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Discover the Best Webcams that Accept Bitcoin Payments

last updated November 16, 2018

Let's discuss an interesting payment method that has become increasingly popular over the years, the Bitcoin. Hailed as the cryptocurrency of the future. Today, it is the most anonymous method of payment available online. This virtual currency has become so widely used that it's no surprise users started demanding Bitcoin sex cam sites.

Bitcoin Logo

It is not surprising that many live adult webcam users look for webcams that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, for increased anonymity and freedom from government interference.

Sounds pretty straightforward, right? There is an issue though and that is that not many adult cam sites accept Bitcoin. But don't fret, we've searched through the lot to find the very best Bitcoin cam sites, with hot cam girls and sexy webcam shows. Our top recommendation for the Best Bitcoin cam site is LiveJasmin, it's where you can find this stunning individual.

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are virtual decentralized currencies which are not regulated by any outside forces other than supply and demand. Unlike traditional currencies, they are not pegged in value to any other currency or the well being of any specific government. When the Bitcoin first came out in 2009, each one was worth only a few cents, but it has now peaked at over $10,000 each. As the popularity of the cryptocurrency continues to soar, the number of adult webcams that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment will continue to rise.

Top 3 Best Bitcoin Cam Sites

These are the three best adult video chat sites that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. They have the hottest cam shows, the widest model selection, and the best user features in the business. We will explain the benefits of each, and present you with a guide on how to buy the tokens with Bitcoin on the respective sites. Bitcoin sex cam payments are kind of hidden, but don't worry we'll help you uncover them.

Transactions on these sites won't be charged by the santoshi or Bitcoin, but in the dollars equivalent in Bitcoins. That means that when you make a purchase on cam show sites that accept Bitcoin, you will still see the cost in USD and not in BTC before clicking. When actually completing the payment you will see the BTC price. The exception to this rule is Chaturbate, which lists its prices directly in BTC.

LiveJasmin is the Best Bitcoin Cam Site


Featuring the highest quality cams, LiveJasmin is undoubtedly the very best adult webcam site in the world. It has the largest number of sex cam models in the business and amazingly enough, all of them have a minimum feed of 720p. That means you get the widest choice and you get to watch in crystal clear quality, two of the most important aspects in porn. Of course, as a site dedicated to private chats, LiveJasmin's models are all eager to please and will provide you with sexy and unforgettable shows.   

Sometimes hot cam babes aren't enough and you just need to know a little bit more about the sites benefits. Well, you get up to 9.99 free credits on your first purchase and on every 5th purchase, even when buying LiveJasmin credits with Bitcoin. Other than that, LiveJasmin has the best customer support and will provide you with a phone number for assistance before you even made your first purchase.

The last time we tried sending a message to them on chat, we got a message back within just 30 seconds.

Here's how you buy sex cam credits with Bitcoin on LiveJasmin:

Paying for LiveJasmin credits with Bitcoin

  1. Click the Get Credits box found at the top right hand of the page.
  2. You will notice that by default you start off at step 2, Package selection.
  3. Click on step 1, Payment method.
  4. A list of Alternative payment methods will appear, you should choose Bitcoin/Litecoin.
  5. You can now click on the package you want to purchase.
  6. Choose Bitcoin/Litecoin.
  7. Complete the payment and get your credits!

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Flirt4Free Takes Bitcoin Payments


Flirt4Free is a great bitcoin cam site that is a mixture between freemium and paid chat. In the free chat, you get high quality cams in the majority of the rooms and a nice healthy selection to choose from. You can easily navigate to find the cam girl, cam stud or even transgender cam model of your dreams. While the video quality is not quite as good as LiveJasmin, the size of the video feed itself is glorious. The pictures are larger, giving you more viewing real estate.

Because Flirt4Free partially follows the freemium model, there is nudity to be found even in the free chat, however, most shows really happen in private. Don't worry, Flirt4Free offers a sign up bonus when paying by Bitcoin too, but it is smaller than when you pay by card. For example, you can buy 1,050 credits for $100.00 and get 50 free credits. It is less in total, but it is a transaction which is untraceable.

Like LiveJasmin, Flirt4Free is also one of those great adult cam sites that actually offers quality support from the get go. There's a local and international number listed directly in the customer support, and you have access to it before you even spent a buck.

Take note that with Bitcoin cam site Flirt4Free, transactions with Coinbase accounts are instantaneous while other Bitcoin wallets can take up to 60 minutes to be confirmed.

Buying Flirt4Free credits with Bitcoin

Here's how you buy sex cam credits with Bitcoin on Flirt4Free:

  1. When you first sign up you will automatically be routed to the payment page.
  2. Hover your mouse over the little gray man icon and click My Account.
  3. Click on the Buy credits with BITCOIN! banner.
  4. Select the package you want to purchase
  5. Finish the payment and receive your credits!

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Cams.com Accepts Bitcoin Payments


Cams.com is one of the oldest sex cam sites in the business. During that time, it has managed to accrue an impressive selection of cam models from all over the world. Unlike other adult webcam sites, you can filter by more than just region, you can search specifically by country. If you're ever having a yellow fever day, you can look for Korean cam girls, Japanese cam girls, or even Indian cam girls specifically. Like the other top three best bitcoin cam sites, Cams.com also features stellar video quality.

Cams.com offers the same promotion whether you are paying by card, fax, or Bitcoin. No matter your purchase size, you get 100 free tokens. This promotion can only be used once, but Cams.com does also provide other occasional benefits to users to keep them coming back for more.

Cams.com also offers great customer support. There is a number listed, in the event you need help with billing. For any other customer support though, you are going to have to send in an email.

Here's how you buy sex cam tokens with Bitcoin on Cams.com:

Buying tokens with Bitcoin on Cams.com

  1. Click the orange plus sign at top right hand of the page.
  2. Click on a package and then scroll down until you see Enter Payment Information.
  3. Click on the option Bitcoin.
  4. Click the orange Continue button.
  5. Complete the payment process and get your tokens!

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The Rest

If you're looking for video chat sites that accept Bitcoin, we recommend looking at the three above. That being said, we don't want you to not feel like you are spoiled for choice. There are more adult cam sites that accept Bitcoin. BongaCams is a great freemium site with large screen video and a fine selection of babes. They have recently begun to accept to accept cryptocurrencies. Chaturbate is a rising star in the adult webcam world, you can often find chat rooms with over 12,000 users watching and of course, some of them paid with Bitcoin. XLoveCam is the last on our list, it has a nice selection of Bitcoin cam girls, but the video video quality isn't the best.

Fetish Bitcoin Cam Sites

As consumers of online pornography we understand that users looking for cam show sites that accept Bitcoin sometimes you just want to watch a little strange. Looking for something a little less mainstream? We've still got recommendations for you. 

If it's Bitcoin shemale cams you are after, our recommendation is that you head straight to MyTrannyCams it has the widest selection of shemales and the hottest shows to boot. Prefer gay bitcoin cams? We recommend hopping over to CameraBoys where there are literally hundreds of hunky cam studs online to please your every pleasure.

If you would rather watch women, but want something a little more specific, you are in for a treat. Our recommendation for Bitcoin mature cams is MaturesCam, where horny MILFs are just waiting ecstatically for your attention. Gotten a little yellow fever? Find the cure at LiveSexAsian, the best place to watch Asian Bitcoin cams.

If you have a hankering for some lesbian action or just some good old S&M fetish cams, we suggest going to LiveJasmin, they really are the most diverse site.

LiveJasmin fetish Bitcoin cams

The Advantages of Using Bitcoin Cam Sites

Paying for Adult Cams with Anonymity

To discover the identity of the owner of a Bitcoin wallet is a major hassle. It require such sophistication, that at this moment, that even governments don't bother trying to identify accounts. For your day to day transactions, cryptocurrencies can help hide your spending habits from your significant others. 

Bitcoin Payments Are Tax Free

If you live in a country with VAT or GST, paying for sex cams with Bitcoin can save you a lot of money. Bitcoin transactions are not subject to tax. What that means for example, is that if you live in Europe and have a 21% VAT, if you buy on Cams.com, your transaction would be 21% cheaper. You would get the same amount of tokens and the site would get the same amount of money from you, the middle man, in this case the government, would just be legally cut out. 

Webcams That Accept Bitcoin Have Lower Costs

With no bank fees and no currency conversion fees, paying for sex cams with Bitcoin has lower transaction fees than paying by credit card, wire transfer, or any other method.

Bitcoin Sex Cam Payments are Versatile

You have complete control over your eWallet. You can use it anywhere and at any time, even on your mobile phone. You don't need any special permissions from the bank to use it and they have no way of blocking you.

You Can Learn to Play the Market

If you learn to read the market forces behind the value of the Bitcoin you will be able to preemptively buy and sell Bitcoins. Buying sex cam tokens with Bitcoin at the right time can save you a lot of money. For example, if the market is crashing and you are unable to sell your Bitcoins at a good price, trade the cryptocurrency in for tokens.

Sexy LiveJasmin camgirl shows off

Disadvantages of Paying for Sex Cams with Bitcoins

No Chargebacks

The sites we recommended are all the best sex cam sites online. For that reason, there should be no reason to do a chargeback. That being said, as customers ourselves we understand that it is always comforting to have that option. Sadly, there is absolutely no way of doing a chargeback when paying with cryptocurrencies.

Not Every Site Is as Rewarding

Most sex cam sites have the best user rewards for payment by credit cards. This is because they are the most common form of payment and as such the most promoted. LiveJasmin awards up to 9.99 credits even with cryptocurrency, so we recommend you go there.

Bitcoin Has Fluctuating Prices

The biggest flaw with paying by Bitcoin is the rising value of the currency itself. If you pay by the cryptocurrency today, you might regret it in six months when it's value is higher... If you're after anonymity, we recommend checking out our top PayPal sex cam sites.


Users like to pay for sex cams with Bitcoin because it gives the most anonymity out of any form of payment. It has no taxes and is completely unaffiliated with any government.

The best Bitcoin cam site is LiveJasmin.com, it has the best live video chat and the hottest cam girls. When paying by cryptocurrency, LiveJasmin gives you the same bonus as if you were paying by card. This is in contrasts to other webcams that accept Bitcoin, where you get better benefits for using traditional forms of billing. If you want quality for your money, head to LiveJasmin.com

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