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AdultFriendFinder.com is one of the Best Adult Dating Sites

last updated May 10, 2019

We can't guarantee you'll make new friends on Adult Friend Finder, but you are very likely to find instant sex and on night stands. This is definitely one of the best adult dating sites that we have ever seen and it is packed with options, tools, extras and features that exceed even the wildest imagination. In this AdultFriendFinder review we intend to show you what this site actually offers and to discuss costs and memberships. See if you are as impressed as we were and if you are, go check it out.

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AdultFriendFinder's Prices

There are a lot of nice deals on this sex dating site which help lower the average prices. The main issue we have with costs is that members have a lot of extras that cost extra, so it's not enough to just pay for an upgrade. Make sure that you understand the specific features and know what their monthly cost is, or else you could be agreeing to pay a lot more than you intended to for feature you don’t actually need.

Membership Options

There are two types of memberships on this adult dating service and we will list the main points of each below.

Leading Features on Adult Friend Finder

AdultFriendFinder's Pros and Cons


The selection of tools here is just incredible and members can stay online just about forever without risking being bored for a minute. There is always something to do, someone to chat with or some sexy lesson you can participate in and it is clear that this is not just a site, but an actual adult dating community where members spend hours getting to know one another in the various forums, blogs and member profile pages.


It is very annoying that Gold users need to pay extra for specific features. You'd think that paying for the upgrade is going to be enough. Also, there are a few professional webcam models on this site that are trying to get fans rather than date, and while this is unavoidable and happens on all sex dating portals, it is still a bit annoying.

Our Editor's Impression of AdultFriendFinder.com

Let us start our AdultFriendFinder review with a warning: There is no chance that we can cover a full user experience on this gigantic site in one single page. This is such a massive portal and it has so many exclusive options that we decided to stick to the main aspects and let you guys check out the rest on your own. This is one of the best adult dating communities ever created and it is surprising to learn that it is also one of the first. It has outlived many of the original players in the online sex dating business and has managed to overcome fresh competition, and we have to assume that it’s 24 million members think that it is still trendy and fun.

We have searched through the live members and were pretty happy with what we found. There weren't millions of online users, by far, but there was an okay selection and we had a good time going through the pics and using the basic filters, trying to locate swingers and singles in our area. Were we successful? Well, it depends on where we claimed we were from. The large North American and even European cities are all well-covered, but if you happen to be living in some nowhere town near a nowhere mountain, chances are you won’t find many local singles – at least no real ones.

One of the greatest things about AdultFriendFinder.com is that basic members can look around, a lot. You don’t need to beg for information the way you would on… well, let's say Hookup.com, and can instead see for yourself if you ought to upgrade and for what price. Basic members are quite limited in their abilities though, so after looking around we've upgraded and this is when we first found something disappointing to include in this AdultFriendFinder review. On most adult dating sites there are two kinds of memberships: The free one that gets you nowhere and the paid one that gets you everything. On this hookup service the upgraded Gold membership only gives users access to some features and they are required to pay extra for many tools. Want to get highlighted? Pay a monthly fee. Want to watch sex videos? Pay a monthly fee. Users can even agree to pay so other members who have not yet upgraded their account will be able to access their profiles. True, this does mean that you'll be contacted by more members, but you are basically paying for someone who chooses not to pay.

Users can also become top fans. This places them in the Favorite Members' notification list, at the top of the messages list and means you get more attention. This is done by adding a person to your HostList first and then bid to become a fan.

Free chat rooms on this site are actually free, but keep in mind that there aren’t all that many live ones around the clock. Members can schedule meeting on the chat rooms though and we were quite impressed that this features, which is paid on most other adult dating sites, is really free of charge here.

Once you are a member, take advantage of the Point System, which is a bit hard to explain but works pretty well. Users are granted points for many site activities – adding pics, sending flirts, etc., and can use these points to purchase services online – even a free 1 month Gold membership. You get a fixed number of points for any activity, but we won't trouble you with all the details. This always friendly and accommodating website offers a full page info regarding points and their usage, so just take a look if you want to hear the details.

To conclude this AdultFriendFinder review we would like to say that the number of unique features and entertaining options you will see here are the best ones that we have ever seen. Members can read blogs, improve their sexual skills by taking lessons in the sex academy, read articles, stream or download adult movies and join a variety of competitions and special events. More importantly though: This bubbly community is full of naughty singles that are looking to get laid and horny swingers that are interested in some kinky action. This is not a perfect site and new members do need time to learn the ropes, but there are enough real people here to keep the site interesting. You won’t have any difficulty finding a one night stand or even casual relationships, and that's after all what we're all here for.

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