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Sexier.com Offers Hot Asian Webcams, but Not All That Many

last updated January 17, 2021

If you haven’t heard about Sexier.com before, this is a great opportunity for you to get to know one of the leading adult webcam sites in the industry. This successful sexcam community specialized in hot amateur camgirls and is well-known for its low prices for nude chats. Today though, you will get to hear about the live Asians that perform on Sexier.com and will get important details such as the number of Asian chat rooms and their quality. Are there enough Thai, Pinay, Chinese and Japanese sex cams? Read through and you will receive all the answers..

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Sexier.com's Prices

The Far East camgirls on Sexier.com are unusually cheap. There are some pornstars who charge 5 credits per minute of course, there are always a few of those on any leading adult webcam site, but on average the prices are very low and with members discounts the price of nude Asian sex chats drops even further. This is an excellent website for guys who enjoy hot Asians but can't afford to pay a stiff fee. Here are some examples.

Once you figure out that you have to buy credit because you can't wait another moment before you'll watch a sexy Japanese babe strip or a Thai chick use a big toy, you'll need to choose some payment method. Luckily for you, Sexier.com is a serious and reliable portal and you can pay using most major cards including Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Maestro, Switch/Solo and Delta. Even more impressive: You can use PayPal.

Membership Options

All of the memberships on Sexier.com are totally free and in fact they are the same membership – just with an upgrade, bigger benefits and a new name. This Asian webcam arena rewards for loyalty, and if you stick round and buy credit, you'll get treated to lots of free extras.

Available Features on Asian Cam Models

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Sexier.com's Pros and Cons


There are many things to like about the live Asian sex cams on Sexier.com. You will be impressed by their quality, enchanted by their features and flabbergasted by their price. The site is very welcoming, made for both experienced and novice webcam users and the fact that you'll get treated to bonuses and extra discounts is just the icing on the cake.


The sad truth is that the number of live Far East chat rooms is not as large as it should have been. Since this adult webcam site has stopped employing Oriental chicks from certain countries, the number of performers has dropped substantially and although there are still enjoy models to chat with, sometime the choice is not particularly large.

Editor's Impression of Sexier.com

As soon as you enter Sexier.com you will be dazzled by the clean, rich design and the liveliness of the chat rooms. The main problem is that the Asian webcam category is a bit too slim – almost surprisingly so when you consider how big this website is. There was a time, not too long ago actually, when Sexier.com had hundreds of live camgirls from Asia, but recently the site changed its policy and became pickier regarding the origin of the amateur Asians it features and the result, sadly for visitors, is a substantially lower selection. This is not to say that the Japanese, Chinese and Thai camgirls are not beautiful – they're breathtaking, but this is, after all, an amateur site, and this usually means that users have more trouble finding the perfect webcam companion. A few dozens of online hotties are okay – but a doubled or tripled number would have been better.

However, if you find the selection somewhat limited or end up second-guessing the site when you see some inexperienced performer or a poorly chosen web camera, just take a look at the prices and it's safe to assume you'll quickly change your mind. Price is one of the main attractions of Sexier.com. On this website you can watch an amateur Asian camgirl get naked for 0.88 credits per minute during Happy Hour and enjoy pornstar shows for free – real adult pornstars, not just random webcam performers. There is free chat of course and while no nude tits or asses will welcome you there, you will get to flirt and see the women dance in minimal clothing. In fact, everything on this site is free – other than the live sex shows. You get free cam 2 cam with every private show, there are free epics and Asian porn clips and there are free features that are perhaps not as exciting as you should, but they're still alright and get the job done.

Membership is also free and you can become a member before you know it. The downside is you have to register with a credit card and buy some credits, which is a bit annoying, but the upside is that you will never have to pay a single penny for anything other than live Asian porn shows. Then there are the upgrades – the sweet, sweet upgrades that can make your video chatting even cheaper than it was. How does it work? Simple. You buy credits and watch sex shows, but credits and watch sex shows, but credits and watch… you get the gist. For every credit package that you buy, you receive bonus "miles", which are collected until you have enough to win an upgrade. There are three levels to these upgrades: Gold, Silver and VIP and each rewards you with some bonus credits and a nice discount on future credit purchases. Lastly, the rate for Happy Hour chat rooms also drops with ascending membership levels until eventually you will be paying 0.20 credits per minute. Don't hold your breath though. Becoming a platinum member takes a long time and you will need to watch plenty of sexy Far East camgirls strip by the time you'll reach this stage. Of course, even the 0.88 you'll be paying as a standard not-yet-upgraded member is a very cheap price. Take advantage of this option and always make sure that you check the Happy Hour chat rooms before you choose a sexcam partner. When is the Happy Hour? 24/7 – yep, Sexier.com is THAT great,

Streaming is pretty good – although the quality of the video chat depends first of all on the quality of the web camera that the webcam model chose and let's face it: Not all the women in Asia know how to choose – or can afford – premium equipment. The Sexier.com platform is amazing though and has fantastic mobile access, so you can chat with the beautiful Oriental chicks when you're at work, on the train or just having lunch. This site is kind of a mixture – real amateurs who are willing to get naughty with you and a professional portal that is designed to offer users the optimal experience.

Sexier.com has simple navigation. Basically you choose the category you want and then narrow down you search. There is a great advanced search tool, but it's not really needed considering the medium number of live Asian chat rooms. The better strategy is to just look through the free chat rooms until some beautiful Japanese or Thai babe will catch your attention and then start a free chat. If you like her, you can launch a live porn show in a few seconds and if you don't, just proceed to the next video chat room.

It is hard not to like Sexier.com. It may not be of the same size or proficiency of LiveSexAsian, but it is fun, thrilling and very cheap. This is one of the best options for guys who are looking for Asian webcams and don't want to overspend. Here, you'll get an amazing value for money and get showered with discounts and benefits as soon as you walk through the door. Want to get started? Follow the link below and go see the horny Asians who are currently online.

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