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PhoneMates Review - Quality Sex Cams for Mobile Phones

last updated January 10, 2021

PhoneMates.com is the first adult cam site to change its focus from desktop to mobile. While everyone in the sex cam industry is optimizing for usage on a big screen, PhoneMates has been optimizing sex cams for mobile phones. This makes a lot of sense when you consider how attached people have become to their phones. Seriously, many phones today are being designed to be waterproof just so people can take them into the shower.

Read the full PhoneMates review to find out if you should make the switch to mobile sex cams.

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PhoneMates Prices

Memberships and Benefits on PhoneMates

PhoneMates offers serious discounts to their Frequent Fuckers Club. As you buy more Credits, you are rewarded with Miles points. Each time you are upgraded in Status, you are given bigger discounts. The Happy Shows which cost 1.48 Credits a minute for the lowest tier, cost just 0.25 Credits a minute for the highest tier. If you like taking sex cam girls into private chats, PhoneMates.com is a great avenue for affordable sex cams.

Sexy Silver Status - 15 Miles

Once you have accumulate 15 miles you are officially upgraded to the Sexy Silver Status. 

At Silver level, the price of Happy Hour shows drops from 1.48 Credit per minute to just 0.50 Credit per minute.

Sexy Gold Status - 186 Miles

Accumulate 186 miles and you will automatically be upgraded to the Sexy Gold Status.

At Gold level, the cost of Happy Hour shows drops even further, to just 0.35 Credits a minute.

Sexy Platinum Status - 253 Miles

The highest tier at PhonesMates.com, when you reach Sexy Platinum Status at 253 Miles you gain access to the some of the cheapest sex cams on the internet, just 0.20 Credits a minute. You are also granted access to the 24/7 Platinum Customer Service for round the clock care.

Just in case you missed that, with 100 tokens at 0.2 Credits a minute, you could watch Happy Hour cams for 500 minutes, that's over eight hours.

Adult Webcam Features on PhoneMates.com

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PhoneMates Pros and Cons



Editor's Impression of PhoneMates Webcams

It is clear when viewing PhoneMates.com that the site was built for sex cams for mobile phones. That's why, when you use a PC you get a very different user experience. As such, we will our PhoneMates review includes general impressions as well as specific impressions for both the mobile and PC.

General Impressions

With over 700 models online, it is clear that PhoneMates has a wide selection of hot camgirls for you to watch. It doesn't matter if you are into men, women, or something in between, Phonemates has categories for camgirls, transsexuals, men, gay men, groups, and even porn stars.

There are many beautiful models which you can take into a private chat for an affordable price. Best of all, these camgirls are genuinely waiting for you took take them into a private. Too many times have we invited models on Chaturbate and MyFreeCams into a private chat only to be told, later, after the show.

Generally speaking, the webcam chatrooms on PhoneMates are relatively empty, which we see as a plus. The lack of users combined with the large amount of models creates stiff competition between them. The camgirls are very responsive and seem genuinely pleased to talk to you. If you like striking a conversation with a hot camgirl, this is the site where she will actually respond. 

There are no 4000 users in the same chat room vying for a webcam model's attention.

The downside, however, is that the bios are quite scant. You aren't going to get the level of detail you see on LiveJasmin. It's not too big a deal though, as you can always ask the model directly what she's into.

The only general downside that can be seen is that the site can be a bit confusing for first time users. When we first got on the site we noticed that there were Happy Shows and shows that weren't "Happy Shows". It took a while to figure out that they meant happy hours, and not that the rest of the models are depressed.

The color scheme of the site on both mobile and PC is warm, with a shade of red dominating the background.

As you open the site, you are immediately drawn to sensual babes, which can only be a good thing.

A nice feature is that your account is synchronized between your mobile and pc. That means you can start on your PC and finish off in the bathroom or vice versa.

Overall, PhoneMates is a great site for cheap sex cams, with the prices just dropping further the more you watch.


It is clear that PhoneMates are sex cams for mobile phones. When you open the site on a mobile device it is easy to see that this is a website you will enjoy.

The user interface is nearly flawless, with ease of use as the main priority.

You can easily find hot models and switch between categories if you are looking for something less mainstream. Inviting a camgirl to a private, tipping, and chatting, are all doable from one simple screen. Best of all, the video quality on the mobile phone is superb.

Phonemates.com is the sex cam site that will convince you to buy a waterproof phone. Seriously, you can now go take a shower and watch cam girls with your phone in your hand without having to worry about it getting ruined.


PhoneMates.com is a good site on the PC too, but it takes some getting use to. The layout is not as clean on the PC as it is on the mobile.

While both the mobile and PC sites have the same models, they are not necessarily in the same order.

The biggest downside of the desktop site is the video quality. Sex cams for mobile phones are optimized for mobile phones. That means when you stretch it out on your screen, some quality is lost. You can make the video feed smaller to improve quality, but then you will be watching a tiny window of porn on a big empty screen.

The Evolution of PhoneMates.com

When we look at any adult cam site, we like to look back at it's history and this PhoneMates review is no exception. Looking at the past of a site allows us to see if the people running the site invest back into the site.

It's important to see that upgrades and improvements were made, as it shows a track history of the desire to excel and the desire to please customers.

Originally, PhoneMates started out as a website with sex cams for mobile phones only. That means, you could only access the site on your phone. We know this has changed, and while not yet perfect, it is an indication that desktop site will probably continue to improve. 

The change in layout as your enter the site has also changed, from having to choose a fetish, to just being displayed with babes immediatly. This appears to be the site falling in line with the standard of the industry. This showcases that Phonemates.com actively researches market trends, and tries to flow with them. This is great as it means that while the site doesn't have all the bells and whistles right now, that many of them will probably be added in time.

Final Thoughts

This PhoneMates review has shown that PhoneMates is an excellent site on the mobile, with room for improvement on the PC.

This is a sex cam site with clear benefits, especially for the man on the go.

There are hundreds of models and the Credits are cheap.

This is one of the best adult cam sites for mobile phones.

If you prefer watching on a big screen, we would recommend going with ImLive. It has most of the same models, but is optimized for PC viewing.

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