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The Sexy Chaturbate.com Has Totally Free Sex Shows

last updated January 01, 2021

Many sites offer their members free sex webcams and then the fine prints mentions only non-naked video chats. On Chaturbate.com though users get to relish free naked shows on all public group sex cams and while tipping is encouraged, you can just sit and watch without spending a single dollar. We'll explain everything in this Chaturbate review. All you need to do is read.

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Chaturbate Prices

As mentioned above and as will be mentioned several more times on this Chaturbate review, this website is free. All public chat rooms are open to anyone and they feature actual nudity, assuming that enough users tip and give the host a reason to get kinky. However, as always, private sex chats are not free and they have very different prices. This means you have to double-check the rate before hitting a Private Sex Show button.

Memberships and Benefits on Chaturbate

We don’t always feel it is necessary to specify what you get with different memberships, but on the Chaturbate review it has to be included. This adult cam site tries to be and mostly succeeds to be straightforward, but there are two memberships available and they're worth explaining, especially the illusive concept of Supporter.

Popular Features on Chaturbate.com

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Chaturbate's Pros and Cons


The most evident advantage of this site is pretty self-explanatory but we'll spell it out anyway: You get to see all the naked tits and hot asses you want and as long as you're just into watching, you don't need to pay. Also, the selection of chat features is sensational and there is a lot to keep users busy between the live sex shows.


Some private shows with camgirls are overpriced and the fact that anyone can broadcast leads to some inconsistency as far as quality goes. You need to make sure you know what type of show you're paying for, because there is no point of getting an excellent price if the show sucks.

Editor's Impression of Chaturbate SexCams

Even without reading any Chaturbate review before going online, this website is very easy to fall for. As soon as you click on a free video chat room your eyes fall on a wondrous sight: A sexy woman using her sensual body as if it was an amusement park and you get a front-row sit. This is even more exciting when you compare it to what you usually get on other adult chat communities. Even on the best webcam sites (with the obvious exception of MyFreeCams.com) the camgirls don’t get naked before you show them the money and in some cases nudity is even specifically not-allowed during free chats. So, you log on expecting to see some babe in a bikini and if you luck out you drop straight into a full masturbation show.

Keep in mind, and this is very important, that the camgirls can silence users and even kick them out of the video chat room. The secret to enjoying a very long free nude show without paying is keeping your mouth shut and just watching. If you start making eager comments and demands, you better be a tipper, or you will be thrown out before you manage to express yourself more than a handful of times.

Tipping is advisable though, especially if you want to have any control over the show. As long as you're not tipping a Chaturbate webcam show is kind of like watching a porn video, but when you get involved things heat up fast. Even if you do tip you will sometime feel like you're one in a dozen and it can be difficult at times to get a camgirl's full attention. It's really not the models' fault. They have many viewers to please, and the best way to have an exclusive conversation with the hot model is to have a private sex show.  

There are two types of memberships, the basic and the Supporter, and the latter really doesn’t come with a whole lot of benefits, especially when you consider the not so cheap monthly subscription. It's great to be able to avoid ads and to send PMs, but is this really worth 20 bucks per month? Moreover, it is very annoying that only Supporters get to use full screen mode. It is understandable that this feature will be withheld during free chats, but we find it odd that a paying customer who is purchasing a private sex show is not allowed to enjoy it on a full screen unless he agrees to pay 20 additional dollars.

That one got us worked up, but when we began to look at features all was forgotten. It is very impressive to see an adult web cam site that understands that a webcam sex chat is a full experience and not just a matter of chatting, getting through the motions and leaving immediately after. Just in case you've missed the Feature section on our Chaturbate review, this website has many ways of keeping users entertained. Some of the hottest women performing on the chat rooms publish blogs or are featured in naughty stories and the message boards are not just for show – both members and performers actually use them. Because anyone, member or visitor, can watch a public sex show, the chat rooms are packed with people and it feels like some crazy party, a bit crowded at times but often quite enjoyable. It's funny seeing the comments and taking part in the sexy game that's unfolding on the screen and it is fairly impossible to ever be bored.

Finally there are the token bonuses and Chaturbate.com has a lot of them. You can get extra tokens for anything here: Inviting you friends, upgrading the membership, expending your daily spending limit and the one thing we have a problem with is that whole "broadcast your own web camera" offer. It's not that we have any problem with a site that makes it simple for users to become performers, far from it, but not everyone that has a web camera puts on a good show. It's fantastic watching amateur sex shows, but the amateurs need to be skilled, talented or preferably both and not any babe with a web cam can keep you intrigues for more than ten minutes. On the plus side, it's very easy to find some of the cheapest private sex shows that we have ever seen on the web, but going for the cheapest choice is not always a good idea. There are some mind-blowing amazing live porn shows on Chaturbate and there are some that are just a waste of your time.

So, is this webcam sex site worth a try? Let us go back to one of the earliest statements we’ve made in this review: Chaturbate.com allows you to watch naked tits and hardcore masturbation shows FREE of charge and while it may have other issues, you just can’t beat that.

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