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XCams Review – Get an Expert View of This Sex Chat Site

last updated January 02, 2021

XCams.com is a medium-size sex cam arena with hot women and okay features. The different packages lower the cost per credit, but keep in mind that private chatting on this site is not cheap. We have assessed the nude chat rooms, the live camgirls and the web cam tools and will tell you everything that we've discovered. Read our mixed XCams review and you will have all the details you need to decide if you want to check it out.

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XCams' Prices

XCams.com prices depend a lot on the credit package you pick. Small packages mean you pay more for each credit and ultimately pay more for nude chats. Larger packages mean you pay less for each credit and ultimately pay less for nude chats. That said; this is not a cheap site.

Leading Features on XCams.com

XCams' Pros and Cons


This live sex cam site is fairly advanced. It has its own downloadable program and a smooth video chat interface. There are many aspects that would tempt a horny user to click and almost all camgirls have a good selection of photos and clips, which also help to convince visitors to sign up. Show quality is pretty high and while the features are basics, viewers have all the tools they need to enjoy themselves.


X Cams is on the expensive side and it is a bit pricier than the other live sex cam sites such as Sexier or ImLive. The choice of webcam models is satisfactory, but is far from infinite and users who are intrigued by exotic women or have very specific demands, may not find the ideal chat partner.

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Editor's Impression of XCams.com

When we first started to write this XCams review, we had great expectations and to an extent the site manages to fulfill them. We loved the slick design that instantly gave us the urge to get naughty and the women here are truly gorgeous. Even the photos they use are more creative than what we're used to seeing on the leading adult webcam arenas. Some show off their panties, many pose in sensual locations and it is easy to find a unique beauty and get intrigued by thinking of what she might do on her live sex show.

This is not a massive adult webcam hub like LiveJasmin or ImLive, but it offers a reasonable selection of live chat rooms. We have visited the site several times and can now safely conclude that the number of live performers remains relatively constant throughout the day. There are around 450 or 500 models available for live chats and because the number hardly fluctuates in different times, it's also safe to assume that the women here are webcam models and work according to fixed schedules. We also could have guessed that much by looking around the list of chat rooms. There are no ugly or even average camgirls here and each and every performer knows her good angles and uses them to her benefit.

We quickly discovered that getting around this adult webcam sites is quick and easy, even if you have little or no experience with adult webcams. The upper navigation bar is especially user-friendly because it includes anything a user needs to get by. The age bar which was mentioned under the feature section in this XCams review will allow you to easily locate a typecast of woman – a MILF or an amateur, and you can then further narrow your search results by using the sort criteria: Top, New, Quality and Last Connection. You can also restrict the results to women that speak a specific language and can choose from English, Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch. Even if you're not the chatty type and think that you couldn’t care less about the language a woman uses to scream your name when she has her orgasm, keep in mind that communication should not be underrated. If the hottie you're chatting with cannot understand what you're asking her to do, the show might not proceed in the direction which you intended it, so it's best to at least keep interaction on the table.

If the basic search options are not enough for you, try the advanced search tool. It will let you search the database of performers according to very specific criteria, but with medium-size cam sites it is better not to get overly specific or you will be left with minimal results or none at all.

Now let's get to the more interesting part of this XCams review which is the live sex shows. With all due respect to search options and photos, what we're all really here for are the naked chats and in this case users are going to be pretty pleased. The camgirls in this site are trained, skilled and eager and as long as you pay them, they will do what they need to keep you happy. They use large toys, they pleasure themselves with their fingers, they dance, they tease, they flirt, they engage in fetishes. This is not an especially dirty site, but the performers are trained with mainstream kinks and it is difficult to find a woman here that doesn't know exactly how to make men lose control.

Are you on your way to sign up to this sexy paradise? Hang on. The downside of such a level of professionalism is the inevitable cost. Prices on X Cams may not be ridiculously high they are still, pardon the pun, pretty stiff. You can expect to pay around 5 credits per minute for private sex chats, but there are ways for you to lower this cost. Purchasing larger credit packages is a great way to pay less, and considering that credit doesn’t go bad, there is no reason for you not to purchase a bigger amount in one go. We took advantage of the special newcomer offer which gave us 25 credits for only $2. This is really a great promotion and while five minutes may not take you all the way, this is a great way of seeing what the site is about or lowering the total price of your first XXX chat.

If we were to conclude this XCams review in just a few words, we would definitely say that it is a site you ought to consider. All of the live porn shows we’ve seen here (and we admit there we've enjoyed quite a few) were sexy, naughty and creative and all of the women we've chatted with hereon paid or private rooms were welcoming and stunning. The adult webcams here are all advanced, featuring excellent streaming and clear view. Users with high standards will not be disappointed and there are some fun features that can make a live sex show into an unforgettable adventure. True, you won’t find here chats for a dollar, but if you purchase large credit packages, you will not need to pay $5 either. This is a premium site, but it is accessible and not out of the average user's reach. Go online, see what it offers and if you want more, sign up. Membership is free, so you have nothing to lose by checking this site out.

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