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last updated January 12, 2021

As the name suggests, XLoveMatures.com is all about sexy MILFs and if you are a fan of hot moms, you will find plenty of things to keep you busy. This medium adult webcam site has managed to attract some of the naughtiest and horniest cheating housewives and mature chicks and the lucky members get to enjoy the company of beautiful women, for a fairly affordable price. Does this web cam arena succeed in offering the users what they want most – AKA amazing live MILF sex shows? This is exactly the answer our team of experts decided to address and we went out exploring, assessing and sampling the nude chat rooms online. Now you have a chance to reap what we sowed. View our complete XLoveMatures.com review and we will explain all the facts that you can't do without including prices, membership options and so much more.

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XLoveMatures.com's Prices

When we did the research for this XLoveMatures review we obviously paid special attention t prices. This is one of the first things that MILF webcam users check when they consider a new website and rightfully so. In such a competitive market with so many good options, there is no reason to pay more than you should. After revising the costs for various sex chats and spending some time inside this site's mature chat rooms we can safely conclude that XLoveMatures.com is not a site that overcharges. Is it the absolute cheapest in the industry? It is not, but it's average or a tad under and members can easily watch live MILF porn shows on a regular basis without ending up with a serious bill at the end of the month. Here are some of the prices that you will find on this site – but note that this is just an average.

Here are the current credit packages that are available on XLoveMatures.com, but note that they change according to your location, so you might see different prices, depending on where you're located in the world. Also note that in this case you'll be paying more than a dollar for each credit, which will affect the calculation of how expensive every nude chat minute actually is.

X Love Matures accepts many different payment methods, so you really shouldn’t encounter any difficulty when you want to stock up on those credits. Here are some of the payment options you could use.

Top Features on XLoveMatures

XLoveMatures.com's Pros and Cons


This MILF sex cam site will keep you well-entertained. It offers excellent live sex shows which are of course, the center of everyone's attention, but between the nude chats you might want to check out the superb mature porn videos or just hang out and browse the pics. It's easy to find a beautiful cheating wife and the site is both professional and welcoming – not an easy balance to achieve. Claim your complimentary VIP video when you register for free and first verify your email. You will then receive 1 VIP video bonus (a recording of a private webcam session with a girl that you chose) worth $15.00.


X Love Mature confuses users by charging more than a dollar per credit, which makes it difficult to understand how much exactly you're paying for every minute of nude chat. Also, it's annoying that even members only have limited time on free chat before that "buy credit" window appears.

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Editor's Impression of XLoveMatures.com

It's not easy to find a high-quality mature webcam sites. The main problem which most sites deal with is having to produce gorgeous cheating housewives, but still keeping an amateur ambiance that will appeal to users. No one wants to feel trapped in a studio, at least not the guys who visit adult webcams. If they wanted a polish studio feel, they'd go watch a porn video, right? This is why we were excited about doing this XLoveMatures review. We had great hopes that this website will be the one that will get views shiver with excitement and started of the research by doing the obvious: Going online and trying to sign up.

Our first impression was not especially favorable. XLoveMatures.com has a horrible background color – green, and not even pretty green. The shade selected is neither a proof of quality nor does it say "sexy". It is possible that the designers of this site, which is part of a network of adult web cam sites, just wanted to make it stand out and ended up with this unfortunate choice. Well, ugly it is, but we don’t really believe that a background color ought to be a decisive factor in choosing an adult webcam site, so we've bravely ventured into the membership page.

Basic membership on X Love Matures is totally free and that is, in fact, the only membership available. You can sign up in less than a minute and you don’t even need to list a valid email, although you probably should so the site could send you notifications about promotions and special offers. Other than the free membership there is also VIP, which is a status, not a membership. It is not much different than Fan Clubs on other adult webcam sites and what it means really is that you become a VIP follower of a specific cam model and in return receive unlimited access to her special premium sex videos and VIP pics. This option costs a monthly fee, which on average is 13 credits, but it changes according to the mature model you pick. Don't rush not joining a dozen of these VIP clubs – remember that while they're not particularly expensive, those monthly fees do add up, but if there is a hot mom or two that you find particularly appealing and want to see more of, join right ahead. It will also get you her attentive attention on the live chat rooms. However, we're pretty sure that any guy with credits in his account will get the models' attention, so again – don’t rush into paying extra without serious motivation. There are many members on XLoveMatures.com that have only basic membership and they still get to enjoy great mature porn shows, pics and videos.

Navigation on this adult cam site is very, very simple. This is the kind of adult chat community that will be perfect for first-time users because you can find everything you need right there on the home page. You just land on a list of hot MILFs, the sorting/search tool is to your left and the upper navigation bar has all of the links you need to enjoy videos and find a sex chat partner. In fact, new users might find the website easier to manage than experienced ones, because the one thing that's strange about XLoveMatures.com (other than the horrific color. Sorry, we're trying to get pass this, but with limited success so far), are the terms. You don't start a spy chat or sneak a peek into other members' price chats – you "Take a Look". You don’t tip the model, you offer a "bonus", even on free chat when you haven’t actually paid anything yet. You don’t join a Fan Club, you become a VIP – everything works the same, but with different names. It's clear that this MILF webcam site is trying to be unique and make itself memorable, but it just might be trying too hard. "Love" is a great example. Members are invited to send "Love" to the sexy MILFs while they're showing off on free or paid chat rooms. On one hand it's kind of cute. The site does have the word "love" in t, but on the other – what's the point? It doesn’t cost anything, anyone can send it, even with no credit in the account and it hardly impresses the model. Sending her a bonus – this will get her good opinion, but a "love"? Who cares?

As part of this XLoveMatures review our dedicated team of experts has spent a long time chatting with the hot moms on this site and in most cases those sexy older women manages to wow their viewers. The majority of models on this site are from Europe and they are educated, naughty and trained. This is a great opportunity not just to watch a slutty wife strip, but also to engage in some dirty-talking and a sensual conversation. You won't have any difficulty explaining yourself – these babes seem to know exactly what you want even before you do, and every live porn show provides you with the chance to try something new. If you are bored between the live porn shows or waiting for your favorite MILF to finish a private chat, view the XXX videos. There are a lot of them available and while their quality ranges from pretty basic to incredible, there are enough that are worth watching.

We hope you don’t mistake our earlier bitching with our assessment of the site. This is not a bad site and in fact it is one of our favorite mature webcam portals – as you can see from the fact that it's now ranking on our list of best MILF webcam sites. In everything that counts – quality of live porn shows, number of live mature chat rooms and streaming XLoveMatures is a very good option and while it's not the absolute cheapest choice, it's fairly priced. We were very happy with the nude shows and the selection of sexy older women and we would certainly consider coming back for more. Our only complaint is that it needs a better angle to make it truly memorable, and maybe also a better choice of colors.

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