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Live Lesbian Cam Girls on Chaturbate.com

last updated January 02, 2021

Chaturbate.com is quickly becoming one of the most popular adult webcam sites in the world. While Chaturbate doesn't have a dedicated section for lesbians, it has quite the range of lesbian broadcasters. With a wide selection of actual lesbians and female cam duos who just enjoy camming together, there's plenty of opportunities to watch some wholesome girl on girl action. You don't need to sign up to anything to check out the lesbian cam girls, so don't be afraid to take a look around. 

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Chaturbate Prices

Chaturbate follows the freemium model of business. Attract enough free users that eventually a small number of paying power users will fund the entire thing. As such, watching the cams is completely free. What you need tokens for, is to make requests and to give tips. Tipping is often the best way to get yourself involved in a show. Unlike other free adult webcam sites, there's is full on nudity and sex shows in the public chat.

That being said - 

Most sex cam models will not get naked until a tip goal has been reached. In the case of lesbian webcam models, it usually takes quite a bit in tips to get the full raunchy experience.

Memberships and Benefits on Chaturbate

Generally speaking, we usually write a review with just one section explaining the membership benefits, however, Chaturbate is a little more complex . There's two different levels of paid users. You can buy tokens and enjoy 99% of the benefits without having to spend a monthly fee.

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Chaturbate's Pros and Cons



Editor's Impression of Lesbian Cam Girls on Chaturbate

Chaturbate is a great location to watch adult webcams. With literally thousands of different models online, it's no surprise that there is always a beautiful woman stripping somewhere. While Chaturbate.com lacks a specific sub category for webcam lesbians, there is still a selection of both lesbians cam models and of female cam duos.

That being said, the majority of same sex female cams are of female cam duos, women who cam together to pull in more tips. These women will usually not engage in lesbian intercourse, but will usually make out and feel each other up. These are often great shows, where you can watch hot women cum side by side. Sometimes, they even have competitions to see who can finish faster, or just more times in general.

If you are lucky - 

You will log in intime to watch Sexxylorry, a female webcam duo by the names of Lorry and Maya whom engage in competitions where the winner gets to cum, and the loser gets cum denialed. It's always a blast to see how competitive two women can get while naked.

With regards to the lesbian sex cams on the site, you will often get to watch beautiful lesbian cam models engage in some serious action. With dildoes, vibrators, buttplugs, and more, there's plenty of action going on in the lesbian chat rooms on Chaturbate. In the lesbian sex chat room Xsweet_Angelsx you can get to watch some young teen lesbians go down on each in general chat, an absolute feast for the eyes.

If that isn't enough lesbian action for you - 

Check out Lettali's room, there's five lesbians engaging in some of the raunchiest lesbian sex we have ever seen on cam.

In all cases, when you see a female couples which you believe to be lesbian cam girls, you should enquire with them to see how much they are willing to do on cam. Often, by taking webcam lesbians into private chat, you can vastly increase the amount of shown.

You need to remember to be respectful and to tip well if you want to enjoy the show fully. Cam models are most sexual when they feel comfortable, and nasty users will often ruin the mood. When webcam lesbians put in their Lovenses, that's a good time to start tipping, you can get them both simultaneously wet, with just one tip.

Don't forget to check out the various videos webcam lesbian models upload. Most of them have some girl on girl videos for sale. While these videos aren't live, they are usually shot with more attention to camera and audio quality. In some cases, these videos are even shot by a third person, giving the entire video a more professional look.

When all is said and done, the biggest issue with lesbian cam girls on Chaturbate is actually the small number of them. At any given time, you will usually find an average of about 4 female webcam lesbians online. Don't misunderstand, there's plenty of female cams on the site, but most of them do not engage in the lesbian intercourse we want to watch while searching for lesbian cam girls. Worse yet, some of the female cam duos seem like they will be doing lesbian things, but will at most will grab the others titty.

All in all, Chaturbate is a great site for sex cams, but is a site which needs to increase it's lesbian model count if it truly wants to be taken seriously in the lesbian adult webcam scene. More than that, the site realy should add a seperate tab for webcam lesbians . Currently, most lesbian cam girls don't even tag themselves as lesbians under the tags, which is a really shame. As a user, you want to be able to reach what you want fast, without having to spend time trying to find it on the site.

That being said, regardless of the lesbian cam girls we also wanted to talk a little bit about Chaturbate itself. The site is slick and easy to navigate, without any big and bold colors which confuse the eye. There is a huge selection of female models, gay models, couples, and even trans models. No matter what you are looking for, you will probably find it on Chaturbate. If you are looking for something a little more kinky, check out these fetish cam sites reviews.

With regards to the site itself, our biggest concern was the lack of a real membership program. While other sites such as Sexier, the price of tokens drops the more you buy them. On Chaturbate.com, you get 200 free tokens for upgrading to become a Supporter, but that's about it. The ads are not intrusive enough to warrant a problem and having your chat messages in a different font and colors is really negligible. When talking to hot webcam lesbians, we found that they care more about the tips we gave them, and not the color we wrote in. For $19.95 a month, we would have expected 200 free Chaturbate tokens each month, and not just the first time. 

Like seriously -

One of the "advantages" is the ability to PM users. Why would you even want to PM another user? We understand wanting to PM hot webcam lesbians, cam girls, and any other broadcaster. But, why would you ever need to message another user on the site?

Overall, we were pleased by how hot the lesbian cam models were on Chaturbate, but we would recommend a different site if you want only lesbian action. Chaturbate has plenty of female duos, girls who cam together. Female webcam duos usually play with themselves, next to each other. The webcam lesbians variety on Chaturbate will probably improve in the future, and we will be here to update you when it happens. If you are down for just some regular hot female solo action, Chaturbate might still be the place for you to go. Read up on our full Chaturbate review for all the details.

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