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xLoveCam Review – Hot European Camgirls for Reasonable Prices

last updated January 17, 2021

If you're into video chat with European models, xLoveCam is the site for you. It doesn't offer much variety when it comes to chat options, but a quick glance at its gorgeous European cam girls and you won't be able to resist the urge to invite them to a 1-on-1 live session. These creamy chicks are, indeed, all classically beautiful and quite provocative to say the least. The following review we've written for you unfolds all the exact details, costs and list of features that you need in order to decide whether this is the ideal cam site for you and whether you should spend your precious time chatting with its models, or alternatively, use the online platforms operated by its competitors.

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XLoveCam Prices

xLoveCam offers one of the least expensive platforms for cam to cam live shows in the industry. Practically speaking, you can get quite a bit of private chatting done for a pretty low price, especially if you stick to the cheaper cam girls, who are everywhere to be seen.

Video Chat and User Features on xLoveCam

XLoveCam's Pros and Cons



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Editor's Impression of xLoveCam.com

Our first impression of xLoveCam was pretty positive especially when examining its models. True, the 500+ broadcasters constantly active on the site aren't as many as you'll usually find on other leading cam sites, but what xLoveCams lacks in quantity it, definitely, makes up for in quality. With hardly any exception, the girls are hot and are dying to entertain you. They come in all shapes, sizes and ages - the best Europe has to offer.

And when you feel you had enough of European fair-skinned chicks, you'll easily find performers from other parts of the world, such as Asians and even a few Arab princesses. Much like their European counterparts, we're 100% certain you're going to find them to be absolutely gorgeous.

And indeed, when writing this review, picking a cam girl was not an easy task. The harder we searched, the more beautiful models we ran into. We had no choice but to overcome this "obstacle", as no xLoveCam review can be totally complete without a close assessment of the site's private live shows.

When we started chatting, we discovered that most of the girls were not just pretty, but also intelligent and quite talkative, with a full girlfriend-experience attitude making your chat feel personal more than just watching a woman performing..

The site's interface enables easy navigation, even for users who are just taking their preliminary steps in the live cams world. And this is highly important. We've ran into quite a few new users who entered sites with multiple features and, accordingly, complex interfaces. Not being able to see the forest for the trees, these users quickly became disoriented and left the sites, sometimes for good. xLoveCam has spared no effort making everything clear and simple for you. All that you need is within reach right in front of your eyes.

We especially liked the filtering tool, which makes it possible for you to locate the exact type of girls you would like to watch based on a variety of parameters. For instance, under Categories, you'll find all the gender groups the site hosts and some extras like Lesbians, Threesomes and Foursomes (This subcategory may sometimes be vacant). Body Type contains not only Skinny and BBW but also Plumper if you like your girls to be in between, that is, with some flesh on their bones but not too fat. You can even sort out performers based on the amount of hair in their intimate parts - shaved, hairy or trimmed. To make a long story short, xLoveCam's search tool is highly effective for users who know what they want and just need the means to help them find it.

On a less positive note, the cam shows options put at your disposal are limited. There aren't any group shows, the likes of which you'll find on other online platforms. That may rightfully bother some users who are looking for ways to diversify their live chat activities. Watching a girl performing solo for you is, undoubtedly, the best. Yet, from time to time, you may want to share the experience with other like-minded users and that's what group shows are for. What is more, performances given to a larger audience are usually cheaper and so can help you save money.

We must also say that we had a slight problem with the term VIP referred to as VIP Membership. We found it to be a bit confusing. While on most other websites, it means either a membership upgrade or some kind of statues, on xLoveCam it's really just a Fan Club status which gets you access to a model's paid for gallery of explicit videos. And that raises the question: why call it VIP?

We can think of viable theory that may help resolve this conundrum. If you closely examine the special features xLoveCam puts at your disposal, you'll immediately see that while on other cam sites these features are given as part of VIP membership (Each site has special name for this membership - Gold, Premium, Supporter, etc.) you'll be required to pay for, on xLoveCam you get them at zero cost the moment you sign up and open an account. In other words, xLoveCam's VIP package is inherently included in the services it offers its users for free.

This package is comprised of private messages you can send to any performer you want even when she is offline. This is an effective tool for keeping in touch with your favorite models. In addition, there are tons of emoticons you can use in these private messages or in chat. Believe it or not, on most sites, you'll have to spend plenty of tokens/credits to reach a certain membership status within a reward program or pay a fee to become a VIP member and only then will you be able to chat with emoticons.  

In our opinion, the best feature you automatically get as a registered user is the ability to zoom in up to 300% while you're watching the model in her chat room. You also have a fullscreen toggle enabling you a much wider aspect ratio, thus, making you feel as if you're watching a movie. Adding to that the HD streaming prevalent on the site, your viewing experience becomes fully optimized.

On top of all of that, xLoveCam is one of the cheapest cam sites on the web. True, you'll have to initiate an Xclusive Show and pay extra to enjoy full intimacy with the performer without other users joining your chat as full participants or intruding it as passive onlookers. Yet even after this additional payment, rates remain relatively low with cam to cam being offered at no cost. The bottom line is that you can easily find performers who charge less than $2.00/min and, so, enjoy longer chat sessions without putting too much burden on your budget.

To conclude, when it comes to the premium/freemium division in the webcam industry, xLoveCam can offers you the best of both worlds. Officially, it may be considered a premium site and the advanced features it puts at your disposal attest to that.

However, that doesn't mean you won't get to watch undressed girls in open chat rooms. Here and there, you'll run into bolder models who like to shed their clothes in public. Few of them may even give you an exciting full-on performance free of charge. And you shouldn't forget Topless Mondays, on which most girls perform with their breasts exposed for you to enjoy. These libertine Mondays are the best time to visit the site as this is exactly when you'll run into those licentious girls who take advantage of the atmosphere on the site and perform in their birthday suits.

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