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Last updated July 01, 2018

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Hot couples from all over the world are turning on their webcams and pointing them toward the bedroom. We've been monitoring and reviewing webcams for years now, and it seems that every year, more and more couples are coming online to open up and expose their sex lives. It's webcam platforms like that are doing the righteous work of connecting these flirty and hot cam couples with an audience.

In our Flirt4Free couples review, we'll deliver to you a complete breakdown on the types of memberships, the pricing, and what we deem to be the most interesting and popular features the site has to offer.


Flirt4Free Prices

With a range of ways to participate and engage with live couples cams, Flirt4Free makes the camming experience both affordable and expensive, depending on what you are looking for. Most commendable, is that Flirt4Free clearly displays the pricing for each chat room and feature available on the site. 

  • Membership Costs

    • Guest Membership - Free
    • Basic Membership - Free, with an email sign-up
    • Premium Membership - Member who has purchased Credit
    • VIP Membership - 30 days of access for $39.95 (plus 120 Free Credits)
  • Standard Credit Packages

    • First Time Buyers
      • Verify your Credit Card - 120 Free Credits
      • 90 Credits for $10.00 Plus 150 Bonus Credits
      • 225 Credits for $25.00 Plus 190 Bonus Credits 
    • Registered Users:
      • 500 Credits for $50.00
      • 1000 Credits for $100.00
      • 2500 Credits for $250.00
  • Average Chat Costs

    • Public Chat Rooms: Free
    • Voyeur Mode: Between 10-40 Credits per minute
    • Multi-User: From 10-120 Credits per minute
    • Combo: Ranging between 60-120 Credits per minute
    • Feature Shows: 30 Credits for members (Free for VIP)
    • Offered Shows: Price is negotiable. Strike a deal!
    • Party Chat: No cost. Tip, at your will
    • Group Chat: Members pledge credits toward an established goal
  • Payment Options

    • All major credit/debit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, Diners
    • Global Payment Portals, including: PAYPAL and PAYGARDEN
    • Wire Transfers on Flirt 4 Free earns you 10% bonus Credits on your account
    • Paying with Bitcoin will get you bonus Credits
    • Mailed Money Orders, Cashier's Checks, and Personal Checks are also accepted

Memberships and Benefits on Flirt4Free

  • Guest Membership

    • Access to all the Open Rooms
    • Free Chat for 1 hour a day. Renews every 24 hours
    • Read full biographies of your favorite full figured models
  • Basic Membership

    • Chat Room access is unrestricted
    • Unlimited Free Chat sessions
    • Establish a unique username that the horny couples will recognize
    • Hot cam couples see all your messages
    • Large video screen size option in chat rooms
    • Preview of each models prerecorded explicit videos
  • Premium Membership

    • Same benefits as Basic Members, plus more
    • 120 Credits free when registering your credit card, no charge
    • Free Party Chat Shows access
    • Watch free previews of all the sexy videos on the site
    • E-mail notification when your favorite couples come online
    • Notification when your favorite horny duo has recorded a new video
  • VIP Membership

    • Same benefits as Premium Members, plus more
    • $39.95 per 30 days, with 120 free bonus Credits
    • Enjoy special VIP treatment from sexy couples, no matter the chat room
    • VIP username appears in gold/white to distinguish you from other members
    • Unlimited live cam show recording access
    • Access to 150 free videos every day
    • Free access to one hour feature shows with celebrity cam models
    • Access to 1000's of pictures of your favorite hot cam couples
    • VIP's are able to send email with attachments to the couples


The Most Popular Features on

  • The Model's profile pages have photo albums and prerecorded video available.
  • Free Open Rooms (public chat rooms) where couples get flirty.
  • Standard or In Private Shows, alone time with the couple of your choice.
  • Premier Chat, limited to those Flirt 4 Free couples who rise above the rest. You have the singular attention of your favorite horny duo using the highest quality video in the Flirt 4 Free system.
  • Voyeur Mode, when a randy couple is already engaged in either a Standard or Premier Chat show, you can still watch the full size video by entering Voyeur Mode. No text or audio is available, out of respect for the original member's privacy.
  • Group Chat, has couples set the Credit rate and length of show. Members then pledge Credits to help reach the goal.
  • Multi-User mode has multiple members chatting with the couples in Private.
  • Combo Rooms host both Standard and Multi User Shows. Users may start or join in a Multi-User Show, if the couple isn't already performing in a Private Show. Multi-User is always 2/3 the cost of Private.
  • Feature Shows, where members have a chance to interact with webcam stars, at discounted prices. VIP Members get free access to all Feature Shows.
  • Offered Shows are unique as both you and the couple negotiate, settling on a fair price for a live paid show that satisfies you both.
  • Party Chat, invites everyone into a show. Live couples cams are open to all. No Private Shows are permitted when a party is in progress, and tipping will get you some special attention.
  • Flirt Phone enables you to speak one on one with your favorite girl and guy couples.
  • Join hot cam couples' Fan Clubs and enjoy discounts and bonus offers.
  • Choose methods of Tipping from the existing fixed options or customize your own. Tips are a great way of showing these boyfriends and girlfriends your appreciation.
  • Gifting is a way to show your appreciation. Choose any number of virtual gifts to send to couples who earn it.
  • An interactive and involving Flirt Rewards program. Earn Flirt Rewards to unlock extra bonuses, discounts and spoil your favorite sexy couple.
  • VIP archives include explicit photo galleries and intimate videos.
  • The 'look and feel' of Flirt 4 Free is neat and clean, navigation is simple and easy.
  • Crystal clear HD quality cams.

Flirt4Free BBW Review - Pros and Cons


  • Longevity - streaming high quality webcams since 1996.
  • Award winning and industry accolades.
  • 120 free Credits with credit card registration.
  • Free to turn on audio in Group and Private Chats.
  • Flirty and friendly couples.
  • High quality HD video on most live couples cams.
  • Group Chat is a very affordable option.
  • Offered Shows enable members to negotiate the price of a show.
  • Flirt Rewards Program. Earn points to unlock extra bonuses and discount.
  • Crisp, clean graphics and user-friendly interface.
  • Abundant benefits for VIP membership, including access to 150 free videos daily.
  • Accepts PayPal, Bitcoin, and Gift Cards.


  • As a Guest, only one hour a day to Free Chat.
  • If no couples are online, you won't see the category appear under Categories.
  • A keyword search for Couples doesn't yield accurate results.
  • Not much nudity happening in the Open Rooms.
  • Some Private Shows of Top Models can get expensive.
  • VIP membership doesn't offer discounts for Private Shows.

Flirt4Free Couples Review - Editor's Impression

Right away it's clear that is a massive site with loads of free content and tons of features. It can be a bit overwhelming navigating through all their categories and curated lists of top models, new models, models of the month, the year, and so on. Each performer has their own profile page with photo albums and recorded videos. As a Guest or Basic member, you'll have access to thousands of mostly non-explicit photos. And of course, all the explicit content unlocks when you establish a Premium or VIP membership.

The platform that Flirt4Free has built up is feature rich and involving. We have, quite literally, never seen so many ways to interact with the performers and involve yourself. 

Some of our favorite features:

Flirt Rewards enables you to personally take part in the success of a couple. The performers have something called a Power Score. Flirt4Free has a system that sorts and ranks performers based on this Power Score. The more you give them a boost, the more they are promoted on the site. If you are fan of a particular couple, then this is a great way to show your appreciation.

Show Offers are a way for you to negotiate with a couple on exactly what you want to see them perform for you. When an agreement is made and both of you agree on a price, then the show begins. Performers like this because you are negotiating a fixed amount of time you want to spend in a show. And for this comfort, they are willing to adjust their regular pricing. Not all models make this offer. Those that do, will have an icon that prominently displays in the video screen.

The Community empowers members to be able to share their favorite finds on the site. Most common are members  sharing the profile of a performer they found to be befitting of their particular taste. Other posts are compilations of performers who share a certain attribute, like 'most grateful', or 'best dirty talkers'. 

Fan Clubs are available for serious devotees of a performer. The clubs are full of photos, videos, video diaries, and blogs. Being a member of a performers fan club gets you an up-close and personal look into a performer's life, with the chance to have a closer personal interaction. You'll also enjoy a 5% discount on all private shows with the performers, and have access to their exclusive content.

All these great features and more are what make this a truly involving experience. And it can all be managed in one of the most powerful member's account pages we've ever seen...

They call it The Control Panel!

You know, the performers here on this site are one thing, but this Control Panel they have incredible. If you're into really being a part of a community and/or having more options and abilities in how your interact with your favorite hot cam couples, then you'll love the empowerment they have bestowed upon you.

Let's talk Couples selection-

First off, when looking through the categories in their drop-down list, they will only show you those categories that have performers currently online and active. So, if per chance, you don't see the couples category, it just means that at that moment in time, no couples are performing. Also, in their couples category you'll find more than just girl and guy cams. They also include some girl and girl couples into the mix. It's all a big hot blend of frisky lesbian lovers and horny straight couples. If you want to check out the guy on guy webcams, then you'll need to head over to the Guys area of the site found on the top menu bar. And in the categories, you'll find the Guy-Guy category.

Flirt4Free has about one-hundred couples registered and performing, and you can usually find a half-dozen or so online at any given time. And if you visit any other popular webcams sites, you'll notice that many couples are to be found performing on multiple sites. It wasn't uncommon for us to see the sample couple active on Flirt4Free and LiveJasmin at the same time. So, if you find yourself infatuated with a particular couple on one site, but you prefer the membership options and benefits of the other site, then it's worth giving it a shot to see if you can find that couple on the other site. Our review for will show you how best to get started looking for live couples cams there, as well.

Overall, we are extremely impressed with Not many sites exude such a sense of clarity and mission. They understand, to the core, what it means to be a couple performing on live webcams. And their insight also shines with what we have seen from their devotion and innovation in creating an optimal experience for their performers' audiences. Though they provide a platform for all kinds of performers to broadcast themselves, our Flirt4Free couples review aimed to focus on what site features and benefits are most advantageous if you are looking for horny husbands and wives, and randy boyfriends and girlfriends.


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