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last updated January 13, 2021

Do you like hot gay guys, and we're talking about the smoking hot kind? If so, perhaps you should go and buy a lottery card, because this looks like it just might be your lucky day. As this XLoveGay.com review is about to show, this adult webcam site is a delicious mixture of horny guys that like to get naked. This is a fun website that caters for all levels of expertise and interests: Inexperienced gays can come to hang out and experiment and the very-experienced ones come to hook up and lose control. The site is simple and friendly, but it has a kind of an edge. Want to hear more? Let's start going through the necessary details.

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XLoveGay's Prices

No XLoveGay.com review can be considered reliable without detailed information about exact, or at least average, costs. Our team of experts has conducted extensive research into the various payments and prices on this gay webcam sites and the results are right here before you. As you will quickly see, this is not an expensive site and the only thing you'll actually be paying for are nude homosexual shows and perhaps also the occasional porn video.

User & Chat Features on XLoveGay

XLoveGays' Pros and Cons


This is a cutting-edge homosexual webcam site with some stunning men that do anything their viewers want, as long as those viewers are willing to pay the relatively low price. There are always some amazing live sex chat rooms and the features are simple, but add a lot to the online experience. This is a sex chat portal where you instantly know where everything is located and just need to reach out and take what you feel like.


There should be more online gay chat rooms than the number that is currently available. True, all of the men that you see are smoking hot, but it's important to have some sort of a choice. Also, there are no social features that would help make turn this site into a place where members and models converse and just have fun together.

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Our Editor's Impression of XLoveGay.com

If you haven’t been browsing many adult webcam sites, you may be wondering why gay guys would even live sex chat rooms. After all, a homosexual man who is interested in sex can always go to a bar or a party and find the satisfaction he craves for. Yet this is not always the truth. Not all of us have the time or the ability to hangout in the right places and some people still live a double life, hiding their true selves. Some folks just want to get laid without complications and without having to get dressed and leave the house and for some face to face interaction is more challenging. Gay webcams have many advantages. They allow you to get laid instantly, with no complications and while staying in full control, unless you choose to give it up. You don’t have to stay longer than you want to, there is no time wasted on small-talks and you can have sex with the hottest, horniets guys on the face of the planet. On web cam they will do anything you want, or close enough, and will allow you to command them, use them and enjoy every inch of their glorious bodies with or without anal dildos. Now, do you understand what makes men come to sites like XLoveGay.com? They want to be able to celebrate sex, not just get some, and on this porn chat community they can get anything they dream about.

So, were we impressed by this adult webcam arena? Yes and no. The yes part is kept for the men who are truly dedicated and sexy and dripping with urges. You won’t need to look far before finding a hot guy online and we were more than pleased by every free chat room we happen to check out. What do you need to do in order to launch a free video chat? Absolutely nothing. It doesn’t matter if you're a member or not, you just click on a pic and enter the public chat room where the guy will do whatever he can to convince you that he is the man you want to join for a private gay sex show. As we just said, you can chat without signing up, but because membership is free and you don’t need to give your credit card number or anything, we actually recommend that you register. All you need is a name, password and email and you will get your own profile page and can access all of the site's sections – even if it is just to get a better look at your XXX options. You can view the profile pages, which on XLoveGays are very detailed. Sometime webcam models' profiles offer nothing but measurements, but on this adult cam site they cover everything from schedule (which is very handy) and preferences to a selection of photos and amateur gay clips.

You can communicate with the online guys by text chats and if you start a private show you can add audio or even activate your own web camera and allow the homosexual stud to see you while you watch him. If you want to talk to a man who is either offline or in a private chat, you can send a message directly from his profile page – it's simple and effective.

There are several types of XXX shows available including the classical 1 on 1, which is, let's be honest. What most adult webcam users prefer. You can also look inside other members' private chats and see what they're up to – but then remember that you won’t be able to communicate, juts play Peeping Tom. Prices for paid porn chats are not expensive and you can easily find models who charge between 1 and 2 credits per minute. Because there is no membership fee, you can chat often and for long without ending up with a serious bill, which certainly makes this website an attractive option for men who are looking for fairly-priced webcam chats.

The site is extremely simple and basically everything you need to choose a hunk and start chatting is clearly labeled on the Home Page. You must have credit in your account in order to start a nude chat or to use paid features, but you can still enjoy all the looking-around you fancy without any difficulty, even as a free member with no credits. If you do buy some credits though, XLoveGay will reward you with a porn clip on the house. Not all of the videos on this website's huge tube section are amazing, but there are plenty that are worth watching and streaming is usually smooth.

As part of the research for this XLoveGay review we've even joined a model's VIP club, juts to see what it was like. These clubs cost around 13 or 15 credits per month and they buy you complete access to the content of a specific model. The one we chose had a lot of videos and photos that were saved especially for his VIP fans and some looked like professional gay porn clips. However, keep in mind that the internet is full of free gay porn, so only join a VIP club is you form a special attachment to a particular guy. Otherwise, this isn’t really worth the reoccurring monthly fee.

So, we're sure you are wondering, where does the "no" part of this review comes in? By now we've listed so many advantages that is appears as if XLoveGays.com has no flaws, but let us assure you that this is not exactly the case. This adult webcam site has several issues that need to be resolved and the most serious one is the low number of online chat rooms - way lower than the number you'll find on sites like SuperMen.com. What is the point of having 8,000 gays registered – and hot ones at that – if only 20 to 30 are live and ready? This portal could use with a few additional dozens of sexy homosexuals and we'd like to see them ASAP. The other disappointment was the low number of features. The only option that members have to express themselves is by rating the guys – which is a nice option but far from being enough. There are no social features, no forums, no boards and the site does at time feels like a place where you come to have sex and leave immediately after. Yes, there are the videos and we're sure that they leave many guys online, but there is a lot of room for improvement. The site is great and the platform is right there – it just needs some tweaking to excel. For us, XLoveGay.com deserves a place on our list, because we really do feel that this site is rich with potential and the men we've watched here literally made us gasp. If only X Love Gays will get a bit bigger and add some more interesting member features, we are convinced that it could compete with the best gay webcam sites on the net. For now – it's just pretty good. Don’t understand what that means exactly? Click and visit it – or better yet: Join for free and start chatting with some stunning hung studs.

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