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FetishGalaxy.com is a Large & Kinky Fetish Webcam Site

last updated January 02, 2021

Get as kinky as you dare, or even kinkier, on FetishGalaxy.com. This is one of the biggest fetish webcam communities on the web and it features not just sex chat rooms but also hardcore content, articles and blogs. Find out more about the fetishes, the sex cams and the camgirls in this detailed FetishGalaxy review.

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FetishGalaxy's Prices

Sex chat costs can be so low on this site that you'll be wondering if it's time for you to get glasses, because what you see just won't make sense. The real reason for this are the substantial member discounts which lower the already low prices way lower. 

Membership Options

Any serious FetishGalaxy review has to include a membership section. Why? Because when there are four different levels of memberships, someone really has to put some order into things.

Available Fetishes

It is clear that this is not an amateur site. There are many kinks covered and XXX categories that call for high level of expertise including:

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Features on Fetish Galaxy

FetishGalaxy's Pros and Cons


If you are into the dark world of kinks and unusual sexual desires, this is the ultimate resource for all your needs. There are lots of webcam chat partners, dominating and submissive experts, guides that will show you the way and more articles and erotic stories than you could handle. Do you happen to like to watch recorded fetish sex lessons and XXX videos? There are plenty of those as well.


There is a lot to take in and new, inexperienced users can be slightly overwhelmed at first. There could be a better explanation regarding Miles and memberships and certain section could use with some reorganizing.

Our Editor's Impression of FetishGalaxy.com

It isn’t always easy engaging in fetishes online. Not all portals succeed in entertaining newcomers as well as experienced BDSM practitioners and more often than not everyone is left disappointed. There are sites that get it right though and as this FetishGalaxy review is about to demonstrate, this is definitely one of them. It doesn’t matter at all if you have been enjoying domination and submission for years or if you have no clue what OTK and CFNM mean. Fetish Galaxy has something for everyone and it really can become the number one resource for online fetishes.

Our research team has come across many kinky sites before, but what makes this one unique is that it actually covers all aspects of the fetish world. The upper navigation bar includes such options as Training Center and Exclusive Videos, and if you feel like socializing, click on the Community link and you can get to know other members on the site. The videos deserve some explaining because they really are extraordinary. All of them focus on different fetishes and they can either be seen as porn or as learning tools, depending on what your objectives are. These vids cannot be downloaded, only streamed for a price. It is annoying that users can actually purchase the movies and own them, but streaming is smooth and viewing is relatively inexpensive.

By clicking on Cities at the upper navigation bar users can explore various fetish bars, and clubs as well as other important meeting places for people who engage in fetishes. It is rare for a website to offer users opportunities and encouragement to meet offline, but it also shows that this is an actual community and not just a commercial service.

The number of available categories which we have listed earlier in this FetishGalaxy review, and there are both the better-known kinks such as bedroom bondage and smoking and the more creative acts of electrosex and erotic humiliations. Users that just want to get a taste of something different can easily interact with patient hosts that will guide them through their first steps in this sexy world. Many on the live experts would be just as happy teaching their visitors basic knots and a few domination games as they would practicing hardcore CBT and anal fisting.

We've had several free chats and paid sessions with experts and for the most part they were incredible. The people that perform here are very skilled and not just hot women pretending to be femdoms, so it is really easy to get into the show and lose yourself in the interaction.

The site has plenty of discounts available and because of the unique structure of the memberships (discussed earlier in this FetishGalaxy review), the more you chat, the less you will pay. Platinum members that choose Happy Hour webcams can end up paying only 0.20 per minute, which is the cheapest cost for a nude chat that you will ever find – unbelievable considering that this is a premium, professional site. Try and purchase bigger credit packages, because they have a large Happy Hour bonus. Credit doesn’t go bad after all, and the extra 25 credits go a long way. If you are confused by the various memberships, don’t worry yourself too much. All upgrades are given automatically once you qualify (IE – once you purchase a certain amount of credit), so you don’t need to understand all the details or even to apply.

It isn’t too hard to see that our team of experts was quite impressed by what this site has to offer and the truth is you can spend a long time online between shows and never get bored. There is so much to do, so much to see and so many interesting people that want to share their passion and enthusiasm to fetishes, that before you know it you become part of this community and don’t feel like an outsider. We do feel that folks who have zero experience in fetishes might end up stunned by the number of options, but all the experts we've chatted with were very fit to teach. If you do want to know more about a specific fetish or just feel like spicing up your sex life, start slowly and you will do just fine. If you are a professional dom or a well-trained sub, welcome to your new home.

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