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PayPal Webcams - Cam Sites That Use PayPal

last updated July 16, 2020

PayPal has been the world's leading internet processor for years. Since their founding, they have refrained from servicing webcam platforms, despite the massive profits to be made. Luckily, it seems that slowly but surely, the tides are slowly shifting. While PayPal still avoids recorded content sites, in recent years, cam sites that use PayPal have popped up. PayPal webcams give you all the benefits of traditional cam sites, with added security and privacy.

PayPal.com - the Best Payment Method

You can use all major credit cards through your PayPal account, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, and even JCB. Our recommendation for the very best cam site that uses PayPal is CamSoda. For your convenience, here's a guide to paying on CamSoda with PayPal

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CamSoda accepts PayPal purchases

Why do People Want to Use PayPal?

PayPal is probably the most commonly used form of secured online payments, worldwide. It's safe and anonymous, and guarantees full privacy for your online purchases. Millions of people from all over the world use it daily to purchase goods and services via the web. People who enjoy online chats are often worried about safeguarding their privacy and they don’t enjoy having their credit card info being listed on a site that they don’t know much about.

Yes -

The best webcam sites certainly make sure to register transactions in an ambiguous manner. One that won't give a hint as to what you paid for. But still, there are users who are worried and would prefer to have all of their payment history locked away, preferably with the key lost. So, it's pretty clear why folks would prefer webcam sites that use PayPal, but of course until recently they just couldn’t.

The Top Seven PayPal Cam Sites

We are starting off this page with the top seven PayPal cam sites. We believe that these seven are good enough that you don't really need to look further. That's why we've provided you with detailed instructions on how to complete the payment with PayPal for each of them. That being said, these aren't the only cam sites that use PayPal. We have listed more of them further down below.

The #1 PayPal Accepting Webcam Site - CamSoda


CamSoda might be one of the newest cam sites to have hit the internet, but they have come in with a bang. You might have heard of them for the first time when one of their cam girls got bitten by a shark. CamSoda absolutely loves controversy. It's the cam site where MTV teen mom Farrah Abraham performed live for the whole world to see.

CamSoda has more than just headlines, they have high quality webcams and are the only site where you can currently go cam to cam on the mobile phone. As a new site that understands technological innovation, it is no surprise that CamSoda currently offers PayPal as one of its top payment options. New members get up to 100 free tokens.

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How to change the payment method on CamSoda

How to buy credits with PayPal on CamSoda:

  1. Click on the orange Add Tokens button found in the top right corner.
  2. Choose PayPal and the package you would like to purchase.
  3. Click on Purchase Tokens Now.
  4. Enter your payment information and receive your tokens.

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LiveJasmin Makes it Easy to Pay with PayPal


LiveJasmin is the best premium cam site on the internet. It is a long time veteran that has consistently upgraded itself to maintain the number one spot. It has the best quality video feeds and affordable prices that won't hurt your wallet. Unlike other sites, LiveJasmin expects their models to reach a certain level of requirements. For example, the minimum video quality has to be at least 720p. LiveJasmin works hard to keep their customers happy, because they know happy customers are returning customers.

LiveJasmin has long tried to facilitate every method of payment possible, to make it easier for their customers to buy tokens. Seriously, LiveJasmin even accepts BitCoin. It shouldn't be surprising that LiveJasmin was among the first PayPal webcams around.

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Changing the payment method on LiveJasmin.com

This is how you buy credits on LiveJasmin with PayPal:

  1. Hit that all-familiar Get Credits box at the top of the page and you'll be taken to the payment page.
  2. You will notice the default choice is credit card, but don’t worry, we're about to fix that.
  3. The next step is to click the yellow Payment Methods link below the available package options.
  4. Alternative payment methods will appear and you should choose PayPal.
  5. You can now click on the package you want to purchase.
  6. You will be redirected to a PayPal page where you can complete the payment and get your tokens!

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Flirt4Free, Big Screen PayPal Cams

Flirt4Free.com logo

On most cam sites, you are going to have to go into a private session to see a model bare it all. But not on Flirt4Free. The site has plenty of confident women going all out in front of their webcam. Of course, not every woman is stripped down. They do it based on tips. When a room goal is reached, a piece of clothing is removed.

Flirt4Free has a beautiful big screen format coupled with crisp HD cams. Flirt4Free might be one of the more expensive options, but they don't compromise on quality. Currently, you can get 120 credits absolutely for free by just validating your credit card. If you actually go ahead and purchase something, you get even more free tokens.

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Screenshot of how to change the payment option to PayPal

This is how you pay with PayPal on Flirt4Free:

  1. Look for your username at the top of your browser and click on it, this will open a new page.
  2. Look for BILLING on the left of the page and click it. This will open up a sub-menu.
  3. Click on Add Payment Account. This will again open a new page.
  4. Click on Epoch and select PayPal in the new page that opens up.
  5. Finish paying and start tipping.

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LivePrivates, A Top Tier PayPal Cam Site


LivePrivates is a fantastic cam site that uses PayPal as an alternative payment method. The site itself is great, featuring tons of babes, HD cams, and an easy to navigate menu that will help you find your dream girl. There's a huge variety of categories on LivePrivates. You can find everything on LivePrivates. There's Latina, ebonies, Asians, and more. LivePrivates is not a site that will leave you disappointed.

As a first time customer on LivePrivates, you get up to 9.99 free credits for validating a credit card. LivePrivates has great customer service; send them a message on live chat and you can expect a response back in under a minute.

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Using PayPal to pay for virtual chat on LivePrivates

PayPal appears as a payment method under LivePrivates' credits packages:

  1. Select the Get Credits option at the top of the hompage.
  2. Choose for PayPal under the available credit packages.
  3. Then, select the credits you want to purchase. 
  4. Finish paying with PayPal and get your LivePrivates credits.

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Cheap PayPal Cams on ImLive


ImLive is a PayPal cam site with huge benefits. As you buy Credits you are slowly rewarded with points. These points accumulate and bump you up in membership tiers. As you climb higher and higher, you are rewarded with free credits, free shows, discounts, and much much more. If you like big screens and enjoyable shows, this is the place for you. ImLive will literally guarantee your first purchase for up to $25.00 if you have never used their site before. We recommend testing this PayPal webcam site with the minimum $25.00 purchase. If you don't enjoy yourself - take your money back.

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Using PayPal on Imlive.com

This is how you pay with PayPal on ImLive:

  1. Click the Get more link beside your credit balance at the top right hand corner of the page.
  2. Next, click the Change payment option link which sits right under the available credit packages.
  3. A new page will open up, select PayPal from the list and click to continue.
  4. Proceed to PayPal and complete the transaction to get your credits!

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Stripchat, A Leading Freemium Site Accepting PayPal


Stripchat is a leading freemium video chat site with more than 1,000 active chat rooms populated by gorgeous models who mostly perform in their birthday suits. These models come from virtually all corners of the globe (Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas) enabling users to engage in multi-national live webcams.

The site's streaming quality is great as many of its models perform in HD and some even use +HD Webcams. Its hundreds of themed tags in addition to advanced and novel chat features, among which are VR rooms, make sure the shows it offers are anything but dull.

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Pay with PayPal to watch live porn show on Stripchat

This is how you use PayPal to purchase tokens:

  1. Press on the tokens icon on the header and choose Buy Tokens.
  2. Choose PayPal and your payment method and press Continue.
  3. Proceed to PayPal to validate the transaction.

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Sexier, a PayPal Webcam Site with Great Features


Sexier is a big screen PayPal accepting webcam site. Immediately when you enter a chat you will notice that size does matter. The video stream on this site is among the biggest in the industry. If you prefer watching cam girls on the big screen, you will not be disappointed. Sexier has great chat features for older users. You can easily adjust the size of text to suit your specific needs without having to play around with any complicated settings. If you like having a huge selection of babes eagerly awaiting to be taken to private chats, Sexier.com is the place for you.

PayPal webcams give you the added security you desire in online transactions.

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Changing the payment method on Sexier.com

This is how you top up with PayPal on Sexier:

  1. Click on Buy Credit box at the top of the page and you'll be promptly shipped off to the payment page.
  2. Under the available credits pakcages, choose the Change Biller option.
  3. Choose PayPal out of the list and click the Proceed to PayPal button.
  4. Complete the payment and receive your Sexier credits.

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The Rest of the Webcam Sites That Use PayPal

Not going to the top seven is like going to the second page of Google when searching for results. That being said, we don't want to limit you. There are many PayPal webcams opening up and literally thousands of PayPal cam girls to watch. These PayPal cam sites aren't the best, but that doesn't mean that they aren't worth checking out at all. With thousands of live cams, you never know where you will find your dream girl.

PhoneMates is one of the better sites for mobile phone cam viewing, and has also embraced new forms of payment.

Another relatively new site, BongaCams follows the freemium system where shows are free. But, if you want to send tips to the models, then you can buy tokens with PayPal. XLoveCam is actually one of the older PayPal cam sites and it has the model selection to prove it. MyFreeCams is a great cam site that uses PayPal. But, it seems to be a bit on the decline in recent times, where once its chat rooms would garner thousands of viewers, are now lucky to get a hundred.

PayPal Kink Cams

Got an itch for something with a bit more flare? Don't worry, we've got your back. We know better than anyone that sometimes our tastes aren't so vanilla. No matter what your proclivity, we want to help you quench your desires.

Paying for fetish chat with PayPal on CamSoda

Our recommendation for trans PayPal webcams are MyTrannyCams and Shemale. They are the two cam sites with the largest selection of transgender cams. These two sites feature high quality PayPal trans cams, with hot models. If transgender action is what you are looking for, look no further.

Prefer straight up men? Not a problem, we also have some wonderful recommendations for the hottest gay PayPal cams. CameraBoys and Supermen are the two best PayPal gay cams sites. CameraBoys in particular has an amazing video quality feed that will let you see every little detail on the screen. Better yet, these male cam models understand the male mind better than female cam girls and know exactly how to please you.

If you prefer an older crowd, don't fret, we know of the best matures PayPal webcams too. If you are looking for a fun momma, we know exactly where you should go, MaturesCam. The site features hundreds of fun older gals just begging to get your attention. We should mention, Sexier.com also has a particularly good mature section.

Got a bit of the yellow fever? We sure can't blame you. We know exactly where you should go for treatment. LiveSexAsian features nothing but the best asian PayPal cam girls. These oriental women would love nothing more than to be taken into private chats by you. Once again, Sexier.com has a fantastic asian section, so you should really pop in and take a look. 

Now for the cream of the crop, those oh' so favored kink cams. If you enjoy S&M cams, we have a recommendation for you. LiveJasmin has the best kink cams online. It doesn't matter if you are into submission or dominance, LiveJasmin has the model selection to find what you want and the picture quality to feel like you are really there beside the model. Want a second fallback site? Check out FetishGalaxy and its many debaucherous cam girls.

What Are the Benefits of PayPal Webcams?

If you buy anything online with regularity, you have probably used PayPal. But have you ever wondered why PayPal is as popular as it is? There are three main reasons, security, privacy, and ease of use. We'll be explaining how each is relevant when you are watching PayPal webcams. 

Paypal comes with secuirty and discreetness when accessig CamSoda


PayPal has the most advanced encryption on the internet. When you buy something using PayPal your credit card information is scrambled up into 1s and 0s which can't be unscrambled. That means your payment information can't be stolen out of system and used by any disgruntled employees. Honestly speaking, the amount of compromised credit cards on the internet is staggering - you should do everything you can to avoid your credit card number being added to this list. 


When you buy things with your credit card, you get a credit card statement at the end of the month from your bank. Now, this isn't a huge deal for most of us, but as anyone in a relationship knows, women aren't especially fond of it when you spend money on other women. That also applies to cam girls. With a little snooping, your wife or girlfriend could easily see your statement and realize that you have been spending your money on naughty webcam sites.

PayPal doesn't send you a letter to your house every month with your balance details. You get an email to your mailbox when you complete a transaction. These emails can easily be filed away, if not immediately deleted. This greatly reduces the odds of your significant other ever finding out. 

Ease of use

Keeping your wallet information in one place just a lot easier. Honestly speaking, when you have multiple cards, trying to memorize each one's credit card details becomes a huge hassle. On PayPal, you can enter all the details in once, and never again have to worry about remembering them by heart. If you aren't a memorizer, don't worry, this also saves you the time of having to fetch your wallet and type it out.

Why don't PayPal Webcams Advertise the Feature?

You might be thinking to yourself - if PayPal webcams are so great, then why don't the sites advertise their position as accepting PayPal, more boldly? Well, as you can see above - paying is pretty simple, as long as you know where to look. But, most users don't go searching around in the payment section. People that come to buy cam site currency come with a goal. To get credits/tokens and start watching live cams.

Quickly get to camming with PayPal payments on CamSoda

Users who are not fortunate enough to have us as guides can easily end up assuming that they just cannot use PayPal, and either leave or settle for some alternative method.

Another explanation for this strange phenomenon is actually very simple: Money. Using two processors instead of one (Epoch and PayPal), means PayPal webcams end up paying double commission rates. As you can imagine, this is probably not something the site wants to encourage, so it does its best to keep this a tad obscure.

You as the user really shouldn't care how much commission the processor charges the webcam sites. The site owner's profit is of no concern to you, the user. All you need to worry about is how much the site currency costs, where the best cam shows are had, and where to find the best babes.

PayPal Didn't Used to Accept Cam Site Payments

In the past, PayPal wouldn't process payments to cam sites. They completely disassociated themselves from anything in the cam site realm. But times have changed. While you still can't send payments to student accounts, you can pay for live cam girls using that wonderful processor by the name of Epoch. Epoch processes the payments on behalf of PayPal and you reap the benefits. PayPal cam girls don't care how you get your credits/tokens, all they care about is that you keep them happy tips and privates.


PayPal webcams are a great opportunity to purchase cam site currency safely and securely. You get all the regular benefits of buying credits/tokens with an added layer of protection safeguarding your payment information. Using PayPal helps protect your vital information and can help you keep your spending habits private. Best of all, using PayPal to buy things is simple and fast. You will wonder why you ever had to type out the full 16 numbers plus a cvv and expiry date.

We highly recommend starting out with CamSoda. It has the free cam to cam during private chats, and models that are willing to satisfy your every desire. In the unlikely event that you can't find your dream cam girl on CamSoda, then just go down our list till you do.

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