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IsLive Review - A Cheap European Sexcam Site

last updated January 06, 2021

The sex adventure industry in Europe is ripe, liberal, and booming. Libertine tourism, or 'naughty journeys', is a way of traveling to destinations where other like-minded people vacation, too. If you can't jump on a plain, train, or automobile, to join in the fun, then IsLive.com is a great virtual solution. Here, you'll have access to the beautifully decadent women of the Netherlands, in this unique European sexcam site.

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IsLive.com Pricing

Credits are the website currency at IsLive. And all the performers on the site charge the same rate of credits for entrance into their chat room. If you purchase the smallest credits package they sell, then your per minute live sex chats will cost you €1.00 a minute. With purchase of their largest credits package, each minute will cost you only €0.68 cents a minute. In any case, each second of sex chat will run you 1 credit. And, in exclusive one-on-one sessions, you'll see your credits counter reduce by 4, for each second.

Payment Options

After choosing a credits package, you'll proceed to the payments processing page. You can pay via your bank account, your credit card, or My Secure Wallet. Unfortunately, they only process purchases with Dutch banks. So, if you don't have a Dutch account, then move on to the next best option, your credit card.

Or, if you have My Secure Wallet, you can call IsLive during their office hours, at +31(0)23-7519813. (09:00-17:00 CET)

Membership Benefits

Guests to the site can browse through the online models and check out their individual profiles. Each profile has up to three preview pictures and a short video teaser to introduce you to the performer. Any other feature or activity on the site will require that you have credits in your registered account.

Video Chat Features on IsLive.com

IsLive.com Pros and Cons



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IsLive Sexcam Review - Our Impression

This is not a bombastic site that boasts of hosting thousands of models from all over the world. This is not a site that covers every popular kink or fetish. This is not a site with the best webcam streaming technology behind it. And this is not a free webcam site.

Everything most other sites flaunt as their reasons as to why you should join them, are not happening at IsLive.com.

What is happening, is this:

Webcam girls from the Netherlands. Started as, and has almost exclusively maintained, a steady flock of Dutch sex webcams. Here, you'll find girls from surrounding provinces, and further throughout Europe, but the core of their performers are Dutch webcam girls.

Pay by the second. As there's no free public or private chat, the only way you'll get to chat with a camgirl, is to enter her live chat. Once inside, you'll see if she's too busy chatting with other members, if her camera quality is up to your standards, or if she's really your type. If you can figure all this out quickly, then you'll only have spent a few cents to get your peek. Of course, the faster you close the chat window, the less you pay.

Super cheap live porn. There's no wondering what a particular performance will cost you, as they all cost the same. The most you'll spend during public or non-exclusive private sex chat is 1 Euro a minute. This per minute rate is calculated based on what one would pay for the smallest credits package. With the largest credits package purchased, your discounted rate comes down to €0.68 per minute with any girl.


Getting into an exclusive 1on1 private show is cheap and easy. Taking a girl into the 1on1 VIP is quadruple the regular rate. At four credits a second, or €4.00 a minute, this makes them one of the most affordable private sexcam sites out there. If you purchase the largest package, the 1on1 VIP chat with only run you €2.72 a minute. And given that this isn't a highly trafficked site, you'll find that most girls are entertaining only a few members, at most, at a time. So, getting them to leave their public chat and enter into an exclusive chat with you should take little convincing.

Simple. No Frills. To The Point. What IsLive.com has built here is a direct and no-nonsense European webcam site. There are no distracting promotions or special deals to entice you. There aren't endless albums of free photo and video content to go through. They tease you with exactly three photos and a 30-second video teaser of each girl, and that's it. If you want sexcams, then pay for it, and get to chatting.

Understanding their unique Video Player-

When you choose to chat with any girl, you'll immediately enter into her live chat room. By default, you'll enter the Public mode. There are three chat modes to choose from: Public, Private, or 1on1 VIP. The public and private chat both cost the same. If you select to enter into a 1on1 VIP chat with the girl, the rate will be four times public/private rate. Both the public and private mode see the same show. The difference is only in who sees the chat messages you communicate to her. If you're in the public mode, then any chat message you send is visible to all other members also in her chat room. When you toggle to the private mode, the only thing that changes is the text box where you now can send her a private chat message, only she can see. While in the public/private mode, and you select the 1on1 VIP mode, you'll wait a moment for her to confirm that she accepts your request to enter an exclusive chat. If she accepts, then any other members in her public/private chat will be notified that she is going 1on1 with you, and they'll be temporarily locked out of her chat room.

Top chat feature to be aware of-

IsLive over your mobile phone-

IsLive is a great desktop computer experience, but it really shines on your mobile phone. The minimal site design and small nature of the site translate well in a smartphone interface. After establishing a member account, you can purchase credits via your phone account, or your bank account (Dutch banks only). For other webcam sites that do a good job with the mobile experience, please read our article on the best mobile sex cams.

In our IsLive sexcam review we've laid out what makes them so different from many other webcam sites, and why that makes them unique, and perfect for a certain kind of customer. If you've tried other cam sites, and find yourself looking for something a bit different, or if you're well tuned into what you desire, and IsLive meets that need, then don't waste any more time. The lowest priced credits package they have is under €10. This will get you more time in private chat sessions than on most other premium sites, for the same amount of money. So, go ahead, play around with your €10, and figure out if you'll want more of this cheap European sexcam site.

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