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Last updated August 16, 2018

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Just as some men prefer women their own age or younger, there are those men who prefer older, more experienced women. This also applies to the Flirt4Free virtual world as we explore this familiar adult cam site with class, and it's fair share of mature women live on cam.

In this Flirt4Free review, why discover just how mature is mature, spend some time in the Flirt4Free open rooms, and grade the camera quality and rate the paid private performances. We also learn about the sexy MILFs on cam featured on this sex chat site, and discover the hot benefits you can enjoy when becoming a VIP. Find out why Flirt4Free and it's collection of mature cam rooms, features on our list of top MILF cams.


Flirt4Free Prices

As Flirt4Free is a premium sex chat site, it features high quality video, including HD cams. This means that the prices are slightly more expensive than other competitive sex chat sites. For your money, you get superior mature women live performances on cam. The best MILF shows are broadcast in HD 1080p.

  • Average Chat Costs

    • Public Chat Rooms: Free
    • Voyeur Mode: Between 10-40 Credits per minute.
    • Group Chat: The model set a Credit goal and then members pledge Credits, towards reaching the model's set goal.
    • Multi-User: Between 10-120 Credits per minute.
    • Combo: Range 60-120 Credits per minute.
    • Feature Shows: 30 Credits for members. (100% Free for VIP).
    • Offered Shows: Price is negotiated between the member and the model.
  • Top XXXCam Promotions

    • 120 Free Credits on sign up. (One-time gift)
    • Deals – Group Chat Shows which is unbelievable value for your money.
  • Standard Credit Packages

    • First Time Buyers
      • 120 Credits for FREE (once-off) - Credit Card Authentication
      • 90 Credits for $10.00 + 150 Bonus Credits (240 Credits total)
      • 225 Credits for $25.00 + 190 Bonus Credits (415 Credits total)
    • Registered Users:
      • 500 Credits costs $50.00
      • 1,000 Credits costs $100.00
      • 2,500 Credits costs $250.00
  • Membership Costs

    • Guest Membership - No fee
    • Basic Membership – No fee
    • Premium Membership - No fee
    • VIP Membership - $49.95 per 30 days (300 Credits bonus gift)
  • Payment Options

    • Accepts all major credit and debit cards, including: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover
    • Global Payment Portals: SEGPAY, EPOCH, PayGarden & PayPal.
    • Payment via Wire Transfers earns members an additional 10% bonus credits.
    • Bitcoin is an acceptable payment method on this mature cam site. Paying with Bitcoin earns you bonus Credits.

Memberships and Benefits on Flirt4Free

  • Guest Membership

    • Access all Open Rooms - 100% free.
    • Complimentary 1 hour daily chat.
    • Read detailed profiles of your favorite mature cam models.
  • Basic Membership

    • Unrestricted access to the open chat rooms.
    • Free unlimited chat time.
    • Personal chat nickname (displays in white font).
    • MILF cam models will see all your messages.
    • Larger video (screen size) available in the chat rooms.
  • Premium Membership

    • Same benefits as Basic members with additional extras.
    • 120 free credits (once-off), credit card authentication required.
    • Party Chat Shows - Free access.
    • Watch free previews of all uploaded videos.
    • E-mail notifications when your favorite MILFs on cam are performing.
    • Get notified when your favorite cougar has recorded and uploaded a new video.
  • VIP Membership

    • Same benefits as Premium members with additional features.
    • $49.95 fee every 30 days (include 300 bonus credits).
    • Be treated with VIP royalty by the hot MILFs on cam, in their private rooms.
    • VIP username shows up in gold (white is also an option).
    • Unlimited access to all live show recordings.
    • 150 free videos available daily.
    • Silence the annoying chat from the grey (non-registered) users.
    • Free admittance to 1 hour feature shows with porn stars.
    • Access 1000's of glossy pictures of your favorite sexy cam mamma's or hot MILFs on cam.
    • VIPs get to send emails with attachments to their favorite mature cam stars.


The Most Popular Features on

  • Excellent video quality including a selection of HD mature cams.
  • Open Rooms (public chat rooms), 100% free. MILFs and mature women are waiting in these rooms, looking for their next private show.
  • Group Chat. This is an innovative chat whereby the model determines the rate and duration of the performance. Members then pledge credits (above the min) to help reach the set goal.
  • In Private (Standard) shows, live 1-to-1 paid performances, where cam2cam is permissible.
  • Premier Chat with the Flirt4Free models who shine, and are rated A1. These sexy models give members complete and focused attention.
  • Multi-User mode. This is when multiple users chat with model(s) In Private. These are usually 'duo' rooms meaning more than one model performing.
  • Combo, these are rooms which offer both Standard & Multi-User shows. Users can start or join in a Multi-User show, provided that the model isn't already involved in a In Private show. Multi-User is always 2/3 the cost of private.
  • Voyeur Mode if a hot mature cam woman is already occupied in a Standard or Premier Chat show, you can spy on the show and watch the full size video, by accessing Voyeur Mode. No text or audio is available in this type of chat.
  • Feature Shows are amazing and an opportunity for members to engage with the sexy MILF's on cam or sassy mature cam women, at discounted per minute prices.
  • Party Chat when the seductive mature cam models get the show going, it's anyone's guess where the party will end up. No private performances allowed when a party is taking place. Tipping the models results in more show hi-lights.
  • Offered Shows are extra special as you and the sexy mature model haggle and settle on a reasonable price and duration of a paid show. If you have the gift of the gab, you'll score with these performances.
  • MILFs on cam and mature women live are easy to converse with and are responsive.
  • Fan Clubs where members who join, cash in on bonus offers and discounted shows.
  • Flirt Phone is a feature offered by select sexy cam MILFs or mature women on cam. Call and dirty speak with these sassy mammas.
  • Tipping is the recommended way for showing MILFs on cam appreciation and Flirt4Free offer various fixed options or simply choose your own amount.
  • Gifting, yet another way for showing and sharing love. The mature women live, really feel appreciated when you choose, from the many virtual gifts on offer and spoil them. Sending models gifts also earns the generous members Flirt Rewards.
  • Flirt Rewards Program, an incentive scheme to promote member loyalty. Earn Flirt Rewards to unlock extras, bonuses and discounts.
  • Flirt4Free offers users the freedom to enjoy HD video, as well as live chat from the convenience of your mobile device.
  • VIP content archives which include exclusive videos and glossy photo banks.

Flirt4Free Matures Cams - Pros and Cons


  • 120 credits free on registration (one time gift).
  • Video previews (with audio) of all the Open Rooms.
  • Excellent video quality, select MILFs on cam in HD.
  • Responsive mature cam women who are happy to talk.
  • Offered Shows can work out to excellent deals, if you're a natural born haggler.
  • Group Chat, aside from being really amazing shows, they are also economical.
  • Easy site navigation and simple user interface.
  • Flirt Rewards Program, members earn points and unlock extras, bonuses and discounts.
  • VIP membership adds value and offers benefits, including access to a limit of up to 150 free videos daily.
  • There are various payment methods available when purchasing credit.


  • Although there is both Mature and MILF categories available, some of the models we came across seemed a little young.
  • The open rooms can be a little tame with little to no nudity to be seen.
  • Although VIP does offer a string of benefits, it does not include discount to the private shows.
  • Not as many online models as we would have preferred to have seen.

Editor's Impression of Flirt4Free Matures Webcams

If you are somebody who is experienced with the virtual xxx world, then you've most probably already heard of Flirt4Free, the award winning cam site. You're also most probably aware that this adult sex chat site features amongst the hottest cam models in the business. What you may not know is that this leading sex chat provider also hosts a collection of sexy MILF chat rooms as well as spirited mature women live on cam.

In this Flirt4Free matures review, we focus specifically on the older, more mature amateur cam stars as well as the hot MILF's on cam, who have time on their hands and the will to play. We check and see how the video quality of the chat rooms stack up, and consider the costs involved for the paid private shows. We also investigate the benefits to subscribing as a VIP member on Flirt 4 Free.

No matter if you are a seasoned pro, who's been reveling in cam sex sites for years, or a newbie looking to pop your cherry, the mature cam women on this website will make you feel welcome, as you enter their rooms and begin to chat. The hot MILFs at large, are warm, friendly and easy to converse with, always a good sign when you're looking for a 'happy-ending' cam experience. These mature women live, know how to go slow and take their time, to show the lucky paying viewers an unforgettable good time.

Want to know how?

Finding the sexy cougars and hot mammas is easy to do if you're familiar with this website. For the newcomers, we'll give some brief light instructions on how to search for these mature women live on cam, so that you too can begin to explore the wonders of mature cam women. From the Flirt4Free main menu bar (top of page), mouse over the Categories tab. Select either the Mature or MILF category. Both will return pages of the more mature, older women for you to browse through and admire.

Mousing over any sexy mature model thumbnails will get you a video preview (with audio) of her room, which is a plus and a time saver. On some competitive sites, users don't have this advantage and would need to click on the model's room, wait for her camera to open, and only then know what the model is wearing and how she looks, and what she's currently up to. In general, the video quality of the MILFs on cam is exceptional, the mature cam women who believe in nothing but the best, broadcast in Full HD.

As mentioned in this Flirt4Free matures review, there are a number of mature women live shows, both in the Group Chat or In Private that work out to about $3 per minute, for an average rated MILF, which isn't too bad. The higher ranking cougars will even charge an astounding $9 per minute. Taking the premium MILFs into private chat, though heavy on the wallet, is a sound investment with all the right returns.


Registering on as a first timer scores you a free 120 credits, which will only get you so far. Fortunately, the convenient credit bundles sold on this adult website also include complimentary bonus credits. For a monthly subscription, become a VIP and score even more free credits plus a variety of benefits. On, the VIPs get the royal treatment that they deserve which is extra special attention from the seductive MILFs on cam or experienced mature cam women.

Here's the deal -

Whilst Basic and Premier membership is free, and includes a number of features, the VIP membership offers maximum benefits which includes access to 150 free videos each day. We wrote a detailed account of the VIP benefits earlier, in this Flirt4Free matures review should you want full details. That said, VIP membership does not offer or extend any kind of discounts for the paid private shows. This was a little bit of a let down for us, especially as the VIP membership costs $39.95 per month. Actually, it is advertised at $49.95 per month, which does include a bonus 300 free credits. A nice touch, however the gift is once off, so be warned. Having access to 150 porn videos of amateur porn babes every day is a good deal, and if you are a video fan, VIP could just be for you.

We wanted to get an overall user experience, so we began with the budget shows, cashing in on our free registration credits. Group Chat & Voyeur Shows proved to be fun and exciting, with more than eyebrows being raised. Some Voyeur Shows worked out as low as 5 credits per minute, making them both economic and entertaining. Either of these shows is recommended to both the novice user or avid Flirt4Free member. Group Chat, another feature of this matures sex chat site, has it's advantages. Members can check out cougar models, new or favorite without having to go In Private, which can make this type of chat, pretty economical.

It gets better...

We then found a delightful MILF on cam, with just the right curves, in all the right places. This mamma was smoking hot, and we knew that she would be our chosen model for our In Private paid performance. We entered into a private chat, but respectfully declined her cam2cam request. For the benefit of the newbies: cam2cam, as it's name suggests, is where you can activate your video camera during the paid performance, which means, you see the model and she sees you. This is a free feature available on Flirt 4 Free, and includes audio (though not all MILFs on cam are set-up for audio).

Let's talk about the show quality. For starters, the video screen size in the model's room is set to a large wide format, making it the focal point of your computer screen. Now the image size can be adjusted to a smaller size or users can choose full screen for maximum effect. The toggle buttons are found bottom left of the video screen, which is where you can also adjust the volume sound.

Back to the show, our chosen wonder MILF had been camming for some time, as we discovered reading her detailed profile. By the way, the mature model bios provide useful information when it comes to learning about the yummy mommies including things such as what turns them on or off as well as the acts that they're prepared to perform in the paid private performances. This is important to know as it's your cash being spent.

Go on...

This uncaged cougar, who commanded our attention as we sat fixated on her video screen, was both responsive and obliging. She was more than happy to be the shining star of the show, taking our direction with grace and ease. When it comes to watching a woman strip, there is something extra special watching mature women live slowly lose their clothes and revealing their naked bodies. Our mighty MILF happen to include some tremendous sex toys that both fascinated and excited us in waves. As the show went on, we became more creative with our requests and pretty soon all of her orifices had either something phallic or her fingers crammed in.

The show ended and we were left more than satisfied with smiling faces. To show the wonder MILF on cam appreciation, we boosted her ratings so that she may feature higher on the home page, the model list etc. We also elected to save our cam cougar to the favorites list, a handy site feature. Having a favorites list means quick and easy access to the models that brought you the most success and yielded the best results. We did thoroughly enjoy watching the In Private performances, and highly recommend experiencing them yourselves. Top researcher tip: try finding the sexy MILFs on cam who stream in HD, as with the best video graphics come the most detailed performances.

We have come to the end of this matures review and we like this website. It's been around for sometime and continues to innovate. It offers awesome cam rooms in a variety of categories, including amongst the best mature cam women and sexy hot MILFs in the industry, making it a darling in the virtual porn business. Despite being a bit more expensive than the competition, Flirt4Free is still a highly recommended site to watch the ever sexy mature women on cam.


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