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DXLive is a Bubbly Asian Webcam Chat Community

last updated January 04, 2021

It never gets boring on DXLive.com. The Asian webcam hosts evidently do whatever it takes to entertain their audience and they offer live sex shows that get really obscene. Any guy that likes amateur Asians and webcam sex should consider signing up to this sex chat community. Need a few more reasons to join? Find them right now in this DXLive review.

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DXLive.com's Prices

Users can get quite a lot of sexy chatting done for a pretty low price, but the point system is not always clear. Make sure that you know which features are free and which are not otherwise you might end up paying more than you expect.

Available Chat & User Features on DX Live

DXLive's Pros and Cons


The amateur Asians look amazing and many seem to be just as enthusiastic about stripping as their users are about watching them strip. In general private sex chat price is pretty low and there are many bonus points to users that are smart enough to choose the larger Point packages. The remote vibrator is a very nice touch and there are other features you won’t find anywhere else.


There are only 50 or 60 Asian webcam hosts online, so this is not exactly the biggest portal around. The Point system is a bit confusing and it is not always easy finding the perfect partner for your adult chats.

Editor's Impression of DXLive Webcams

The first thing we have to mention in this DXLive review is that this site surprised us for the best. We expected this medium-size portal to have okay chat rooms at best, but the live Asians here are very energetic and some of the private porn shows are exceptionally inventive. This is perhaps due to the fact that the absolute majority of women here are real amateurs: Sexy Asian students, MILFs and just regular babes, although as far as looks go they are anything ordinary. The thumbnails on the home page are very different than what most adult webcam sites offer, but they actually capture the essence of real Asian porn. Most of the models only have pics of their faces, with the occasional set of big boobs, and if you want to take a close look at the woman's assets, you will probably need to enter her private chat room.

As mentioned above, this is not a large site nd not as professional looking as LiveSexAsian, but there is still a pretty nice variety of hosts to choose from. There were 31 Asian camgirls online on our first visit, but we found as many as 50 in following visits so apparently the time you log on is quite crucial. It is easy to identify new hosts and interestingly DX Live also allows users to choose between hosts that joined this month and hosts that joined in the past five days. This is pretty nice because it is true that many adult webcam users like fresh faces and this tool enables users to know which model really is new, even if they have visited the site a week or so before. All in all search options are basic and it is quite easy to navigate through the categories. If you want to recognize the most popular hosts they have their own category, and it’s helpful in case you don't have patience to look for the best performers every time and just want to watch a good sex show fast.  Users cannot search through the cam girls according to country, which is very strange indeed. Many people who enjoy chatting with sexy Asians prefer a specific region: A slutty Japanese girl, a Korean MILF, a Pinay, a Thai babe, etc. and we would expect that there would be some kind of way to narrow down the results. However, DX Live is quite exceptional in the sense that it has more Japanese camgirls than most other Asian cam sites. Usually hosts from Japan are very difficult to come by, but here users will find plenty of these chicks online. Why do so many users look for Japanese camgirls and prefer them over other Asian cam hosts? There are a few possible reasons. Many guys around the world have watched Japanese forms in various forms and it is rare to find a man that has never heard about Anime, Hentai and even Bukkake. It could also be because Japan girls look a bit strange with their smiles and petite bodies and European or North American men find this strangeness awfully enticing. Many sites are so desperate to feature women from Japan that they list Thai women under the wrong category, but on DXLive.com there are plenty of authentic Japanese hosts and users need only to choose.

The webcam chat features are a bit mixed. Some are very advanced and others are limited. The remote sex toy control is real fun, especially because you can double the pleasure and control two vibrators at once, but in all honesty after trying it a couple of times, this option loses a lot of its charm. There is audio, although strangely not all models have it, and users can control various video chat aspects. Other than that the two most popular features are secret messages and Cam to Cam. Quite annoyingly these features include an additional cost, and not an insignificant one. This just adds another point to our next issue which is the relative messiness which users need to face.

Let's take the Point system for example. We have no issues with point, or with any other name an adult webcam site chooses to use for Credit, but why does the site states that users purchase points and then given them packages with Minutes? The site also explains that a point equals a minute, which would have sorted up the confusion, but quickly after states that a chat mode costs 1.2 points per minute, so really, which is it? The site also states that Cam 2 Cam shows cost 1 point per minute and that private chat costs 1 point per minute and then lists that a combination of the two costs 2 points per minute, which really just doesn’t make sense. You can’t have Cam to Cam without private chat, so just go ahead and say that you are actually charging 2 points per minute for private Asian porn shows.

We could go on, but we think you kind of get what we're trying to say. The information is there and the First Time guide is a lovely idea, but when we did the research for this DXLive review we found that the data was either inaccurate or intentionally vague. Other than that we didn’t have many more complaints. Sure, some better design would have been preferred and streaming quality isn’t brilliant – which isn’t surprising when no HD sex cams are available, but all in all we did have fun watching the naked shows and the hosts were great. If this site will just improve its own structure, offer clearer information and maybe also stop charging extra for features that ought to be free, it can become one of the best Asian webcam sites around. Even without these improvements though, we'll conclude this DXLive review by saying that this is still not a bad choice. The Japanese camgirls are sexy, the live porn shows are wild and you can get by even on a low budget – that's just about everything an Asian sex cam site needs. If you still feel uncertain, just go and try some free chats. Chances are those seductive hosts will easily persuade you to stick around.

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