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last updated July 16, 2019

Hookup is a pretty large adult dating community which appears to offer users all the features they need to interact and eventually get a hookup, or a dozen. We were impressed by some aspects of this naughty community, but confused by others. Leaf through this Hookup.com review and we'll tell you about this mixed impression.

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Hookup Prices

This website is neither especially expensive nor especially cheap. Monthly cost is standard, and similar to the one you'll find on the best adult dating sites, and you can lower it considerably by choosing longer membership packages.

Membership Options

Hookup.com has two types of membership and we will explain about them shortly, so you could figure out if you need to upgrade (hint: You do, if you want to get laid).

Leading Features on Hookup.com

Hookup.com's Pros and Cons


This is a large and not very complicated site and it certainly provides its members with all of the features they need in order to communicate, flirt and find instant sex. The bonus months you get with the longer membership packages is a big advantage and it's a great offer if you intend to stay in the no strings attached business.


Basic members are so limited that it is really impossible to even fully assess the site without purchasing a paid membership. The site offers very little information regarding sex chat costs and the only sexual orientation which is supported is heterosexual. There are very few women seeking women for example.

Our Editor's Impression of Hookup.com

Before we started writing this Hookup review we were really convinced that this will turn out to be one of the best adult dating sites on our list. For starters, Hookup is such a popular name that we were pretty sure that it has to be a leading portal and were surprised to see that it is less advanced than what we've imagined. The first thing we looked at was of course the number of members and there are over 20 million registered ones. The online number is significantly lower, but there were several hundreds of live members when we've logged on, and that is an okay number on a sex dating service. We were not amazed by the selection of hot singles, but this is actually a good sign, as a rule of thumb, if all the women you see are unbelievably hot, chances are the site is just teasing you with fake profiles and there is no chance that you will actually meet any of these gorgeous girls. On Hookup the women look real – some are very sexy and some are average. They all showed keen interest in getting laid though and there were plenty of ones we've send flirts and messages to.

The next thing on our check list for this Hookup.com review was the selection of available features. This is especially important on adult dating sites because communication is vital and users need to be able to express themselves in an appealing manner and to initiate a personal connection. The first tool is obviously The Flirt, which has different names on different sites, but is basically the same, Users can choose from a variety of flirts including Smile, kiss, spank, drool, bite (we're not judging), lick, laugh, hug, wink, smack and cry (WTF? we are judging now). It's a very easy way of expressing initial interest without having to work too hard.

Next there are emails, which we hope we don’t need to explain, and then there are instant messages that are available on every member profile. Members can also "whisper" to other members, meaning that they send a private message which no one else can read. This is only available during live chats of course, and you must be a premium member to access it.

After browsing this sexy site, just for a little while, we already knew that basic membership is not enough for anything. This is hardly surprising: Even the best adult dating sites such as AdultFriendFinder require that you pay for a membership before you can enjoy the full services, but in this case basic members are so limited that we've had to upgrade just to be able to check out the options. Costs are actually okay, nothing outstanding, but not too pricey. Users can go for a one month membership, but it's the most expensive option, and the longer your membership is, the less you will pay per month. If you are planning to become monogamist soon and this is just your last month of casual sex freedom, then yes, the one month is more than enough. However, most adult dating site users continue to look for hookups for months is not years, and if this is the case you may as well buy the longer membership and save a lot of cash.

We've chosen the one month subscription and immediately gained access to all of the site's sections and tools. However, this also made clear that this site needs to be tidied up and that navigation is not going to be scored high in this Hookup.com review. The upper drop-down menu is okay, but it lacks basic links such as "Upgrade Now" for example, which is rather important. Users need to go through their profile pages and settings for just about anything, which is ridiculous and there are other major links that are missing or are not as accessible as they should be.

Search options on the other hand aren’t bad and users can search through the hot singles according to various criteria. The drop-down menu allows users to sort the list according to zip code, user name, hottest members or newest members, and all in all we've concluded that it isn’t too hard finding what you want. Keep in mind that only paid members have access to the advanced search tool, which is the best method you have to locating your fantasy date. It lists any imaginable category and looks directly through the profiles, so you can locate people that share your passion, interests or kinks in a click of a button. The FAQ page is one of the most innovative ones that we have ever seen. Not only does it include a list of most popular questions, but users can also just type in any topic and instantly get all the answers that are relevant to what they asked for.

Hookup also has some fun articles that all members can browse and read. Topic range from the good old fashion Three positions that men like to 'Down-There' Grooming Questions Answered, and after reading a few we've decided that they were more amusing than informative – not that this is a bad thing.

We have sent a lot of messages to the online women, but received only few replies. There were many babes that only wanted to sex chat, which is fine, but it costs a dollar per minute, and we couldn’t help but feeling that many webcam models use this site to make extra cash. It wasn't always easy finding a person in our area – one that would actually want to hook up that is. We did manage to schedule a few dates, but not all that many and we feel that with so many registered members, stats should have been better. 

We hope it is now becoming clear why we have such mixed opinions in this Hoopup.com review. The site is okay, the platform is friendly and premium members have all the features they need to get in touch with sexy single women, but there are a few questionable profiles and the main naughtiness on this site takes place on the live chat rooms. If you are looking to get laid tonight, we are not convinced that Hookup s the tight choice for you. However, if you have some patience and you enjoy steaming webcam sex, this is an okay community and there are a lot of people that seem to be having fun online.

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