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Safest Cam Sites That Are Secure and Discreet

last updated February 13, 2019

In the modern world, the internet can be a scary place. With hackers, viruses, and shams, you never know who's out there to steal your money or worse, your identity. We took a look at all our favorite sites to find out which has the most safe, secure, and discreet sex cams online. All 5 sites on this list are free of viruses and malicious ads.



It should come as no surprise that the most premium adult chat site, LiveJasmin, is the most safe and secure site to watch discreet sex cams. LiveJasmin has gone all out, to make sure that your information stays confidential.

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Gorgeous all natural webcam model

Your anonymity is protected by Duodecad ITS anonymity. The site features an SSL by COMODO CA Limited and all credit card charges appear on credit statements under “DDitservices.com”. There are no popups or ads at all on LiveJasmin, all you'll see is babes.

So what makes LiveJasmin the most premium sex chat site? LiveJasmin has the highest quality standards out of all the chat sites online. While others let any model with a camera broadcast, LiveJasmin actually has minimum requirements. There's a whole list of criteria the girls have to follow, to make sure that you - the guest, enjoy yourself. One of those requirements is a HD camera. New girls on the site can use lower quality cameras, but if they don't upgrade, they are removed.

LiveJasmin has hundreds of ladies in every category. There are Latinas, Asians, Ebonies, trannies, and much more. No matter your preference, LiveJasmin has it on cam.



ImLive is the cheapest of the cheap cam sites. But, just because they are cheap doesn't mean they haven't invested in security. ImLive uses the same SSL as LiveJasmin, COMODO CA Limited. Any charges you make will appear on your credit statements under the name “CCBill *I.M.L. SLU”. As a site focused on paid private chats, all site features are paid. ImLive has absolutely no ads and no popups at all.

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Sexy young ebony chat hostess

ImLive is the cheapest site with cam rooms going for an average of $2.50 a minute from the moment you join. But, prices don't stay that high. As you spend money, you rise up in the exclusive loyalty program. Each rank you go up awards you with more free credits and cheaper happy hour shows. At the highest loyalty level, you get 5% bonus credits on each transaction and gain VIP customer support.

If you like watching live porn every day and want a site that won't break your wallet, ImLive is your best option.



CamSoda is another great freemium site. Their site is secured by a Symantec Corporation SSL. When you make a purchase, you will notice that the name on your statement isn't CamSoda. They actually don't state what the name is on the site, to avoid people accidentally googling it and landing on their page. CamSoda is pretty aggressive with their side bar ads. There aren't any pop ups, but you will notice many ads. They recommend turning off your Firewall and Popup Blocker, we leave that at your discretion.

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Big bootied white girl on webcam

HD cams aren't a requirement on CamSoda, but we haven't seen any girls with any low quality cams. The site has hundreds of gorgeous webcam models broadcasting at all times of the day and night. One of the coolest features that CamSoda has is the ability to preview a whole tons of rooms at once. Hover your mouse on the front page and you will see that slowly but surely all the rooms on the page come to life. CamSoda is great for group shows, but private chats can get kind of expensive.

CamSoda is a very active site, there is always nudity somewhere.



Flirt4Free is a freemium cam site that has gone above and beyond in creating a safe environment for their users. Flirt4Free is verified and secured by both GoDaddy and McAfee, two of the largest names on the internet. The SSL system appears to be in house, it goes by the name billing.vs3.com. Any purchases you make will be credited to VS Billing Gateway, an innocuous sounding name. Flirt4Free has some ads but they are mostly for sister sites such as Kink.com. The ads are hidden at the bottom of the page, so they aren't too much of an eyesore.

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Thin young webcam model putting on long socks

Flirt4Free is a treasure trove of pornography. You can choose from among the hundreds of live chat rooms that are always available or you can watch recorded past shows. Flirt4Free is very liberal with what they let their models do. As such, the girls have a lot of say over the types of shows they run. You will find a huge variety of prices and show types on the site. There are group chats, private chats, free chats, and more. Many girls have the option to Strike an Offer - you suggest a price for a set amount of time.

If you join the VIP program, you unlock VIP customer support and gain access to 150 free VOD videos among other benefits.



Cams.com is a veteran adult cam site that has continued to improve itself. Cams.com has an SSL system by DigiCert Inc. Any purchases you make will appear on your credit card statement as "STREAMRAY.COM 4087021044". Cams.com has minor ads at the bottom of some of the pages. You won't even notice them unless you scroll all the way down. Thankfully, there are no popups whatsoever.

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Sexy purple haired webcam girl

Cams.com used to be based on the private chats only model, but that is slowly changing. More and more cam girls on the site are providing full graphic shows in the free chat for everyone to watch. But, what's truly exciting about Cams.com isn't the free chat, it's the private chat with the Connexion feature. If you have a Lovense Max toy, you can hook it up to a cam girls Lovense Nora toy. You'll be able to feel each others movements in real time.

If you dream of having real life virtual sex, Cams.com is pretty much the only site you can go to.

Choosing a Safe Cam Site

If you are looking for a safe cam site where you can purchase with confidence, there are a few main criteria that you will need to search for. You will want to make sure that you are an a legitimate site and that site is operating with a valid SSL system. We touched up a little on the things you will want to check for on each site, as well as tips to help you stay as anonymous as possible.

What is an SSL/TLS?

If you are looking for a secure adult chat site, it is very important that you check for an active SSL/TLS. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, while TLS stands for Transport Layer Security. They are both cryptographic protocols which take your information and scramble it into indecipherable code. While TLS is the official standard today, it continues to be called SSL in many places in the same way that many people refer to photocopying something as xeroxing.

So what does a TLS/SSL system do? Basically, when you put your credit card information into a site, the SSL/TLS system encrypts the data and makes it much harder for hackers to acquire and decipher your information. An SSL system is important any time you purchase anything on the internet, not only when paying for porn.

You can see if the page you are looking at it secure by looking for the green lock symbol by the page URL. The following was taken on LiveJasmin and shows that the page is a verified secure sex cam site.

The green lock in your web browser signifies a secure page

No matter what anyone tries to convince you, don't ever enter your credit card information on a webpage with a red broken lock or the text saying Not Secure.

When you are on a site that you want to purchase on, you should check to make sure that you are always on the correct URL and not on a phishing site. Most commonly, phishing sites have typos and other mistakes in them. All of our links are to the genuine site. We recommend bookmarking the site you chose to avoid ending up in the wrong place.

Remaining Anonymous

If you want to be truly anonymous on an adult chat site, we recommend limiting your personal information as much as possible. You can sign up for a new email address and use a fake name and information on it. The only place you will ever need to use your real information is in the payment page. If you aren't sure of where you can easily make a spare email account, we recommend mail.com, the sign up is quick and easy.

Many users think they are being anonymous on a site, but end up doing something stupid like putting their real name as their user name or uploading a real picture of themselves on their profile. If you want to go down that route, that is your option, but it would be your own fault if your friends found your profile. For discreet sex cams to remain discreet, you should share as little personal information as possible.

Ways to Further Increase Anonymity

If that isn't enough for you, you can increase your anonymity by switching your method of payment. PayPal is considered to be more safe and secure than a credit card, you can find a list of PayPal sex cams here. Otherwise, you can maximize your discretion with Bitcoin or Gift cards, but getting a refund would be borderline impossible.

Avoiding Malware and Viruses

When you go to a small and unsecured site, you are exposing your computer to a number of threats. The sites we have listed here are large and widely used sites. They receive enough traffic from users that malware would be counter productive to their business model. They make money from users tipping the models and taking them into private shows, not by selling your information or infecting your computer. They want you to have the best experience possible, so that you will come back and pay again.

If you want to avoid malware and viruses completely, we recommend getting a pop up blocker and a fire wall. They will help filter out any malicious ads which might have accidentally gotten through.

Camming on Legitimate Sites

You will often get sexy girls adding you on Skype offering webcam shows. These are often scams that you should avoid. The girls convince you send money, then never provide the services they offered. That's why we advise always using legitimate sites. If you are ever unsatisfied by the show you received or felt like you didn't get what you paid for, you have somebody to turn to. In many cases, cam sites refund users tokens/credits when they feel unsatisfied with what they got. A happy customer is a returning customer.


The site with the best security is LiveJasmin.com. It isn't very surprising, considering that LiveJasmin is the biggest name in the field of online webcams. They have multiple security layers and have an anonymity guarantee. If you are looking for discreet sex cams where you can pay securely and not have it show up anywhere on your billing statements, LiveJasmin is perfect for you.

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