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Live Cuckold Humiliation Webcams - Top Sites To Feel The Shame

last updated January 06, 2021

Online mistresses know they're worshipped. They know the power and control their presence can have over men. They know the men visiting them are coming for something particular. While most cam girls will do their best to satisfy whatever their visitors' desires are, there are few who can skillfully roleplay an authentic cuckolding scenario.

Of all the sites we review, the ones listed below have the best cuckold webcam sex. If you're looking for a partner, we'll show you how to find the best cuck roleplay cams online. With each site we showcase, we'll identify its unique and distinguishing features, talk about model selection, and show how to start a cuck relationship. Skip to the bottom of this page to see our pricing comparison and cam2cam availability tables.

LiveJasmin - Superior Women For Sissy Cucks


Whatever you come here looking for, what you'll get, before you ask it of anything, are first-rate performers, brilliant webcam broadcasting quality, smart feature controls, and prices that compete, comparatively. LiveJasmin separates itself from the bush league crowd and delivers a professional experience made to break feeble and emasculated men.

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Cuckold webcam sex with BDSM cam girls at LiveJasmin.com

The model selection at LiveJasmin consistently leaves us stunned. This is a discerning site. Not just anyone can flip on their webcam and call themselves a 'LiveJasmin webcam model'. Here, care is taken to present each of their models on an elegant stage for your entertainment. Wherever their models may have come from, or whatever experience they may have, or have not, with the care and cultivation LiveJasmin invests in them, they are given the chance to become true webcam goddesses.

Starting off at LiveJasmin, you should head to their Domination, or Submission cam girls. They are easily found from the main menu under the Willingness section. Here, you'll find performers adept at role-playing. The girls that classify themselves in these categories are usually working out of some kind secret sex room, complete with all the fetishy delights a BDSM mistress might have, like: whips, chains, handcuffs, penile clamps, leather, latex, high heels, and more. And don't miss out on checking into their Couples cams if you'd like to feel the torment of some young bull putting it where you'll never get to.

Three Primary Scenarios Available on Cuckolding Humiliation Webcams

As you're satisfying your cuckold fantasies online, you'll quickly realize some clear limitations of this medium. So, you'll have to get creative to overcome them. Firstly, when it comes to things like locking your cock into a penis cage, you'll be the one turning the key. If you give her free reign to absolutely dominate over you, then you'll have to do to yourself what she commands of you. We've determined that there are essentially three cuckold fantasies that are widely available online, as outlined below.

You're the cuck and she'll humiliate you-

For the best results, we recommend you come dressed for the part. Get yourself into some humiliating gear. Whatever you kink is, this is the time to express it. If this isn't your first rodeo, then maybe you've got a penis restricting device or clamp of some kind. In this virtual experience, you'll have to perform the actual physical commands onto yourself, as she guides you. Of course, to make this encounter work best, you'll want to turn on your webcam for her to see you too.

You're the cuck, and she's your girl with another guy-

Traditionally, a cuck is being humiliated and forced to watch his partner be sexually satisfied by another. This dynamic will typically involve the three of you, though there can be a fourth, or more. In this scenario, you'll want to approach a couple's cam room. In general, most couples are willing to do just about anything for you during a private chat show. When you approach, give them clear directions of what you want to get out of this role-playing encounter. If you've ever wanted to be in the room to watch a big black cock fuck some sweet white girl, a couple's cam room is the perfect place to find an interracial cuckolding show.

You're the stud, and she makes her man the cuck-

Maybe you're the studly bull of a man that she is looking for. In this scenario you get to make yourself the object of affection. Cam girls can play the part of cheating on their insufficient husbands or boyfriends, with you. This can either be as a one-on-one encounter where her man is out of the picture, or it can involve her man in the room with her. She'll tell you how she is suffering in her relationship and how she goes online to find real men to be with. If her man is in the room, you can get her to satisfy herself with you, while her pathetic cuck watches it all.



CamSoda invests a lot into getting you to enter into an action packed show, as fast as possible. From the homepage, mousing over each preview window will show a real-time video peek into what's happening in each room. When you're looking for that cuck experience while away from your desktop computer, CamSoda is the only sex cam site to offer the option to activate your webcam in the cam2cam mode while on your tablet or mobile phone.

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Hardcore cuckold humiliation webcams on CamSoda.com

Getting into a situation where a CamSoda cam girl will facilitate a cuckold situation will take a bit of diligence on your part. Because this is a freemium site, most of the girls are in free public show, where they're working for tips from the crowd. So, if you get her to try to treat you like a cuck during her open performance, then you may get an audience of other members calling you out, and putting you down, for your obvious inadequacies, during the public chat.

Now, if public humiliation is your thing, then by all means, beg for her to make you her cuck during her open show. Otherwise, invite her into a private show, establish your relationship terms, and then let her play the role.

To find a couple to start with, find the cam rooms which are tagged with the #Couples tag. CamSoda does not have organized categories. They use tags to identify all the various actions and model attributes found in each cam room. Searching for #Roleplay, #Cuckold, and #Humiliation will also yield results for cuck-ready girls.

Flirt4Free - Watch a Real Man Please Her


If you have trouble keeping your focus, you may have a problem over at Flirt4Free. There are just so many site features, show types, search and sorting options, community sharing boards, and blogs and articles, to distract you. But, if you remain focused on your unsatisfactory sex life, then you may just be one more step closer to finding some kind of delight.

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Amateur wife cuckold at FLirt4Free.com

Flirt4Free is one of the big originals in online live porn. Over the past 20 years they have built up a massive platform that now plays host to thousands of performances every day. Their models are a good mix of professional and amateur cam girls from all over the world. 

If you're here to be dominated or humiliated, most any girl will play your games. But, if you feel like you keep landing on rookies, or choosing vanilla girls, then head straight to their BDSM & Fetish Play and News section. This is a dedicated area for content related to all things fetish. Here, you should be able to navigate your way into a private cuckold webcam sex show much more easily.

In the main categories listing, you'll see Roleplay, Domination, Couples, and Lesbian BDSM. This is a dynamic list, constantly refreshing itself. If you see a category disappear, it only means that no girl categorized in it, is currently online. Check again in a few minutes, to see if a category you're looking for is populated. Make sure to check out the Lesbian BDSM girls if you're looking for double the trouble.

Running a search for 'cuckold' or 'cuckolding' will yield plenty of results of models that have tagged themselves as servicing cucks. If you find a girl you desire, and she's offline, you can still check out her profile content, and message her privately to learn when she'll be back online.

ImLive - Keep It In Your Pants, Loser Boy!


A big-box superstore for online webcam babes. It won't take you long on ImLive to understand that this is a massive site with loads of features and show types. You'll enjoy browsing through their cam girls with their innovative searching tools. For loyal members, they have one of the better rewards programs that gives increasingly bigger discounts and gifts as you move through their tiered memberships. 

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Cuckold humiliation webcams with BDSM mistresses at ImLive.com

ImLive delivers a massive selection of webcam models of all types. A stage shared by celebrity pornstars and amateur college girls alike. From horny housewives to professional studio cam girls. From part-time performers working for supplemental income, to full fledged career cam girls. This is the place where you are likely to find the greatest variety of performers.

The categories at ImLive are drawn out and extensive. In the Fetish category alone, you'll find 30 defined sub-categories, with Cuckolding being one of them. The best place to start finding participants in your cuck fantasy will be in some of these Fetish categories. Start with Cuckolding, then move on to Humiliation, Submission, Domination, Discipline, Cock & Ball Torture, and FinDom. To find their couples cams, you must sort their performers by Girl & Guy. Here, you'll find plenty of men ready to be the stud, and make you the cuckold loser.

LivePrivates - Small Cocks Get No Respect


A polished and focused site, with all their emphasis put on getting you into a private one-on one sex show. LivePrivates doesn't distract with promotions and specials, and abundant site features. They center on showcasing their professional and captivating models, and in delivering them to you on high definition fast streaming webcams.  

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Interracial cuckolding couple sex chat on LivePrivates.com

The models working the cams at LivePrivates are on their game. You won't see any bored girls looking off into space. You won't see the sour expressions of haggard faces carved out from the grueling years or her life, like you'll see on so many other sites. The women here are showmen. Professionals of a certain order. Beauty and confidence that is ready to pounce on an unsuspecting mouse of a man.

Finding the best cuckold webcam sex should start with their Roleplay, Dominatrix, or Submissive cam girls. In these categories you'll find all their models who are resting in their sex lairs, ready with their teasing and torture toys, waiting for some poor schlub to wander in. In the Couples category, you'll be lucky to find some interracial cuckolding among the numerous couples doing live shows.

Take note, that in a model's chat room, she'll have a 'willingness' list of all the actions she'll perform. Use this tagged list to find other models willing to perform the same action.

And don't miss out on their Couples cams. Use the time during a free chat to define your "cuck terms and conditions" with the couple.

FetishGalaxy.com - Sorry Dweeb, You Lose!


Powerful and superior women have found their place at FetishGalaxy. These ladies are confident and dominant, and they know exactly why they are desired. They know exactly why dweeby little men will pay just for the chance to be in the same chat room with them.

Visit FetishGalaxy.com


Cuck roleplay cams with dominant cam girls at FetishGalaxy.com

The models performing at Fetish Galaxy have got at least one thing in common. They are focused. They know exactly what their kink is and they exploit it. Here, there are no cardboard cut-out cam girls staring at the wall with a look of emptiness in their eyes. These ladies have got their act put together and they are ready to play the part. As this is a niche site, you won't find any girls here that are not into some kind of fetish. So, the number of models is far below what you'll see on other sites, but the girls that are here, are focused and with purpose.

To get started with the girls who are most familiar with how to treat a cuck, go to the Cuckolding category. If there are no cam girls online when you are, then try any of these other categories: Bondage, Domination, Electrosex, Humiliation, Jerk-Off Instructions, or Submission. Categories will only appear when at least one girl is active. If you don't see a particular category appear, just check back another time. Unfortunately, there are no couples cams on Fetish Galaxy.

MyDirtyHobby - You'll Never Get The Chance to Sleep With Her


A community of hardcore fetishists use My Dirty Hobby as a platform to build and brand their extreme lifestyle. When not live broadcasting on webcams, they can be reached via a phone texting system. And when not available online, they've got continually updated video and photo libraries for you to devour. When they do let you into their world, it'll be only to watch you agonize, while they get satisfied by real men.

Visit MyDirtyHobby.com

Cuckhold webcam sex with dominant cam girls at MyDIrtyHobby.com

My Dirty Hobby is home to thousands of hobbyist pornstars. What started as a primarily German community, has now grown to showcase Europe in large, and beyond. These amateur pornstars are not organized into specific categories in the Webcams section. But there is a filter system in place, where predetermined filters can be selected to refine your search.

Use their search function to look for 'cuckold' or 'cuckolding' porn. Running a search will result with all the most recent and relevant material. When you find a cuck video scene or photo album, you can then check out that performers main profile to find the full library or all her content. If she's offline, you can send a private message asking when she'll next be on live cam.

Chaturbate - Be The Studly Bull to her Wimpy Cuck Boyfriend


No other site quite does it like Chaturbate. Here, the performers are always on. And it's always free. These webcams are 100% explicit all the time. When you want to request a private show performance or to tip the performers, you'll need to have purchased their website credits, to do so.

Visit Chaturbate.com

Cuck roleplay cams with husband and wife cheaters at Chaturbate.com

The model selection at Chaturbate is a wild mix of beauty, freaks, and the unexplained. With over 1,000 working female cams online at any given time, you'll have a generous selection to go through. There is no discerning taste here. Anyone who wants to broadcast themselves, can do so. This is a true amateur platform, with the best and most popular performers rising to the top of their page listings. If you want to give the unpopular or less-viewed performers a go, then just scroll through to page 20, and say 'hello'.

Real cuckolding couples are looking to find satisfaction at Chaturbate. Go to the Couples section to find sissy husbands and boyfriends made to watch their women finally find pleasure by performing for thousands viewers. Join in the free chat with other members and make these cucks feel the shame and humiliation they deserve for being the weak and meager men they are.

Prices for Cuckold Webcam Sex

Here, we've listed the minimum buy-in to get started at each site. You can expect each site to have multiple credit/token packages to purchase, with larger buy-ins offering bigger savings per unit of their website currency. Also, we've included the per minute rate of private chat, and the cheapest rate you'll find for cuckold webcams. 

Site NameMinimum Buy-InAvg. Private Chat/MinuteCheapest Private Chat/Minute

Activate YOUR Webcam

Turning on your camera is an integral part of cuckold webcam sex. Most of the sites we've listed, include in the price of a private show, the option to activate your webcam and/or microphone at no added charge. When they do require an additional fee, it's just a fraction of the regular private show per minute rate.

Site NameCam to Cam2-Way Audio
LiveJasminIncludedAdditional Charge
CamSodaDepends on PerformerDepends on Performer
LivePrivatesIncludedAdditional Charge
ChaturbateNot OfferedNot Offered

The Best Cuckold Humiliation Webcams - Our Useless and Sissy Conclusion

Cuck roleplay cams are not for everyone. It's a rarefied fetish for a particular kind of person. So, as discerning as you may be in your erotic pursuits, you'll need to be just as meticulous and clever in your search for your perfect cuckold fantasy.

We've done the work of identifying where we believe you'll find the best overall cuck experience. For other fetish delights of similar taste, please take the time to go through some of our other articles covering alternative kinks.

All in, each one of the sites we've listed here are going to provide a good show. But, if you're still waiting for us to make it real easy for you, then we've got to put our name behind LiveJasmin as the best place to find a brief moment of pleasure away from your sorry existence.

Visit LiveJasmin.com