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SakuraLive Is Probably the Best Japanese Sex Cam Site

last updated January 10, 2021

Many adult webcam sites promise Japanese sex cams yet fail to deliver, but SakuraLive.com supplies the goods big time. This Asian webcam chat community has more Japanese camgirls than anywhere else and they are happy to strip on cam and give their viewers a taste of true Far East pleasures. Prices aren't low, but there is a special offer for new members. Run through this SakuraLive review and we will give you all the details you could possibly need.

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SakuraLive.com's Prices

Sakura Live is not a cheap webcam sex arena and prices can be relatively high if you only watch private Asian porn shows. Many sites use Credit as their currency, but here its named Points and a point is worth $2, which is a lot considering that on the best adult webcam sites a credit equals $1 or even less.

Top Features on Sakura Live

SakuraLive's Pros and Cons


You won't be disappointed by the quality of the Asian porn shows or the naughty features offered on this website. The selection of sexy Japanese camgirls here surpasses any other sex cam community that we have ever encountered and they are all flirtatious and willing to oblige. The promotional point package is a great opportunity to check out the site for very minimal cost and the free previews allow you to peek into the rooms without actually paying.


If you are not a member, you're free previews will be extremely limited. The cost for private shows is on the pricey side and there are no discounted chat rooms. The fact that some features cost quite a bit of extra points is annoying and it would have been nice to have more advanced search options.

Editor's Impression of SakuraLive

We were quite thrilled about composing the SakuraLive review, because Japanese webcam models are close to impossible to find. There are many adult cam sites that will advertise a Japanese sex cam category, but as soon as you join you discover that the so called Japanese hosts are actually Korean, Thai and Pinay. This is not difficult to explain. Japan is a Westernized country and it is very kind to unemployed, so people are rare desperate for money. Also, and this is quite surprising to anyone that has seen Japanese porn and Bukkake videos, this society is very restricting and old-fashion, and Japanese women are far from being promiscuous. Many Japanese porn movies are actually produced in the Philippines or Korea and it is not easy finding authentic Japanese camgirls that will strip and touch themselves while men watch. Sakura Live is one of the few sites that actually stand by their word and the women here are actually from Japan, at least for the most part.

The atmosphere is very unique. The photos often only show faces, which is typical for an actual Japanese sex site, and you need to actually get into a show in order to see even naughty things. The webcam models almost seem conservative until you start a paid show and then you discover how these chicks have got their worldwide reputation.

There were around 50 or so Asian camgirls on our first visit to Sakura Live and considering that the hosts are actually from Japan, this is an excellent number. On our other visits there we've found between 60 and 80 babes on the live chat rooms and this number seems to be the average number of performers, regardless of what time you choose to drop by.

As we've stated above: The site uses Points which is just a different name for Credit. However, because a credit is usually worth less than a dollar on the best live cam sites and a Point is equals two bucks, it is very easy for users to get confused with rates and end up paying a lot more than they intended to.

This is a fairly innovative site with great streaming and many HD sex cams. There are quite a few fun features which boost up the live chat experience and there are a few that we have not seen anywhere else. The live chat translator which we have mentioned earlier in this SakuraLive review is actually a pretty nifty option. Users can choose from a basic, yet useful, variety of sentences such as "show me your boobs", "tease me with your lips" and the good old classic "you're sexy" and get personal even if the babe doesn’t understand English, or whichever language the user happens to speak. Another feature which is particularly hot and quite exclusive is the Hand or Lip tool, but we found it a bit annoying that such a feature costs a point every time you use it and only buys you 30 second access. For starters, we would expect it to be free, considering that members already pay for shows, and second, even if users are expected to pay, $2 per 30 seconds is a lot. It should have either been significantly cheaper or a onetime fee which buys you unlimited access to this feature. This annoyed us to no end because if taking an actual snapshot on LiveSexAsian for example only costs 0.50 credits (and the credits are much cheaper than the Points), this feature is seriously overpriced. It appears that this site is determined to charge users for everything and this trend continued with the Private Messages. Only the Asian camgirls on Sakura Live can initiate a private message chat and if users want to reply they will need to shell-out a point – not per conversation, but for each message.

The search tool on Sakura Live is okay, but it is a bit limited in the number of criteria. It is hard to locate fetish hosts for example or see which hottie is into a specific kinky game, but it still allows you to locate women with specific breast size, characteristics and features. The navigation is not complicate, but it is annoying that new windows keep popping out in new browsers. You can end up with a dozen windows featuring various parts of the site and several hosts, and it is unclear why a site would choose such an unfriendly interface. The site has an FAQ page, but it is okay at best. There is no explanation about the membership, the Point packages or rates and if it wasn't for this SakuraLive review, you would need to do all the research on your own and probably spend some money along the way.

We wouldn’t like you to think that we are not happy with this sexcam arena. This is perhaps the best Japanese sex chat community currently in existence. The main issues we have are the relatively high prices and the lack of organization that would improve users' experience. Even so, this is a great site for anyone who truly appreciates Oriental women and we advise you to make use of the introduction offer and watch the sexy Japanese webcam girls get naked and naughty in genuine Far East porn fests.

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