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Top 9 Sites For Forced Feminization by Strict Femdoms

last updated January 13, 2021

You want to be the prettiest girl on the block. The apple of every real stud's eye. Your inner girly man wants to shine. You're going to need guidance in choosing clothing, doing your hair, and putting on makeup. These are the top 9 sex cam sites we like for forced feminization.

Jump to the bottom of this page to see our pricing comparison and cam2cam conditions tables, for each site.



The dominating Queens at LiveJasmin are true professionals in sissy humiliation online. They can help guide, instruct, or command you into becoming the feminized version of yourself that you desire. LiveJasmin's commitment to excellence shows in every attribute of the site. The presentation of the cam rooms is glossy and sophisticated. The performances are all guaranteed to be broadcasting in nothing less than HD720p. And the models are a make up of stunning beauties from around the world.

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Sissification lessons given by beautiful cam girls on LiveJasmin.com

Whether you're curiously starting out in the exploration of your girly tendencies, or if you're well deep into your feminization, you'll be sure to find erudite and experienced goddesses of all types. LiveJasmin prides itself in delivering sophisticated mistress encounters on a safe and trusted webcam platform.

The expectations the site has for the performers, are high. LiveJasmin requires that all the girls do their part to achieve a certain video broadcast quality. While the site makes the guarantee that all cam rooms are streaming at a high definition rate, the models match that commitment to excellence by presenting themselves in polished settings with studio quality lighting.

Head straight to the main Fetish category to get a look at the goddess Queens ready to pull the sissy out of you. Or, go straight to the Dominant category to find models willing to get strict and disciplinary. The models found in these spaces are going to be adept at role-playing most scenarios.



FetishGalaxy plays host to strict dominatrixes ready to whip you into becoming the best feminized version of yourself that you can be. The site commits itself to all things fetish. If you don't find the specific act or type of model you may be looking for, then start in the closest relatable category. When you do find a model you like, check out her profile page for full details on their extent of her offerings. You'll be likely to discover more than you could have imagined. The girls on this site get hardcore. And they are well-versed in the language of the fetishes they profess to be masters of.

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Cam girls emasculating men on FetishGalaxy.com

If you're an old gay sissy, you may find some good camaraderie here. A majority of performers operating on FetishGlaxay are of the seasoned type. They've been around a while and it shows.

If you're looking for crystal clear cams, broadcasting at a high rate, then this might not be the place for you. The cam rooms are decent, but not HD. The best you'll get are high quality SD streams, with some models showing at even sub-standard rates. In most cases, the difference you'll experience in comparison to the other top sites in this list, is minor. What is not negligible, is the price difference. FetishGalaxy has among the cheapest of per minute average rates for a private show, among all of the sites we review.

Going through all the fetish categories you'll get introduced to women who are Domination and Submission experts, FinDom professionals, and Jerk-off Instructions and Orgasm Denial specialists. As well, many of the models here are non-nude cam girls. You'll find them outfitted in a myriad of get-ups, from leather to latex, in knee high boots or stockings. These are the girls that are solely dedicated to having you obey their instructions as they guide your through anal play with your boipussy, or give you girly tasks to perform.



CamSoda is the first freemium site in this ranking. And as is the nature of free, it attracts the crowds. So, you'll have to make a move, or two, to get what you want, when you want it. At this site, the girls are broadcasting in free and open rooms to the public. When you land on the homepage, there is no need to go into each room to check out the action. In one of the more stunning site presentations, you get a live peek into each cam room by just scrolling through the main pages. What is presented, is an active chorus of a hardcore and explicit look at tits out, toys inserted, sucking, fucking, non-stop action.

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Sissy servitude with hardcore webcam models on CamSoda.com

While all the uncensored action happening on the site is fun, if you want to take a girl into a one on one private chat, then you'll have to choose wisely. Many of the girls are only here to work the crowds for tips.

Your best move is to send a private message to any girl of your liking to see if she's interested. Or, try checking out the girls that provide the option to schedule a private. To sort out all the girls providing this option, go to the Schedule a Private category, easily found on the homepage. In the profile page of these girls, you'll see the option to select a day, time, and duration for a show. There is usually a minimum block of time that you'll have to select for her to be interested. If she accepts, then she'll meet you for a private show.

CamSoda has one of the lowest priced starter packages you'll find. For only $5.99 you'll get enough site tokens to throw some tips around, or have a couple minutes of private chat. This is a good move to get yourself started with making transactions on the site.

CamSoda also tops our ranking of the best mobile cam sites for privates shows due to its unique offering to activate your phone's camera during a one on one show. While all other sites also run a mobile platform, CamSoda is the first and only site to enable you to turn on your camera for a cam2cam session on the go.

If you're a sissy that likes it hardcore, raunchy and a bit unpredictable, then you should have a blast making you're way through this busy and erratic site in search of a mistress Queen.



Flirt4Free is a repository of mistress dommes waiting to train weak men and sissy girls. The site caters to those looking for a more sadistic and hardcore experience, as well as those wanting more of a friendly guide into sissification. There is a dedicated BDSM & Fetish Play Education area of the site with blogs and articles written by the Flirt4Free staff on all things fetish. Read through material on anal play, wearing a corset, humiliation, and waiting for permission before having an orgasm. Use the on-site forum to read what others are posting about, or post your own inquiries on those sissy tendencies you're exploring.

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Forced feminization by cam girls on Flirt4Free.com

Flirt4Free has more show types than any other site on this here list. There are several private, voyeur, and group show types to enter into. But, you want to get force fed instructions on how to exorcise whatever inkling of manhood you have left, and only leave room for the true girly man inside.

To get going, you can head to the main categories listing and check out the girls in the Dungeon, BDSM, Domination, and Roleplay categories. Or, as we mention above, go to the dedicated 'fetish zone' where you can post a specific request for what you're looking for and if the right model on the site sees it, then she can reply to you. If you search for 'sissy' you'll get all the video and photo content ever uploaded to the site by the models. When you find a girl that suits you, and if she may be offline at the time you're online, then confirm with her schedule, available in her profile, to see what hours of the day she comes online. You can also private message, or use the Flirt4Free Flirt Phone to try reaching her.

If you join a girl's Fan Club, you'll be treated to discounted rates during private shows. You'll also see savings on all her VOD recordings, gain access to her 'members only' content, your chat text will show in a different color than other users, and you'll be granted the authority to write on her wall, that only you and her other fans can see.

If your budget is a concern, Flirt4Free hosts some of the cheapest cam rooms found on the internet. Sort by price, and find girls that'll do a private show for close to $0.50 a minute. There are usually a few girls online at any time of the day at that rate. And there are usually quite a few more only asking for $1.00 to $2.00 a minute.



If you're looking to stay out of harms way, then stay clear of the strong and dominant ladies on MyCams. These girls do not suffer fools lightly. If they get you in their grip, you may never see your manhood again. This site seems to be where the most professional and dedicated models have made their home. And why not? They know the intoxicating power of their beauty will be supported by some of the finest video streaming technology over one of the most safe and secure webcam platforms.

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Sissy slut training with dominating cam models on MyCams.com

There is no overstating the optimum grade babes broadcasting over on MyCams. The girls here play by a certain standard. And this standard is matched by the site's own commitment to delivering the finest product they can. The cam rooms are slick and clean. The lighting and ambience is superb. And the models work with top-of-the-line cameras capable of remote zooming and panning.

Right away, you're going to be tempted to enter into any girls room that catches your eye. They're all just presented so gorgeously, with professionally shot preview pictures. And you'll do fine, even by haphazardly poking around, and jumping from open chat to open chat. But, if you want to target your search for the models that most likely have experience with sissy bitches, then be sure to explore the Dominatrix, Roleplay, and Submissive categories. The ladies found in these rooms are very talented at humiliating, and even going a step further, with administering CBT instructions.

If you verify your credit card, without paying anything at all, you be gifted up to 10 minutes of free private chat. The site Credits they'll award you can be used however you see fit. If you start by looking at the Sale cams, you can enter into a one on one for just about a $1.00 a minute. Or you can go big, select one of the 'first page' girls and maybe get 2 minutes with her at her pricier rate.



Feminizing men since the turn of the century. ImLive is a veteran site with a loyal group of models using its webcam platform. The site is known for being very supportive of its performers. Models can earn and win bonuses and cash prizes, based on performance and popularity. This appreciation has helped to foster a dutiful and committed group of girls that take pride in their service.

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Forced feminization webcam chat on ImLvie.com

The avenues are deep on ImLive. Navigating the site can be a bit of a chore, and you'll encounter many ways to get to the same destination. Though there might be a slight learning curve, it won't take you too long to figure out how to navigate the site. When you do, you'll discover one of the most unique features we've encountered on a cam site - the Multi-Viewer, which is used to rapidly scan through six live cams at one. Use this tool to quickly get a live look into all the open rooms of any particular category.

ImLive is another site that has made the strategic decision to not offer high definition streams of its cam rooms. And keeping costs low on its end translates into low priced cam rooms for you. The average rate for a one on one private show is among the cheapest online. And when you sort the girls out by price, you can whittle them down to the girls who'll sissify you for only a buck a minute.

Use the Fulfill your Fantasy feature to post what you desire. Only the girls on the site can see what you post. If one comes along that feels like she can meet your needs, then she'll reply to you directly. If you both agree, you can schedule a time for the both of you to have a sissy slut training session.



MyDirtyHobby has become exceptionally popular for fans of extreme fetishes. The site is a platform for hardcore amateur performers to build out an online presence for their escapades. They use the site to create, direct, and publish all their own homemade content. Profile pages play out like a typical personal social media page with updates of activities and content uploads. On MyDirtyHobby, you'll find some of the most daring and strange sexual acts seen on the internet. If you're a pansy wimp, this is not the time to back down. Going through the profile pages will give you a thorough impression of what to expect from any particular dominating female, before you request a private session with her.

Visit MyDirtyHobby.com

Queen cam mistresses humiliating femboys on MyDirtyHobby.com

There are some wickedly hardcore dominas waiting to pull out the sissy in you. Checking out their profile content is the best way to get a feel for them, because at MyDirtyHobby, there is no free chat. When you do enter into a secure connection with a girl, you'll be paying for it from the start. There are no free preview chats or publicly open cam rooms. But, you can send private messages to start up a conversation.

The private messages will cost you a nominal amount, but you're guaranteed a response, even from girls messaged that are currently offline. They receive the messages to their mobile devices. The online girls are ready and waiting, but there is no category listing to lead you to the mean girls. That's why we like using the sites filtering system to search for 'sissy' content, and then messaging the creator of the content that you like.

As well as searching for sissy content, you can use the filtering system the site has in place. You'll see categories like role-play, dirty-talk, female domination, and submissive. When you do find content you like, send a message to that performer to see about a live show.

MyDirtyHobby is a one-of-a-kind community where each performer seems to out due the other. The site is page after page of extreme BDSM sex performances. While there are girls from all over, the large majority are from within Europe, and specifically Germany. If you're a creampuff pansy looking for a strict feminization instructor, there aren't many places more hardcore than here.



For those of you wanting a free taste of what it's like to have been sissified, then Chaturbate is an outstanding place to start. This is the most visited cam site in the world. And for good reason. The site's streaming quality is first-rate. If HD+ 1080 cams aren't enough for you, then the 4K cam rooms should be sufficient. As a spectator on Chaturbate, you can watch any cam room for free, and for as long as you want. So, wherever you may be in your feminization quest, you can always turn to Chaturbate to find inspiration from the cute sissy men hanging out on the site.

Visit Chaturbate.com

Beautiful femboi traps hanging out on Chaturbate.com

Yes, there are a lot of transgender performers on the site. Femboy models that have undergone the more drastic changes in body modification, with facial reconstruction and breast implants. But mixed in with these models, in the Trans category, are a large contingent of sissified men. With some, so convincingly portraying themselves as female, that you may not believe your eyes, until she whips out her cock.

When searching for a particular sex action or model attribute on Chaturbate, you must include a hashtag symbol before the word you're looking up. If you search just the word, the results will come back with models whose name includes that word. By adding the hashtag, it will search all tags and and descriptors the models have assigned to themselves. To find females to shame and degrade you into a sissy girl, search such words as #mistress, #bdsm, #slave, #femdom, #fetish, #joi, #cei, #sph, #roleplay, #cuckold, and or course, #sissy.

To go private, most of the girls will ask for a minimum amount to start a one on one show. So many of them, especially the popular ones, are entertaining hundreds or thousands of viewers at once. To pull them away from that kind of tip earning potential, it may take a generous commitment on your part. And, if you'd like to activate your webcam for a cam2cam session, Chaturbate requires you to set up a broadcasting account for yourself. Once you do this, you can configure the settings to only allow the performers you give a password to, to see you.



xLoveCam introduces the European Queen for your sissy conversion over the internet. The models on this site are predominantly from Europe, though they all have a command of English. If you think you'll like getting your forced feminization instructions in a heavy German, or Eastern European accent, then give these girls a shot. And make sure to stop by on the first day of the week for the sites Topless Monday's promotion, where every performer has got her jugs out in their open chat rooms.

Visit XLoveCam.com

European cam sex for femboys on xLoveCam.com

XLoveCam is the only site to use a convenient pop-up video chat overlay. This significantly lowers the wait time for pages to load, as experienced on every other webcam site. And you can quickly page through all the online models within this pop-up overlay. XLoveCam also employs a slow load on the streaming video. So, what you may see at first with a low quality stream, will quickly improve if you stay on a model for more than a few seconds.

Sorting out the models in the Fetish category is a terrific place to find a bossy European mistress to disgrace and put you down. Or, find the Featured Private Shows in the main menu for a full listing of all the popular offerings available. Look for Femdom, Fetish Female, Submissive, Transvestism, and Small Penis, to sort out all the suitable models.

Cost of Sissification

Each site has multiple buy-in packages, with larger packages offering more savings. Here, we show the minimum buy-in to get you started. Our average rate per minute is calculated by looking at what the majority of girls are charging per minute, while still considering the full range available from the least to most expensive rates available. And the cheapest rate per minute strictly looks at the most affordable cams available on each site.

Site NameMinimum Buy-InAvg. Private Chat/MinuteCheapest Private Chat/Minute

Cam2Cam Conditions

Being set up to show yourself to the sissification instructor you've chosen will greatly upgrade your experience. She's going to want to see what you're wearing, if you're going with a wig, or not, and how you've done your makeup. And if you develop a relationship with a particular model, and you keep returning to her, she will want to see your progress and instruct you further.

This table shows which sites include the webcam to webcam activation in the price of a private show. When a site does require an additional fee, it's always just an additional fraction of the regular room rate.

Site NameCam to Cam2-Way Audio
LiveJasminIncludedAdditional Charge
CamSodaDepends on PerformerDepends on Performer
MyCamsIncludedAdditional Charge
ChaturbateNot OfferedNot Offered


A sissy roleplay session with a webcam model can help pull you out of the fantasies you've been having and start to make things real.

Maybe you're curiosity has taken you to online forums, where you've found kindred souls with all the same questions you have? Maybe you've watched enough sissy porn online? Maybe watching too many hypno cock videos is starting to take a toll on your sanity?

If you've lurked around long enough, reading blogs, watching videos, and dressing up for yourself, and you want some real interaction, then it could be time to start a relation with a professional domina mistress. A competent and skillful instructor can guide you through your process of feminization.

The sites we've chosen to present all have their unique offerings and attributes in regard to deals and discounts, and chat and user features. But, the one constant we held to, is in showcasing sites that are perfect for learning more about your feminization fantasies. 

What for many, starts off as a general kind of penis humiliation and manhood shaming, may eventually evolve into a full on dedication to admitting defeat. Admitting that you're not the Chad stud that women are attracted to. Admitting that for all your efforts, you, at this point, are only playing the part of a man. Your true self is something else entirely. And it's something that you may not fully understand. But, you at least you know that there is guidance out there. There are women that can help you become you're meant to be. All you have to do is obey.

We know there are many online resources out there, from sissy discussion forums, to femboi groups and communities, and classified ads used to find feminization conversion experts. But, with the gift of webcam sites, you can find a true specialist to help you transform, in an anonymous, secure, and discreet environment.

While each of the sites we've included in this article has its own traits and attributes that make it the best choice for its own offerings, if we had to choose one site to start out at, it would be LiveJasmin. Above all the other attractive devices and promotions other sites offer. Above the video streaming quality available on each site. And, above all the cheap deals found on the sites. There is still one thing that separates LiveJasmin from the pack. Simply put, they have the most sophisticated and well-versed models for members looking to force out the male, and realize their female potential.

Visit LiveJasmin.com