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Are You Kinky Enough to Handle XLoveFetish.com?

last updated January 09, 2021

You don’t need to go far in order to enjoy unusual sexual pleasures. Nowadays the internet is oozing with kinks, special preferences and perversions and you can simply go online and find information about whatever turns you on. But what if you're looking for a partner rather than information? In that case you may discover that your real-life companion is not all that thrilled about being tied up and spanked and that you can't exactly rely on personals anymore mainly because… well… no one uses personals nowadays. If this is the situation you are currently in, you have nothing to worry about. There are fetish webcam sites where sexy women are available for XXX exploration and all you are asked to do is pick the one you prefer. There are some amazing sites, some okay sites and some highly disappointed ones. Read this XLoveFetish.com review and learn which category it belongs to.

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XLoveFetish Prices

Every adult web cam user knows that live sex shows cost money and if you don’t know that, you must be new to the world of adult chat rooms. It does seem though the fetish webcam users are more used to paying, or used to paying more substantial amounts of money, for XXX chats, not because the camgirls are famous, but simply because this niche call for more skilled and experienced performers. Just because you need to pay though, it doesn’t mean that you should overpay and our team of experts would never recommend a site that charges too much for naked chats. XLoveFetish, as you will soon see, has average prices for the industry and they're even below average compared to some of fetish webcam sex sites.

Want to buy some credit? You'll need to choose a payment option and the site accepts any of the following ones.

Top Features on xLoveFetish

XLoveFetish Pros and Cons


This adult webcam site has breathtaking fetish web cam models and they're not just beautiful, they're also experienced and know how to give their visitors ultimate live porn shows. Prices are not stiff and there are a lot of XXX vids available, if you like watching them. You don’t need to pay for membership and can access all of the free chat rooms where the women will not show you nudity, but they will tease you and you might get some no-cost foreplay. To receive the promotional VIP video offer, simply register and have your email verified. You will then receive 1 VIP bonus video (a recording of a private session with a model of your choice).


There are not enough dominating and submissive women on this site and not enough interesting categories of unique fetishes. Certainly not like the variety you'll encounter on sites such as LiveJasmin or FetishGalaxy. You need to enter each chat room and ask the camgirl what she's into and every so often during the free chat you will end up with a window that tells you to go and buy credit – a real buzz killer.

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Our Editor's Impression of XLoveFetish.com

Human sexuality is a strange thing, isn't it? Some people like to have sex with their wife in the missionary position and others like to be gagged, hogtied and spanked by an Asian dominatrix. There are a lot of people who appreciate sexy feet, but also quite a few that enjoy Tease and Denial and if you go through enough individuals around the globe, you will likely encounter any kink and perversion imaginable – and probably a few that never even crossed your mind. We are not here to give you a lecture about the history of sexuality though, but simply to point out that while people may be turned on by different things, there are at least a few places where a guy can go online to satisfy an unusual interest, no matter what it happens to be. These places are called fetish webcam sites and the one we are discussing today is of course XLoveFetish.com.

Available Fetishes

It is almost impossible to know what types of fetishes are available on XLoveFetish because the site doesn’t keep an organized list nor does it offer clear categories. The relatively low number of camgirls online makes any attempt to categorize pointless, because there won't be enough women to fill the different niches anyway. As part of this XLoveFetish review we went into several chat rooms – actually more than several and from what we saw, the women are happily willing to engage in any of the mainstream fetishes including domination and submission, bondage, adult spanking and role playing. They all had some outfits and high heels and foot fetish also appears to be a standard option. If you are very specific, you can still find what you want online. Just spend time on the free chat rooms and make sure that the dominatrix, sub or kinky girl you chat with understands what you're looking of and knows how to satisfy it.

This is a fetish video chat community where men log on to try and find the right partner for a live porn show. Inside the private chat rooms they can pursue various pleasures and sometime practice a particular skill. When writing this XLoveFetish review we started off directly from the free chat rooms. These rooms are accessible even if you have not yet registered and you can spend as long as you like chatting, but with some intermissions. Once in a while you will end up with a box that calls you to buy credit. You can disregard it and go on chatting, but it can get a bit irritating after a few times. Just think about here: Here you are, trying to check out some stunning camgirl in PVC and knee-high boots and all of a sudden someone is trying to sell you credit. Not fun, to say the least.

On the other hand, you will need some credit, sooner or later, and the purchase process is quick and simple. This is actually the first time that you will need to use your credit card because membership is free and all you need in order to join is an email. So, where were we? Right, the credits. XLoveFetish.com may look like a relatively small site, but you have nothing to worry about reliability and security issues. This portal is actually part of a large adult network and it uses leading payment processors and offers a variety of payment methods for your convenience. We used plastic because this is how we usually get our credits and besides – it's the quickest way. When you make your first purchase, you will also receive a small but hot welcome gift from the website: A free porn video.

Maybe this is a good time to mention the video category on this adult webcam site. This is a sweet option that involves not just a few adult movies, but a large range of both amateurish vids and semi-professional XXX clips. Not all of them are going to deal with fetishes, although most of them include some sort of kinky action, and there is no advanced search tool or organized categories that will allow you to locate vids that are related to a specific fetish. This isn’t very convenient considering that there are a lot of porn movies you can choose from and even surprising. Because this doesn’t look like some ancient outdated site – but like a well-planned and modern webcam sex arena. We are not saying that it's not – the quality of the streaming, the platform itself and the features is all amazing, but as far as order and search go, XLoveFetish.com could use with some improvement.

We just mentioned features, and the truth is that while the ones that are available are very professional, we still felt that a few were missing. We kind of expected this to be a social webcam chat community, and it really didn’t feel like that, and we were looking for some crazy, exclusive features that we haven’t seen anywhere else – and none were to be found. Well, this isn't completely accurate. You can send "love" to a femdom or a female slave and show her that you like her. If you do this while watching her nude show, this could be significant, but we're betting that because this feature is free, camgirls get plenty of "love" during free video chats and become quite immune to this feature's charm.

We did enjoy the live fetish sex shows. There may not be as many babes online as we wished there were, but the ones you'll find are extremely capable of helping you celebrate most of the leading fetishes, They can train you, tame you or let you lead and they clearly see the value of erotica as well as hardcore webcam sex. Many of the models we've visited said they had sex toys, but if you need special accessories for your online activity, it's best if you ask before you start the paid sex chats. Dildos and handcuffs are very common, but if you're into balloons and a chastity belt, the camgirl may need to plan ahead. Keep in mind that you can always contact the models through their profile page and send them private messages. You can also take a look at their schedule and see when they're online. While you're looking, feel free to also check the rating of each babe and the info that she added to her profile page. It could save you a lot of wasted time because you can find out what is the camgirl's specific expertise.

If you are still wondering if this is a fetish webcam chat community you could and should join, we would suggest that you use the free sign up and free chat rooms to make your own informed evaluation. Our conclusion is that the prices are reasonable, the models are gorgeous and the platform works well, so if you don’t mind having a relatively small choice, this is certainly a site you ought to consider.

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