex chats where anything can happen at any time. Find out more with this Streamen review and then go check out the hot gays online.

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Streamen's Prices

On average, gay sex chats on this site are not expensive, but some performers do charge high fees for private chats. You can find very cheap sex shows without too much effort, but do make sure you are aware of the price beforehand or you risk getting stuck with a surprisingly high bill.

User & Chat Features on Streamen.com

Streamen's Pros and Cons


This is a large and professional site and it is both reliable and enjoyable. There is a pretty good selection of live gays and many of the chat rooms are available in HD, which is great. There are cheap sex shows available for anyone who is concerned about cost.


There is nothing here that leaves a mark once the live sex show is over and no particular video chat features. The fact that there are no fixed rates is a bit confusing and means users sometime end up paying more than they intended to.

Our Editor's Impression of Streamen.com

This Streamaen review has definitely started on a high note. Our expert team has found over 70 live gay chat rooms and they all looked pretty tempting. Many had the PartyChat sign on them, meaning that all users can see each other's comments and while that did worry us at first (why would we want to hear other members interrupting the chat?), it turned out to be a pretty fun option. Too often you go to a webcam chat room and feel like you're all alone there, which certainly doesn’t help getting you in the mood, but the Party Chat Rooms are really bubbly with activity and with everyone remarking and chitchatting and teasing, even free chat gets pretty exciting. Of course, if this is not for your liking, you can just go ahead and choose standard private chat. If the stud you fancy happens to be in Party Mode and you want some alone time, just hit that Private Show button and you will have his full attention in less than a second.

Gold Shows are an exclusive option to Streamaen.com and a very worthwhile one. It isn’t all that different from group shows on other sites, but ones where users commit a certain sum and when the host's specific goal is reached, the Gold Show takes place. Some guys have pretty short Gold Sessions, 10 minutes or15. Others offer full shows, so make sure you know what you're committing for before you sign up. The obvious advantage of Gold chats is cost: They are much cheaper than regular shows and at times you will be paying less than a dollar per minute. It is a good option for any guy that wants a limited-time live sex show and doesn’t feel like paying three bucks per minute. If you are the kind of guy that takes his time, purchasing session blocks also comes with a significant discount. You can save big by informing the host that you want to watch a half hour, 40 minutes or even a full hour porn show and after watching one of these long sessions we can tell you for a fact that they have plenty of disadvantages and are a lot more memorable than a quick mutual jerk-off.

If you go for a regular private homosexual chat, you must consider price. Because this is an amateur gay webcam portal the men are free to choose their own prices and while this does help in general to lower the average cost, some guys seem to feel that charging eight credits per minute is a legitimate request. This is not the average cost, by far, and as we've listed above, this is a pretty cheap sex cam site. Members can enjoy quality porn shows for 2 or 3 bucks per minute, even less if they use one of the discounted options, but you need to watch out for hosts that overprice because there are some.

We've watched quite a few XXX shows and chatted on all types of paid webcams and were constantly impressed by how wild the guys were. We expected some to be disappointing, considering that this is an amateur cam site, but all the ones we've watched were more than satisfactory. It is hard to convey in a standard Streamen review the general kinkiness of the performers. They look hot, but that is true to most of the other best gay webcam sites – what makes these guys special is that they are willing to do anything to keep their viewers happy. We are not talking about stuff that goes against the site's rules – obviously. As mentioned before, this is a reliable webcam chat portal with clear regulations. Yet inside the private chat rooms or even during Gold Shows the men engage in really obscene acts and they flaunt massive anal toys, cum on the screen and some even explore anal fisting. This is not to say that you can't get plenty of mainstream chats and if you are only interested in a mutual masturbation session, all you need to do is ask. Those that do enjoy fetishes, kinks and filthy sexual pleasures will find plenty here to keep them busy and the majority of hosts really will comply with any realistic request.

There are several ways for users to search the live sex chat rooms, but the best one is most likely the category search. Use the left side navigation to narrow down the list of horny gays, or use the upper navigation bar to sort the results according to region, features, rating and language. Each guy has a short description written right by his pic, so you can get a taste of his personality. If you prefer to go over additional information, there are full profile pages and while they are not especially innovative, they do include a lot of data that will probably help you decide. The site is fairly user-friendly especially because there is nothing but the live webcam sex shows to distract users. The Customer Support team is as efficient as could have been expected of a site in this magnitude and members can get in touch around the clock and receive a quick response. 

The features did not contribute a lot to this Steamen review. There were quite a few of them, but all were at best average and although this site is very advanced in many terms, feature-wise it needs some improvement, and perhaps needs to learn a thig or two from the likes of Supermen. We wish there were some ways for members to interact or that there would be galleries and video archives available from the home page. Currently this site is all about the guys and the live porn chats, and while it excels in these two areas, it would be nice to have a few more options.  

 Should our readers give Streamen.com a chance? Definitely. This is one of the best gay webcam sex communities that you will find today and it has enough live cams to ensure everyone have fun. If you are smart about choosing a sex show, this is not just a fun site, but also a cheap one. Log on, sign up for free and take a look around. Let the horny studs convince you to stay.

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