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MyDirtyHobby.com Review - Watch Kinky Amateur Live Cams and Vids

last updated January 13, 2021

In this MyDirtyHobby review, you will find out why we think this is the best European sex cams site. We will elaborate on the things that make it unique and popular, and be fair with the drawbacks that limit it. This site is all about randy amateurs who love nothing more than sharing their erotica on live cams, as well as videos and photos of themselves (or other performers) having heaps of happy hardcore fun. If you find naked amateur live cams a turn on, then read on to find out more about this popular site.

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MyDirtyHobby Prices

There are no previews, free videos or photos, so best you bulk buy your DirtyCents when you've registered as a member. Remember, you have to pay to play and prices are charged in Euros or Dollars, depending on your geographic location. DirtyCents (DC's) are the virtual currency used on this site. It's important to note: As this is a community driven sex site, the models get to decide what they want to charge, and therefore it's difficult for us to bring you exact average costs.

MyDirtyHobby operates a flexible monthly subscription service for the VIP membership. For each VIP membership package, you'll be charged once for the full time period selected. Recurring billing will be in place until you cancel, which can be done at any time.

Memberships and Benefits on MyDirtyHobby

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MyDirtyHobby.com - Pros and Cons



Editor's Impression of MyDirtyHobby.com Webcams

Ok, so here's the deal, we were given the assignment of reviewing MyDirtyHbby.com, a sex site that dates back to 2006, and this is what we were able to discover. Judging by it's name, MyDirtyHobby sounds like a great idea. Yourself and other like minded people from all over the world, have sexual fantasies and fetishes that you enjoy exploring. On this site, you have the opportunity to view other people's wild and crazy performances live on cam (not forgetting those sexy vids & pics), and when you do ... they cash in, and get paid. We found that this is one of the best sites to see European sex cams.

Unlike other popular sex cam sites like LiveJasmin or Flirt4Free, this site feels more like an online xxx community, than an actual adult cam chat site. If you enjoy meeting and mingling with people, who have as big an appetite for sex as you do, then this is a site for you. There are sex craving amateurs from all over the globe sharing their videos, photos and live cams for all to see, making this community aspect very strong and appealing.

For starters:-

The moment you log into MDH front page, you are greeted with hot pics of some of the finest nude amateur cam models in the world of porn. Scroll up and down, and you then realize that the page is essentially divided into (1) top amateurs (2) this week's top videos and (3) LiveCam Amateurs. Top of the web page is a search function, as well as register / login functions. On the left hand side of the page, is another filter column. Scrolling down to the bottom of the homepage will get you the standard buttons you would expect to find including the FAQ / Contact and Terms of Use buttons, to name a few.

Should you already be a member of My Dirty Hobby, then you'll know where to login and what to do. You're most probably already searching for your favorite European sex cams, or perhaps looking for new extreme amateur live cams. For those who are new to this site and wish to become a member, follow on. Situated on the MDH home page are 2 options to register: (1) top right button called Register and (2) the Register For Free button found on the top of the menu column, left hand side of the page. Click either and a registration window opens, requesting the basics: Username, Password and Email details. Select from the gender options and the click the Register button. You'll need verify that you are not a robot by following the all too familiar instructions.

The Next Step...

Purchase DirtyCents (choose from the convenient packages). There are no free chats available over here. Everything costs on this site, and you pay in DirtyCents (the virtual currency used by MDH). Aside from using  DirtyCents for live chat, this virtual currency can also be used to purchase sexy wild amateur videos and raunchy pics. Remember, as this is a site which is community driven all content, including: live cams, video, pics and private messaging is uploaded and updated by it's members. The prices too are set by its members and do change from time to time. Also MDH have sales on both video and pics, where members can get great discounts on quality porn material.

I have DirtyCents, now what?

Decide what you want? Our recommendation would be to first spend time checking out the massive data base of amateur model profile pages, before heading over to the webcams. There's nothing wrong with starting with the live chat either, you can access the live cams by clicking the Webcams menu, found on the left hand side of the homepage. MDH front page. Whether its webcams or private messages, or videos or photos - your DC's are sure to get you a good time and keep smiles on your faces.

Clicking on the Webcams menu, redirects you to a page of Live Cam Amateurs online. Here you will find pics of models who are online. Notice that both the picture quality and the languages that the model speaks, are included on the profile pictures of the amateur babes. Mouse over any picture to see the DC cost per minute. Click any model picture, and a confirmation window pops up, verifying the model you have selected, including the per minute costs. Our advice is to browse the many European sex cams on offer, before making your selection. Right at the top of the page are filters where you can specify gender, also other standard model features such as: body type, hair color and sexual preferences, to name a few. Using these filters could help narrow your search when looking for something specific such as kinky fetish live cams.

Remember, earlier we mentioned that the MDH front page is divided into 3 sections. I want to now focus on section 1 (Top Amateurs). At the start of the front page is a large grey '... Adult Social Network' button. Click and then scroll through the many sexy amateur model profile pictures, selecting one, and then clicking on her picture. This opens up the models profile page which is pretty similar to Facebook. For those who are familiar and are avid users of this popular social media, you'll know what to do from here.

If you've never used Facebook, don't worry - navigating the model profile pages is pretty easy and straight forward. There's of coarse the standard star profile pics, also the regular menus including: Timeline, Videos, Pictures, About me, and Blog. There's also a short model bio, located on the right hand side, under the banner - Profile information. This can be expanded for a full bio listing by clicking the down arrow on the banner. The information listed is pretty comprehensive and can be useful when learning about your favorite European sex cam babes.

The timeline section is pages of pics uploaded, and nude amateur porn videos for sale. Users can browse these pages, and see a chronological history of what was posted and when. This is really useful if your only interest is specific porn, such as BDSM or extreme amateur porn, and you're only interested in the latest movies. Clicking the About Me button redirects you to a page with the models bio, also a small mock interview between MDH and the model. Alas, the information was mostly in German, however there were some models that we checked out where the information was in broken English, at times - even comical.

Time to start spending:-

This week's top videos (section2) and Livecam Amateurs (section 3) are both well worth investigating and definitely sections, where the DirtyCents you bought could be used: purchasing videos & pictures and paying for private chat. Amateur models set their own prices so be sure to check before buying. DirtyCents, if not watched, can deplete very quickly on this site. Private messages cost DC's too, and you'll easily find the price by just clicking the Chat with me! button. If traditional sex pics are your thing, click Pictures and be redirected to the models page of porn photos. Here you can see thumbnail previews, but they do have watermarks with the price. Click Videos, and a page opens up with listings of amateur porn videos that they have uploaded.

As there are no video previews available, you would be wise in taking your time before choosing. Clicking on the video thumbnail redirects you to a page which has the video details (English) as well as a short video description. This short summary is in German, which is great if you speak the language. Sadly, our team speaks English only. It's our recommendation that you consider the video price, length of movie and also the ratings, and let these factors guide you in your decision. Whilst the amount of online webcams may limit your search when it comes to kinky fetish live cams, you'll most likely be able to satisfy your cravings by browsing the impressive video archive.

Last words..

In this MyDirtyHobby review, we have concluded that this site is a community of like minded people who have sex in common. This is a place where models on amateur live cams, who love sex, share their media with one another. MDH also seems to be the #1 destination when it comes to luscious European sex cams. Horny babes from across the globe sharing their videos, photos and live webcams, for everyone to see. If you are a team player, and too like sharing your sexual activities, this could just be the site for you. Be sure to have ample DirtyCents loaded into your account, as there are no freebies over here, and if you're not watchful, they could be spent quickly. Move over Facebook, hello My Dirty Hobby, the ultimate internet sexsation, why not give them a try, and you too could be enjoying some of the best European sex cams on the world wide web.

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