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last updated January 16, 2021

Sexy older women have many irresistible qualities. They are direct, they know what they want and they are not intimidated to expose their sexual needs for all to see. No wonder then that on live adult webcams many guys are on the hunt for horny MILFs and Cams.com is one of the few sites that excel in this desirable category. How much will it cost you, how many cheating wives are live on cam and what features are available? Read through the following Cams.com review to find answers to all of these questions and more.

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Cams.com Prices

Most of the slutty wives on Cams.com don't overprice and their live porn show range from one to five dollars per minute. It is important to point out though that the babes do set their own rates, so watch out because occasionally you will run into some chick who thinks it's acceptable to charge seven or eight bucks per minute.

Cams.com doesn’t have actual credit packages. You just add cash to your account the way you would to an E-wallet and the use it on the site to watch sexy swingers and horny MILFs go at it with all their might. The following sums can be added to your account:

Membership Options

Cams.com has two basic memberships. There is also a VIP membership, but this isn’t really a membership as much as it is a status which only applies to guys who are interested in exceeding the $300 per day spending limit. The only benefit that it has and is worth mentioning is a bonus of 25 free recorded shows, which isn’t all that much considering at this point you'll be a high-roller. Your other two options are as following:

Features on Cams.com

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Cams' Pros and Cons


The wild atmosphere on Cams.com makes it almost seem like a MILF sex dating site, although you won’t have to work as hard to get laid. The sexy older women on this adult webcam site are stunning and sweet and their amateur XXX shows are very impressive. There are enough mature chat rooms to ensure that you find a partner and the streaming quality is excellent.  


The paid membership doesn’t give you all that many benefits and you need to pay quite a bit for recorded MILF porn shows. The site is a bit plain and while the quality of the chat room is good, there is nothing more – no special features, no extra content that is freely available and nothing much to do between the XXX chats.

Editor's Impression of Cams.com

Cams.com is one of the most respected brands in the adult webcam industry and it has been featuring horny MILFs for many years. The women here used to be strictly amateurs but in recent years it's been becoming clear that some professional webcam models have also joined and there are currently many stunning mature women and naughty moms available for chats. This is perhaps not some massive XXX cam portal, but we found at least 150 sexy older women online on the several visits we made when writing this Cams.com review. There are plenty of choices – in all shapes and shades, but the real challenge is limiting the search to end up with all of the MILF chat rooms in a single page and that is not as simple as you might think.

There is some serious issue with the sexy older women categories on Cams.com. Well, maybe "serious" is not the right word, because the result is some time-wasting and annoyance at best, but this is still something that we believe the site should address and fix. The thing is, Cams.com has a "mature webcam" category that seems to have women over 40 and then another live camgirl category featuring women between the ages of 25 and 40. Spotted the problem yet? A hot nom you'd like to fuck, AKA MILF, is a wide definition, but it can apply to any sensual woman between the ages of 30 or 35 and 50 something. In this case, users have to jump from one category to another without having a single MILF webcam category that covers all of the related women. Sure, most people can just click and check both of these categories and it's really not that much of a hassle, but let's be honest: Most of us are lazy and there is no reason for Cams.com not to have a clear single category. Is there a solution? Of course there is. You can use the advanced search tool and end up with the relevant chat rooms. However, hot mom category is so mainstream and so extremely popular that it's a shame not to find an easier fix.

Once you start free chatting with the stunning amateur wives online you will discover that most of them are not just welcoming, but enthusiastic. This site provides the ideal platform for exploration – kinky stuff, sex toys, mutual pleasure and fantasies. You still need to be polite and ask for permission and make sure that the specific cheating housewife you chose is into the same XXX games as you are, but after chatting with not one or two but a few dozens of sexy older cam models, we have not once encountered a sexy mom that said no to some crazy idea or wasn't thrilled to get naked and play. Generally speaking, the women on Cams.com appeared to be very into the live sex shows and it's hard to find a camgirl here that seems bored. Usually the chicks will look just as excited about the webcam sex as you are and this means the sessions are overflowing with heat.   

Other than that category search issue which we've discussed above, Cams.com is particularly simple to navigate through. If you've been video chatting with slutty mature women for years, you will instantly feel at home and if this is your first time on adult webcams, you won’t have any difficulty understanding how to get started. Notice that the upper navigation bar offers three simple sort-tools: Free, New and Nude. Nude means that the camgirl is only available for a private naked session and doesn't offer free chatting. 

This sexcam site features both free chat rooms and free membership. You just list your details and you are ready to start enjoying the free chat rooms. The free membership allows you to fund your account and watch live porn shows, if you choose to, and it is actually more than enough to have fun on the site. There is a membership upgrade, which comes with extra benefits and discounts, but in all honesty – they're not amazing and the cost is a bit stiff, so really think hard before you decide if you should take advantage of this option or not.

The live MILF sex shows are the main events on Cams.com, but there are some extra options for men who are looking for enjoyable entertainment, the sexy kind of course, between the shows. The site has a very nice selection of hot mature pics and there are also quite a few videos, but note that most of the high-quality porn clips are not free. Users who like to reminisce or get inspiration from other members' experiences will probably appreciate the recorded live porn shows but these, again, come with a price..

The profile pages on Cams.com offer quite a bit of information about each and every hot mom. The profile pages are very helpful if you like to make educated, well-informed decisions and don’t like to start a live sex chat and then figure out that you chose a woman who isn’t into the same things as you are. The profile pages usually cover all of the basic details and they offer a better, deeper look at the webcam models and what she's like.

As we hope we made clear through this Cams.com MILF review, the mature webcams on this successful website have plenty of advantages. The platform is solid, the horny mamas are beautiful and the general atmosphere is lively and sexy. Is this the right adult webcam site for you? Only you can answer this question and it just so happen that you don’t need to wait any longer before doing exactly that. Visit the MILF chat rooms on Cams.com, even right now, and find out if those busty moms serve your kind of dishes.

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