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LiveAsianWebcams Has Some of the Best Asian Camgirls Online

last updated May 11, 2020

Notice: As of December 2019, LiveAsianWebcams.com has become SakuraLive.com. Read our full review of SakuraLive, here.

Everything about LiveAsianWebcams.com looks planed and professional. The design is classy and very sensual, the streaming is as good as it gets and there are a lot of fun user features that will keep the Asian sex shows interesting although even without them chances are you will have an incredible time. This LiveAsianWebcams review will explain more about the prices, memberships and Oriental hosts. Take a few minutes to go through the info and then go visit the site.

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LiveAsianWebcams.com's Prices

The average sex chat price on this website is not particularly cheap, but it is not very expensive either. Users need to purchase minutes of nude chat and use them to pay for services and extra features. Buying more Minutes or Points (as they are sometime referred) includes a discount, so you'll effectively be paying less per each minute.

Available Chat & User Features on Live Asian Webcams

LiveAsianWebcams's Pros and Cons


The Asian camgirl selection on Live Asian Webcams is quite impressive and there are many stunning babes that will wow you with their beauty, sweetness and lust for cocks. The prices are reasonable and the streaming is sensational and if you like hot Asians, this is definitely the place to go.


The site is a bit confusing and the whole minute-point system is not explained well. It is also impossible to choose between the various Asians according to country or region so if you are let's say, particularly interested in Japanese porn stars or Chinese MILFs, you won't be able to search for them.

Editor's Impression of LiveAsianWebcams

Many guys worldwide are into Asian girls. This is perhaps due to extensive idolizing of these babes in the adult industry, and they are usually portrayed as full of sweetness and innocence that can be of course tarnished by dirty sex, bondage and other hardcore acts. It is also possible that the exoticness of Asians play a role in their attraction. The camgirls on LiveAsianWebcams.com are an excellent example, because they feature a classical Fra East beauty and they are delicate, sensual and are nothing like European or North American women.

We have begun the research for this LiveAsianWebcams review right after reviewing SakuraLive and it is impossible not to notice the similarity between these two adult cam sites, both created by the same company. Sakura Live is all about Japanese cam girls while Live Asian Webcams feature a wider Asian sex chat selection, but the sites are very much alike in their construction and options. This is not to say that LiveAsianWebcams.com is not well-made. In fact this website looks simply terrific and users will be instantly tempted to click on the chat rooms and get to know the beautiful Fra East chicks inside. Keep in mind that this is a pretty authentic Asian porn cam arena so the women's pics are very modest and very often the only thing you'll see before entering the free preview is a smiling, gorgeous face.

Once inside the previews, users are free to look around, but if you are not yet a member, the preview time will be very restricted. In fact, you can hardly do anything interesting online before you join officially and purchase some Minutes, but thanks to the intro package, this is a pretty cheap deal. All new users are treated to a onetime offer where they can buy five minutes of sexchat for only $2.95. This is a very low price to pay, especially considering that it buys you naked time, but five minutes is hardly enough for every guy to get off. Once those five minutes are up, users are required to purchase extra minutes and they will usually be significantly more expensive, ranging from $1.8 or so to $2.5 per point. What are points? Here things get especially confusing. The site states that users purchase the first 5 minutes for $2.95, but then the system changes to points and it is unclear how much a point equals and how many points buy you a single minute of nude Asian sex chat. This whole thing is very irritating, especially because there is no information whatsoever about it in the FAQ page. If our team of experts had to waste a long time just figuring out if we were paying for minutes or points (and writing this LiveAsianWebcams review we have spent a long time online), then there is no chance any ordinary user will be able to obtain this information. Why would the site not just specify more about costs and points and minutes or whatever it chooses to call them and give users all the data they need? This was probably the biggest problem we've had with this site, which we actually liked very much, and we wish that this matter will be promptly addressed.

Features were very likable and we especially enjoyed reading the blog. Communicating with the model is very simple and smooth and the chat rooms manage to create kind of an intimacy which is rare and much appreciated in the professional webcam sex world.

The profile pages are kind of bland and they don’t really offer a lot of personal input. Don’t expect too much of the galleries – they're a bit dull and some of the models only have snapshots of their face and the occasional glimpse of panties. However, this whole teasing attitude is very Asian, so it actually adds to the site's authentic feel. Don't get us wrong: There is plenty of hardcore, but you will need to purchase some alone time with the camgirls in order to enjoy it. Once you are intimate though, consider trying the remote sex toy control feature. It lets you manage the babe's vibrator from home and you can decide in what rhythm to make her groan.

If you see a woman, or a dozen, that you like, you can add their names to a Favorite List. Members can also interact with hosts via messages and there are detailed schedules on every profile, indicating when each babe will be online.

We are very dedicated, as you well know, and as part of writing this LiveAsianWebcams review we felt that it was necessary for us to watch several nude Asian sex shows, to really understand the site from a user point of view. The conclusions were that the XXX chats are unbelievably good and that the Thai babes were definitely more skilled with kinky stuff than the Chinese hosts. Seriously though, it is very hard not to enjoy yourself when these women shower you with attention and many of them have a high level of English, so communication is easy. Besides, once they start working those sticky fingers there will be no talking needed, and by the time the word Bukkake gets thrown into the air you won’t be able to concentrate on what they say even if they use flawless English.

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