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Bitcoin and Altcoins Can Be Used on These Crypto Cam Sites

last updated November 13, 2018

If there is anything recent years have shown us, it's that the interest in cryptocurrencies is huge. That interest is no longer contained to just Bitcoin - people now hunger for variety. There are over a thousand established Altcoins in existence. Doge Coin, Litecoin, Etherium, and Ripple are just a few of the biggies. With the success of cryptocurrency, cam sites have begun offering more payment options. Of course, we do have a separate article for people looking for specifically Bitcoin cam sites.

These are the top 3 cryptocurrency cam sites and the currencies they accept. LiveJasmin tops this list. Read on to learn why.

LiveJasmin - Best Cryptocurrency Cam Site for Glamorous Models


LiveJasmin accepts more Altcoins than any other site. LiveJasmin accepts Etherium, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, and over 50 other cryptocurrencies, including the original Bitcoin. The coins are organized by popularity.

Visit LiveJasmin.com

Sexy blonde wecam model lying down and showing off her cleavage

When most people think of cam girls, they think of inexperienced amateurs stripping on webcam. That's because, they don't know LiveJasmin. LiveJasmin is the epitome of professionalism and class. Scrolling through the pages, you will find an ample selection of thin women, big women, latin women, and more. LiveJasmin has babes from all over the world. Every single image on LiveJasmin looks professionally shot and taken. Don't be mistaken, the high quality doesn't end with the still images. All the girls have HD cameras in the actual chat rooms too, it's a site requirement.

Here's how you buy sex cam credits with cryptocurrency on LiveJasmin :

Paying for LiveJasmin credits with Bitcoin

  1. Click the Get Credits box found at the top right hand of the page.
  2. You will notice that by default you start off at step 2, Package selection.
  3. Click on step 1, Payment method, it's at the top left hand of the box (see image above).
  4. A list of Alternative payment methods will appear, you should choose Altcoins (Etherum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, 50+...)
  5. You can now click on the package you want to purchase.
  6. Click on Pay with Altcoins.
  7. Click on your preferred cryptocurrency.
  8. Complete the payment and get your credits!

Flirt4Free - Best Cheap Option Accepting Bitcoin Payments


Flirt4Free accepts only Bitcoin. It does not accept any Altcoins. So why is it on this list? Your options for cryptocurrency cam sites are very limited and Flirt4Free is good enough site to deserve a mention.

Visit Flirt4Free.com

Sexy Latina webcam model touching herself

Our favorite freemium cam site, Flirt4Free is a prime opportunity to chat with babes from all across the world. Flirt4Free has an ever bigger video screen format than LiveJasmin. The difference between the two sites lies in the number of models and the average quality. Flirt4Free has less models, but they are arguably equally gorgeous. Not all of the webcam models on Flirt4Free have HD webcams. Flirt4Free is very liberal with their rules for cam girls. You will find a huge dispersity of prices on the site. Pprivate rooms start off as low $0.50 a minute and include 2 way video and audio.

Here's how you buy sex cam credits with Bitcoin on Flirt4Free:

Buying Flirt4Free credits with Bitcoin

  1. Click on the green BUY CREDITS  button in the top right hand corner.
  2. Click on Want to use a different payment type?
  3. Choose Bitcoin.
  4. Select the package you want to purchase
  5. Finish the payment and receive your credits!

BongaCams - Best  Freemium Site Using Crypto Coins in Private Chat Rooms


Many cryptocurrencies are accepted by BongaCams. There's Ripple, Litecoin, Goldcoin and Gridcoin. There's over 50 to choose from. The top 3 (BTC, XRP, LTC) are listed first, the rest are organized by alphabetical order.

Visit BongaCams.com

Young pink haired webcam model

A super popular European cam site, BongaCams has a ton of active webcam models and great quality video screens. Not all of the babes have HD cams, but there are enough of them to make it a site worth checking out. BongaCams is super popular with models, you will find that you always have a very nice selection tot choose from. BongaCams is rife with nudity, even in the free chat. Not all of the babes are down to get dirty for everyone to watch, many of the quality babes expect to be taken into a private room. The privates chats are a bit expensive, we recommend tipping for requests in the free chat.

This is how you use Altcoins on BongaCams:

Locating Altcoin payments on BongaCams

  1. Click on the green BUY CREDITS  button in the top right hand corner.
  2. Click on Bitcoin / Ethereum / Litecoin / Other Cryptocurrency.
  3. Click on your preferred Altcoin and complete the checkout.
  4. Finish the payment and receive your credits!

What Are Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are virtual decentralized currencies. In layman's terms, that means that they are virtual money for which the value is determined by supply and demand. Unlike traditional currencies, the inherent value of a cryptocurrency is not tied to any nation or governmental body. Cryptocurrencies are anonymous forms of payment which give the user an added layer of anonymity when purchasing online. It's easy to understand why many users look for cryptocurrency cam sites.

Bitcoin vs Altcoin

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to gain mainstream success. Since then, over a thousand other competitors have launched. We aren't here to tell you which is better. We recommend looking at the transaction fees of each of them and deciding which you want to use.

The Advantages of Crypto Cam Sites

Increased Anonymity

When you purchase things with cryptocurrencies, there is no bank statement or credit card charge to follow up. Every transaction happens anonymously through the blockchain.  Since your wallet user name is composed of random digits and numbers, discovering who you are would require an FBI level of resources. 

Lower Fees

Cryptocurrencies transactions are currently not subject to any VAT or GST. There are no taxes to pay when you are purchasing with them. The transaction fees are also generally lower, but will depend on the currency you are using. Some have lower costs, while others can be pretty expensive.


While adult chat sites have maximum charge limits per day when paying with a credit card, you can pay with Altcoins as many times as you want per day. Furthermore, these transactions can be done from anywhere and can't be blocked by banks or anyone else. If your bank automatically blocks transactions for adult content, Bitcoin and Altcoins might just be your savior. 

You Can Use Dips to Your Advantage

Adult webcam sites update their prices periodically. What that means is that if you know a drop is happening in the value of your currency, you can use it to your advantage to buy credits cheaper, before the site has had time to update their prices.

The Disadvantages of Crypto Cam Sites

Less Guarantees

While the transaction is secure and all three sites offer satisfaction guarantees, you have no one to talk to if you ever want to do a chargeback. In most cases the best offer you will get is a credits refund.


As you probably know, the value of each cryptocurrency changes greatly from day to day. It's not just Bitcoin that is affected, so are Litecoin, Dogecoin, and every other Altcoin. You'll greatly enjoy the shows you watch, but if the value of your currency doubles by next week, you aren't going to be very happy.


LiveJasmin is the best place to watch cryptocurrency cams. They have the hottest cam girls and the most babes to choose from. LiveJasmin accepts a whole range of different Altcoins, including all the biggest names in the game. Ripple, Ethereum, and over 50 other Altcoins are accepted on LiveJasmin. Visit their site today and find out for yourself why we think they are the best adult chat site online.

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