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GenderBender.com is a Small, Premium Ladyboy Sex Cam Site

last updated January 06, 2021

You don’t need to be some kind of an expert in ladyboy sex cams to realize that GenderBender.com does not have enough of them online. This is a tiny site, but it does include only top-quality shemale chat rooms. Is it enough? Read through this GenderBender review and get the answers you're looking for.

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GenderBenders' Prices

Prices on this transsexual web cam arena are not as cheap as one might expect, considering what a small site it is, but there are various user discounts which can lower the price significantly. The bonus credit gift given to new users is a huge plus and it means that newcomers can check out the sexy shemales for free, even on nude chat rooms.

Memberships on GenderBenders.com

We feel that it is necessary for any serious GenderBenders review to include an explanation regarding the various memberships. There are not all that many options, but they can be confusing.

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Leading Features on GenderBenders.com

GenderBenders' Pros and Cons


The large choice of features, discounted tranny chat rooms and incredible streaming quality all brand Gender Bender as a premium website. There is a huge amount of content, gorgeous transsexual women and it is very easy to keep yourself busy and satisfied even when your favorite Tgirl is not online.


There are just not enough models online, which is really a shemale considering that otherwise this is a really good site. At times users will encounter no more than five live shemales and this is not just a disappointing number, it is almost ridiculously low and means that there is very little choice.

Editor's Impression of GenderBenders SexCams

In most cases we would begin this GenderBenders review by listing our first impression of the site: Its design' its accessibility and what we though when we first laid eyes on it. In this case though the excellent design which is undoubtedly sexy and fresh did not manage to distract us from the more obvious issue. This adult shemale cam site fails to provide users with a descent choice of live chat rooms and the number of Tgirls online was beyond disappointing and we're not even comparing it to sites such as Shemale.com or MyTrannyCams. We did not just visit the site once to compose our GenderBender review, but came back on multiple occasions and on different times. We never found more than a dozen trannies available to chat, even on the best of times, and there was one occasion when there was only one single trans woman ready to chat.

Looking at features we had nothing to complain about. Both in number and in quality there were plenty of options and even users who are used to a top-rate chatting experience will not find this site lacking by any means. On top of the regular Cam2Cam and audio the users can interact with the model via private messages. VIP members can even send the Tgril attachments, and we can only assume what type of pics the hosts usually receive. Even during free video chat is became clear to us that the streaming on Gender Bender was one of the best that we have ever seen. The picture is clear, the voice is loud and not blurred in the least and the whole atmosphere is so intimate that it is easy to forget that you are sharing the room with other members. All of the Tgirls we've joined for private chats were very welcoming and they all talked to us and were responsive in a way that is rare during free chatting. As far as the quality of tranny sex cam models goes, again this site has nothing to be embarrassed about, If you are looking for beautiful shemales, Gender Bender is one of your best webcam options because there TS babes it features are absolutely stunning.

This adult cam arena has so many types of live sex shows that users can easily get confused. There is a combo chat that combines semi-private and private, there is a voyeur and a multi-voyeur and there are group sex cams and premier chats. If your head isn’t spinning, you are probably experienced with webcam sex and even our trained research team has to work hard to differentiate the various options. However, if you look at the bottom of the home page you will find a link leading to show rates and that page also includes a short description to any type of XXX show that is available on the site. If you don’t have your own GenderBender review to write though, just stick to private and group shows at first. As mentioned above, there are too few Tgirls to worry about the different choices, and if you run into a type of show you don’t recognize, you can always check the informative rate page.

If you have a ladyboy crush and there's one of two hosts you're really infatuated with, join their Fan Clubs for a fixed monthly fee and you will get access to all their special pics, a 5% on their videos and private tranny chats and a lot of extra attention. The Fan Clubs are a bit like separate sites dedicated to each host and featuring plenty of info, blogs, wonderful galleries and updates. They are of a whole different level, much hotter than Fan Clubs on other sites, and we can safely state that they are the best ones we've ever seen.

The site also states that it has themed shows which are supposed to be free for members and to feature fully nude hosts in different themed chats. However, these shows usually don’t showcase shemales, but regular camgirls, and so we've chosen not to mention them under our list of top promotions.

We would like to conclude this GenderBender review in the same manner we've started it: This sexcam service has got to get a few more live hosts. This is a fantastic portal with an innovative platform and everything needed to become the best shemale webcam site online - everything that is but a sufficient number of live Tgirls. If Gender Benders will manage to collect more models, we have no doubt that it will succeed. The web cam shows are great: Sweaty, intense and packed with pre-op action. We just wish there were more of them to watch.

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