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Visit-X Webcam Review - Amateur Cam Girls Made Into Stars

last updated January 08, 2021

Since the early 2000's, Visit-X has been delivering the very best in hardcore German live sex and original programming. All material on the site is their own exclusively produced content. A super cheap monthly premium membership gets you the first 20 seconds of any webcam sex show for free, as well as access to all of their exclusive video-on-demand originals, and their live streamed shows.

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*Visit-X is a German site. You will need to scroll to the bottom of the page to change the settings to English.

Visit-X.net Prices

The per minute video chat rates are priced in Euros. The per minute rates and one-time purchase prices you'll see for all activities and access points are clearly priced. The Live Chat rates you'll see will get you into a performer's cam room. Once in, you can select to invite her into an exclusively private show. At this point, you'll see her Private Chat rate. The models select their own rates, but you can generally expect that a private show will cost one to two Euros more than her live chat room.

Membership Types

Buy-In Options to Fill Up Account

First time buys will receive 50% website currency for free. Pay 30.00 EUR to receive 45.00 EUR. 60 to receive 90. 100 to receive 150. And 150 to receive 225.

Chat Room Pricing

Content Costs

Payment Options

Membership Options

To sign-up directly for Premium TV or VIP memberships, go to Settings from the User Menu.

Camgirl Profile Features and Chat Functions

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Top Site Features and Activities

Visit-X Pros and Cons



Visit-X Review - Our Editor's Impression

Known for beer, cars, and hardcore porn, the Germans have a reputation for being the best at the things they take seriously. At Visit-X.net you can see and feel the dedication and honor that goes into the hard work they go through to bring their members a quality product.

The language barrier-

Don't let it be one. Don't let the language difference keep you from discovering one of the most unique sexcam offerings online. All relevant content on the site is translated to English, and most of the cam girls speak English, as well. But it you catch something that hasn't been translated to English, and you think it's important, then just check it through an online translator. Easy enough!

The smart way to get started!

There are many attractions calling for your attention. Bright lights and calls to actions are beautifully presented, but your introduction should all start with Cams Now Online. We suggest you you begin by giving their cam girls a whirl, to get a taste of what to expect.

VIP membership has it's advantages-

We can't be more excited about the benefits of shelling out a mere 10 EUR a month to upgrade to the VIP status. Without a VIP membership, it's still a great site. It's still a cam site that does what cam sites do. With a purchase of any of the available buy-in packages, you'll be off and chatting with any girl of your liking. But, this is no ordinary sexcam site. Here, all your favorite amateur cam girls get cast in exclusive television productions. On the other side of this cam site is a full-on entertainment venue with over 20 original programs publishing new episodes on a regular schedule. And the stars of the shows are the very girls you get to chat with.

German cam girls, and more!

Yes, this is a German-centric site. But so what. The Germans command the throne of hardcore live porn. So who better to go to when looking for intense online sex. So, even though you'll change the language setting to English, if the site didn't already default to English for you, you'll still see quite a bit of German. Like, a lot of the promotional graphics the girls use in their video thumbnail pics will show in German. Even girls who are not German, will still speak and write their promo stuff in German. To find the the non-German cam girls, go to the categories listing, and look for: Czech cam girls, Dutch sexcam babes, horny Hungarian girls, Italian sex chat, Polish party chat girls, Russian live sex, and even Turkish webcam sex.

The kinks-

So, we've established that hardcore German live sex is alive and well at Visit-X. But just how hardcore? Like other well-known German porn sites, you'll find a lot of watersports happening in the live chat rooms. German girls like taking a leek on cam. Don't think this is a strange request. If it's what you want to see, just ask. Americans aren't used to seeing this at sexcam sites with American cam girls, but in Europe, it's goes over big time! Along with watersports, you'll find BDSM sexcams, dominance and submission cams, leather and latex outfits, foot fetish satisfaction, girls with piercings, girls who smoke, and tattoos. For other webcam sites that do kinky stuff really well, we suggest you read our article on BDSM Cam Sites.

Beyond the category listing, there is no other tagging or listing system to help direct you to what content is available on the site. But they do have an open search tool that will look at every element on the site when yielding results. Go to the search box and enter whatever freakish act your imagination can conjure up, and you'll be likely to get a result.

The science behind a great sexcam site-

It's doesn't take a lot to get things right. A first-class cam site only needs to meet a few parameters, and most of us will be happy, right? Don't give us pixelated cam girls, over a slow broadcast. Don't charge us so much that we have to consider what in our lives we'll have to forego, if we want to pay for cam sex. And don't bring us girls who are not excited to perform. Watching bored and yawning cam girls is a real drag.

Visit-X is none of theses things. Visit-X is brilliant HD broadcasts of original content and live sex webcams. Visit-X is exciting and fresh performances. Visit-X is priced competitively. And lastly, Visit-X is on the wild side! As hyper-focused as it may seem they are, in delivering clean navigation and sharp functionality, they still remain on the cutting edge of creating new and innovative content.

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