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Sexier Couples Review - Entertaining and Cheap Couple Cams

last updated January 04, 2021

A whole lot of couples are making their way onto webcams these days, and Sexier.com is one of the hot destinations to find them. If you are looking for cheap couples cams, then Sexier is a must see. This is a site with a clear understanding of what bargain shoppers may be looking for. They have built a first-rate platform for webcam performers to bring value to their members.

In our Sexier couples review, we go over all there is to know to get started in private sex shows with hot and horny couples. We take an exhaustive look at their membership costs, the benefits they offer, their rewards programs, discounts offered, and how to best use their site features for finding the right match for you.

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Sexier.com Pricing

You'll notice right away, that the pricing is in Euros. No matter where you are coming to the site from, you'll only see the option to pay in Euros. Whatever the case, the prices at Sexier make it a cheap couples cam option.

Various Memberships and Their Benefits

Advancing in membership status is automatic. In your membership profile, you can track your progression at the Rewards Program area. Your status will advance by collecting points. Points are earned for almost anything you do on the site. Below, in our Editor's Comments, we will present the points system in detail.

Payment Options

Sexier offers three payment processors, all accepting a number of payment methods. If there are problems with any specific processor, just try another.

Video Chat and User Features on Sexier

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Sexier.com Pros and Cons



Sexier Couples Review - Our Editor's Impression

Going into the private chat rooms with couples is a whole other kind of sex chat experience. In the one-on-one chats, you can get the webcam model to immediately get on your level. If you are looking for a super-charged horny show, then she'll give it to you. Or if you want a more calm and soothing kind of show, then make your desires known, and the model will quickly accommodate. But when chatting with a live couple, there is a whole other dynamic in charge. If you are not immediately in control, then most couples just seem to instantly get on each other. Which is understandable. They assume you've been watching them a while already in the free chat room, and that you have chosen to go into a private chat, because you want to get straight to the hot couples action.

Now, all this is fine. But maybe you've come with certain expectations, and are looking for something in particular. Which means you've got to be vocal right out the gate. With three people involved, it's easy to be the odd one out. But you've come for a show, and you are paying for it. So make it your own. Make it clear to the frisky webcam couple what you want to see them do. And they will be more than ready to oblige. They are wanting for someone to give them some instructions.

At Sexier, we found the couples to be engaging and ready to perform most any act. And just like in real life, some folks have more personality than others. Good looks and a pretty smile don't necessarily make for an entertaining show. Sometimes it's the more regular looking couples that will put on the best shows. So give it shot. Try out a few couples. You'll be sure to find a pair that matches what you are looking for.

Hot to find the perfect couple?

You can go to their category directly from the link provided in this Sexier couples review, or when on the homepage, in the main menu bar drop-down list, you'll see the Couples & Groups category. Now, Sexier will display all the following pairings: straight partners, lesbians, and groups. If you want to sort out only Girl and Guy couples, then you need to go to the categories listing on the top right of the page you got to after you've already chosen the Couples & Groups from the top left drop-down bar. Now, you can sort out according to the different pairings they offer. You'll find all the categories they have for couples: Girl and Guy, Girl on Girl, Gay Couples, and 3some or more. If you'd like to read in more detail about the Girl on Girl category, please read our Sexier.com Lesbians review.

When you're browsing through and looking for some hot couples action, make sure to use the suggested chat rooms that are on display to the right of the chat room player. In this space, Sexier will only show you other couples who are live and active on the site. We found this action to be much easier to explore for horny couples, than to have to hit the back button to go to the previous page every time.

Appreciating cheap couple cams-

We like that Sexier keeps things simple in valuing their website currency as numerically equal to a €1.00. Most other sites make their Credit or Token value uneven to the dollar or Euro amount they cost. And then you waste your time thinking about how much exactly one minute of show time is actually costing you. 

Sexier keeps the private chats very affordable. The cheapest you will find a model's private show starts at 0.98 credits a minute. When you choose to enter into a 1-on-1 private sex chat with a couple, you will see their pricing, which they have set for themselves. So, be aware that not all models charge the same price. In conducting our Sexier couples review, we did not see any models asking for anything near the maximum of 5.90 Credits a minute.

But these cheap couple cams do come with a trade off. As goes with most things in life, if you get a little, you have to give a little. What you're giving up on with Sexier is a true high definition video experience. It's our interpretation that they have made a strategic decision to not stream their video at a high rate, in order to keep their costs low, and then to pass that savings on to you. And good on them for it!

Top features available on Sexier:

  1. For Registered Members, Sexier will open up the photo content in each model profile, and you'll be able to send text chats. This basic membership does not require a credit card verification, or the need to acquire any Credits. They merely require you to establish a username with your email. 
  2. One-Click Credit Purchases is an easy way for you to obtain credits before entering into a private show, or during an ongoing show, without having to exit the chat room. You quickly choose the purchase amount you want, and the most recent credit card you’ve used will be charged. This feature is only available to members who choose to process payments through CCBill or Epoch.
  3. Recorded private shows are video sessions created by the couples during their shows. These sessions are selected by the couples themselves and made available on the their profile pages. These recorded shows are priced at the couples' private chat rate plus two credits per minute.
  4. Celebrity events are free for all members in the Gold level membership and above. Sexier plays host to celebrity performers from the world of adult hardcore porn. It's your chance to directly interact with some of the world's most famous porn stars. Most shows are solo performances, but you will see events with a celebrity pairing, on the occasion. Past celebrity duos include: Sunny Leone with Bree Olson and Giovanni, Evan Stone with Lexi Belle, and Alexa Nicole with Brooklyn Lee. Bronze and Silver level members will have to spend credits to watch the celebrity events.
  5. Shows with the Vibe icon allow you to control a performers vibrator in the private chat. This feature enables you to send 'vibes' automatically, and at the pace that you set. You can set this option at the beginning or during a chat, and have it vibrate at a steady pace or randomly throughout. Once set, you can go into your own hands-free mode and save your hands for something else. Use of the Vibe will cost you one credit for every 30 seconds of activity.

Membership statuses and Rewards Program explained-

Moving through the membership statuses is a result of your activity on the site. Just about every action you make that involves spending your credits, will in turn, earn you points. Here are the top five activities and the points earned for each:

ActivityPoints Earned
Paid Chat (1 minute)1 Point
Paid Chat (5 minutes)20 Points
Purchase hosts' videos worth of 5 Credits1 Point
Watching 5 minutes of Happy Show30 Points
Spending 1 Credit in Vibe1 Point

As you accumulate points you will automatically advance through their membership levels. As a credit holder with zero points, you start off in the Bronze level. When you attain 500 points, you advance to the Silver level. At 2,500, the Gold level. 15,000 attained puts you in the VIP level. And then for each 10,000 points earned while a VIP member, you will get 50 bonus credits.

Our review is meant to give you a cursory, yet informed understanding of how Sexier.com is designed, and how best to use it. We've made clear what we believe are the most note-worthy features and how to get started in using them to their potential. Without a doubt, Sexier gets our full approval as a top destination for finding some hot couples action.

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