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Chat with Hot European Camgirls for Reasonable Prices on xLoveCam

last updated October 16, 2020

Glance at the gorgeous European cam girls on xLoveCam.com and you will instantly want to get nasty. These creamy chicks don’t offer much variety, but you won’t mind much, because they are all classically beautiful and modernly horny, and there are plenty of fun live sex shows to choose from. Not to worry, we will not just offer you just general impressions: This xLoveCam review includes all the exact details, costs and list of features that you need to decide if this is the best cam site for you.

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XLoveCam Prices

This adult webcam site is not expensive, and while there are a few websites out there that are cheaper, it is definitely on the affordable side of the spectrum. You can get quite a bit of private chatting done for a pretty low price, especially if you stick to the cheaper camgirls.

Top Features on xLoveCam

XLoveCam's Pros and Cons


As we've mentioned several times in this xLoveCam review, if you like sexy women from Europe, you will never want to leave this adult webcam site. It is packed with real European hotties that will take your breath away and there are always over 150 of live chat rooms, so there is no lack of choice. The ladies are really the highpoint of this site and probably the reason that many users keep coming back. Once you've signed up for free and have had your email verified, you will receive 1 recorded VIP video of a model's private session that you've picked, which is worth $15.00.


There aren’t all that many interesting features, just the basic ones, and there are no HD webcams, which is almost strange considering that nowadays all the best cam sites have High Definition. Watching camgirls perform in HD is an incredible experience, and not having at least some chat rooms in High-def in really disappointing.

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Editor's Impression of xLoveCam.com

Our first impression of xLoveCam was pretty positive. Sure, it may look a bit like LiveJasmin before the redesign and all that red is a bit tacky, but hey – this is porn, and what matters is the number of live camgirls, which in this case was surprisingly high. There are around 5,000 registered models and no less than 250 of them will be eager to serve you as soon as you go online. We also liked the simple navigation and the clear menu, which is easy enough for anyone to understand, even men who are just taking their first steps in the webcam sex arena.

However, the atmosphere is so sensual and almost romantic that things get a bit confusing at first. It's almost like this adult webcam site is trying to pass itself as a dating service, but hey, maybe that's the edge, and after all, the word Love does appear in the site's name. We went through the profile pages, which were okay, but not especially memorable, and then decided that we needed to do some chatting. After all, no xLoveCam review can be totally complete without an assessment of the porn shows, so, we did the professional deed: Chose a few camgirls and chatted.

Picking a camgirl was not very easy – because so many of them were gorgeous. When we started chatting we discovered that most of them were not just beautiful, but also cute, again, promoting that whole flirtatious, full girlfriend experience attitude. Maybe this is why live sex shows on this site feel personal. You are not just sitting there, getting a striptease, you really feel as if you are in some kind of a kinky relationship with a friendly beauty that wants you so bad that she will do whatever it takes to keep your eyes on her body.

The selection of features is okay, and that's it. You have all the essential tools you need to communicate and enjoy the shows, but there aren't all that many special options. You can send "Love" to the model, which is a nice way of expressing interest or complimenting, but other than that, the platform is standard.

It is important to note that this adult cam site has a bit of a mix-up in terms, which can be confusing for anyone who has had previous experience with XXX webcam communities. The main issue is the term VIP, which on most websites means either a membership upgrade or some kind of statues. In this case it is really just a Fan Club status, which raises the question: Why call it VIP? You can join a VIP club on almost every specific camgirl and enjoy access to her extra fun videos, pics and sex clips. This is not all that exciting, but we're not talking about some major expense. Different webcam models naturally charge different rates, but monthly cost is between 12 and 14 euros per minute – not too bad if you've got the hots for a particular camgirl and want to see more of her. Needless to say, being a VIP won’t hurt your popularity on that camgirl's free chat room.

It's easy to find camgirls that charge less than 2, which is great compared to other adult cam sites. When you sign up, you get a free video, which is nice, although we would have preferred getting a few free minutes on the chat rooms instead.

In most cases adult webcam chat users belong to two groups: Those that like to kind of browse around, going from one chat room to the next, until they find a camgirl that they like to invite for a private show, and those that know what they want and just need some advanced search tool to help them find what they need. If you belong to the latter, your best bet on X Love Cam is probably the sort tool, which appears on the left side navigation bar. It isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but it is quite efficient and will allow you to locate camgirls according to a variety of categories, or a nickname, if you happen to know it. All in all we feel that your chances of watching a great show on this website are pretty high. The women put in an effort and have sex toys, outfits and anything else needed to spice up the chatting, and although the streaming is not spectacular, it is certainly satisfactory.

When we wrote this xLoveCam review we have reached one clear conclusion: The secret of enjoying yourself on this adult webcam site is not to expect it to fit what you know of other sex chat communities and instead really pretend like you are chatting with women on webcam for the very first time. This will allow you to truly enjoy this site's advantages which focus on creating realistic cybersex dates. It's the idea opportunity for any guy who is feeling a bit lonely and would like to talk, share and yes, also have sex, but to feel like he is part of an ongoing fling rather than a onetime encounter. This is not some complex or innovative website, and there are no massive archives of content or extra social features, but the atmosphere is great, the prices are fair and the women are sexy and open. We don’t know about you, but for us, that is more than enough.

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