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Best Adult Cam Sites of 2018 - These Are the Sites That Deliver Quality

last updated January 13, 2021

We been working long and hard to prepare this list of the best adult cams sites of 2018. These are the xxx chats with the hottest live cam hosts, the best site features, and the highest quality video. Many of the sites share similar features, but they have their own unique qualities. We provided you with short reviews, to help you filter out what you are looking for.



Our favorite site and top recommendation for the best xxx chat site for 2018 is LiveJasmin. Out of all the sex cam sites in the business, LiveJasmin is the most professional and stringent in terms of quality. The site knows a happy customer is a returning customer and it works hard to satisfy. It's not just the models on the site that aim to please, the site itself does too.

Visit LiveJasmin.com

LiveJasmin is the best sex cam site for 2018

LiveJasmin features only HD cams, with no standard definition rooms in sight. Take a gander around the site and we promise you that you will see nothing but premium quality babes, the type you would expect to see on T.V. Everything is laid out to look luxurious and enticing. As you scroll through pages of beautiful women, the only thing you'll have in mind is - do I have enough time to watch them all?

LiveJasmin is the most premium live sex site around. They excel in terms of quality, quantity, and even customer support.

You get free credits on your first purchase and every fifth purchase thereafter. LiveJasmin's rewards programs is easy to understand and is rewarding in both the short term and long term.

On most sites you need to pay your way to VIP treatment, but that's not the case on LiveJasmin. You get treated like a star from the first minute. Just send them a message on live chat and see how quickly they respond to you - and no we aren't talking robots.



CamSoda might be one of the newest sites on this list, but it is a site that does not compromise on quality. CamSoda is filled with crisp HD chat rooms and a variety of chat features to keep you entertained. CamSoda is constantly trying to introduce innovation to the world of online cams.

CamSoda has live voyeur style cams where cameras are strategically placed around the house. The site also has language lessons, where you can sign up to learn a language from your favorite cam girls. Want to learn Spanish? Find a hot Latina and get to it.

At one point CamSoda even tried to develop holographic and VR cams, but it doesn't seem that worked out. If you are looking for a site that continues to try and stay ahead of the game, CamSoda is here for you.

Visit CamSoda.com

CamSoda is quickly becoming one of our favourite sites in 2018

CamSoda has tons of nudity in the free chat, when you scroll, you'll encounter dozens of rooms where the ladies are already buck naked. You can choose to hop into these rooms to enjoy a free show or you can find yourself a babe to take into a private session for some one on one time.

Even if you are just going for a free show, it's still good to have some tokens in your possession, you can't actually talk to the ladies otherwise.

So what don't we like about CamSoda?

That cringe inducing tip sound. Every tip sounds like a popping bubble, because you know, CamSoda. We find the sound to be off putting, but at the end of the day it is a matter of personal taste.



MyCams is a fantastic sex cam site with tons of sexy babes. If you enjoy scrolling through pages of beautiful women and being able to judge them on their looks, by god is MyCams the place for you. When you enter, you are going to see babe after babe. All the women on the site look like classy escorts or glamour models. 

The best part? These fine ladies are horny, attentive, and ever so eager to please. Once you are a real member - you'll see how often you get private messages from the hosts. Most of the hosts on MyCams work the job full time. They are professionals with the utmost dedication to their jobs. 

MyCams has a nice little perk. You get up to 9.99 free credits the first time you buy and every fifth time after that.

Visit MyCams.com

The stunning babes on MyCams make it one of the best xxx chat sites for 2018

As a rule of thumb, you can expect that over 90% of the models on MyCams will be using high definition cameras. The only ones who don't broadcast in HD are those who have just started camming and have not had time to upgrade yet. If you see a girl with an SD feed, just add her to your favorites and she's sure to upgrade within the month.

The one thing that MyCams lacks is additional chat features. While it has all the standard bells and whistles, it does not have anything unique to stand out. The emoji options are limited and you are unable to send GIF images in the chat.

At the end of the day -

You don't need to include extra features when you know your product works. MyCams delivers with a large selection, HD cams, and overall customer satisfaction. Being able to send a smiley face is irrelevant when you can cam 2 cam.



One of the leading adult cam sites of 2018, Flirt4Free is a pornographic empire with tons of content. Flirt4Free records every show ever broadcast on their site. If you find a girl you adore, you can check out her previously recorded content, to watch at your own pleasure.

Flirt4Free is the first entry on this list which includes nudity in the free chat. Of course, not all of the girls are naked, but there is an opportunity for free action. Tips always make a show better. Flirt4Free is one of the best cam 2 cam sites.

Flirt4Free is currently running a promotion where you get 120 free credits for just verifying your credit card or up to 190 free credits if you actually make a purchase. You should go ahead and claim that, private shows start off at as low as 5 credits a minute.

Visit Flirt4Free.com

Flirt4Free is one of the best live xxx sites for 2018

Flirt4Free has a monthly VIP package, you get 300 free credits, 150 daily VOD videos, and VIP customer service. It also gives you the option to change the layout of your messages when you are in chat rooms, to give you that extra distinction. But beware, the 300 free credits is a bonus that only applies for the first month.

Flirt4Free has a huge video format, with the babe covering the majority of the screen. Many of the girls broadcast in HD. All of the rooms which are HD are clearly marked, so you won't have to do much searching.

Flirt4Free has the unique option to strike an offer. You can suggest a price and a time duration to the model and if she agrees you are both happy. You get the show you wanted and she still gets paid.



A live chat site with a traditional approach, ImLive is the best place to look in the hunt for cheap sex cams. If you are looking for a site with a super rewarding long term loyalty program, ImLive is the place for you. In the short term - you get 30 free credits on your first purchase. In the long term, you get exposed to the cheapest sex cams known to man.

At VIP level, you get a Discount club reduction of 0.90 Credits a minute. You also get a bonus of 25 free credits on each and every purchase.

With over 20 years of experience in the porn world, ImLive is an obvious choice when looking through the best adult cam sites of 2018.

Visit ImLive.com

ImLive is the cheapest xxx chat site in 2018

ImLive has a huge selection of beautiful women that perform on cam. There is a nice and simple user interface that will quickly help you find a sexy babe to watch. You might think that a site that's been around for over decades might be outdated, but you would be wrong. ImLive continues to upgrade their features. They have a Multi-Viewer where you can watch six women perform live at once.

The catch?

Finding HD cam rooms on ImLive can be a bit of a mission. They aren't labelled and there is no search option for them. That's why LiveJasmin got first place. 



Another long time veteran in the online sex cam world, Sexier is among the best budget sites around. You don't get HD cams or any other stellar features. What you do get is a huge selection of beautiful webcam models coupled with low prices.

Sexier is an especially useful site if you live in a region with poor internet connections. If you live in a rural area and your WIFI can't handle the strain, Sexier is perfect for you. The standard definition video feed is less burdensome and as such will display better and with less lag.

Sexier has a very rewarding loyalty program. At Sexy Platinum, the highest level, you get 5% bonus credits on every transaction and access to happy hour shows for just 0.2 credits a minute.

Visit Sexier.com

Sexier is cheap but offers a large selection of babes

The HD cam rooms on Sexier are not labelled and there is no option to search for them. In fact, we suspect that they might not truly exist. Sexier doesn't care what video quality their hosts are using, they just care that they are broadcasting. As such, the video quality you should expect to see will change drastically from host to host.


Climbing to the top of the rewards program is a long process. It takes a lot of time to accrue to the points need to level up. But, it is worth it. There are many playful and outgoing babes on Sexier that will leave your head spinning.

The chat rooms on Sexier are much smaller in size than some other sites. You will notice that there is a cap on the number of users that can access each room. It gives the girls the opportunity for some real intimacy which wouldn't be possible if 50 people were typing at once.



MyDirtyHobby is more than just another sex cam site, it is the worlds largest adult social network. There are tons of women and men uploading hours worth of pornographic content. You can choose to buy recorded videos or you can hop into the live chat, to talk to someone in real time.

MyDirtyHobby is a European cam site, you can expect to find many rooms in German and Dutch, with sprinkles of other languages. Many of the girls speak English, but you should check before trying to engage in any conversation.

MyDirtyHobby has VIP parties in real locations. If you live in Germany or the UK, you could get invited to a sex party with many of the sites webcam models involved. In fact, some of the uploaded videos you can buy are from the models having sex with fans.

Visit MyDirtyHobby.com

MyDirtyHobby has live cams and the largest adult social network

MyDirtyHobby is more than just a contender in the list of best adult cam sites of 2018, it is its own community of fetish afficianados. 

There's tons of uploaded videos focusing on the cuckold fetish, domination, and even water sports (urination play). If you have a fetish and are looking for a community that will cater to your likes and desires, MyDirtyHobby is your best bet.

The catch?Everything about MyDirtyHobby costs money. There is absolutely no free chat. You don't even get a preview. The moment you enter a chat room, you start getting charged. This charge isn't for a private show either, those cost extra.



A well established adult webcam site, Cams.com has long been in the business of xxx chats. Cams.com used to be a site focused only on private shows, but that is slowly changing. When you browse through the site, you will find that there is a nice mix of both clothed and naked models.

Cams.com has a glorious selection of webcam rooms filled with babes that will blow your mind.

At present, Cams.com is the only sex cam site to offer the Connexion feature. If you own the Lovense Max toy, you can plug it in to link up with a cam girls Lovense Nora. That way, when you thrust, she feels it and when she moves, you feel it. If you've ever dreamt of being with a beautiful cam girl, this is your chance.

Visit Cams.com

Cams.com has real virtual sex

There are many superb HD cam rooms on the site. They are easy to find, with a clearly displayed tag being visible on each room that has it.

You might notice that the default screen size is relatively smaller than sites like LiveJasmin, but you have the option to enlarge it to one of three sizes. The HD cam rooms maintain their high image quality even when enlarged on the screen.

Cams.com is relatively more expensive than other sites, but there are discount clubs to make it cheaper. You can pay a monthly fee to join a specific models fan club, thereby giving you a fixed discount on all private shows with her. You can also upgrade to Premiere membership with the site itself, but honestly the only real advantage that gives you is priority customer support.

Be careful when you are watching a live cam. If the model has a vibratoy enabled, clicking on the video feed with automatically tip the model.



Arguably the most popular sex cam site of 2018, Chaturbate is a powerhouse with an insanely huge selection of webcam models. When you open the site, you will see that you have literally dozens of pages to choose from. It's not that they just had a lot of hosts, they also have a lot of users. We can personally attest to seeing chat rooms with over 10 thousand users watching.

For 5,000 users to be in one room, watching one girl, is a common occurrence on Chaturbate. 

Chaturbate has genuine HD cam rooms, with several of the hostesses broadcasting in full 1080p. You can drag the video feed to change the video size, as well as change the video quality, to suit your internet speeds. Chaturbate gives you the power view things the way you like.

Visit Chaturbate.com

Chaturbate is the best free sex chat site in 2018

If Chaturbate is so popular, why is so low down on our list? Well, if you like cam 2 cam, Chaturbate is pretty much your worst option. On every other site, when a private chat begins, it simply prompts you if you want to enable your camera so she can watch you too. But, that's not the case on Chaturbate. On Chaturbate, you have to broadcast yourself if you want anyone to watch. You can set up restrictions and a password so that only specific models can watch you, but it's still a pain in the ass.

If you want to cam 2 cam, Chaturbate is not your best option. Seriously, most girls charge extra to watch you, while others flat out just tell you no.

Chaturbate sometimes also suffers from the bystander effect. When ten thousand people are all watching a show, everyone expects someone else to tip and doesn't tip themselves. That's why we often recommend LiveJasmin or ImLive if you are looking for any sense of intimacy.



MyFreeCams was the very first xxx chat site to introduce the freemium concept to the world of live porn. Before them, every site focused purely on paid private chats. Then, MyFreeCams came and conquered the market. They realized that setting up goals and having tons of users meant more cash in the long haul. MyFreeCams has fallen from its glory days, but not all is lost.

The astounding selection of cam babes that MyFreeCams has is beyond belief. The site has exclusive contracts signed with some of the girls, so you literally can't check them out anywhere else.

The site itself has great HD camera feeds as well as one of the largest active model bases.

Visit MyFreeCams.com

MyFreeCams has the largest selection of female chat hosts

The downside?

MyFreeCams might just have the messiest user interface known to man. Seriously, whoever designed this layout has never heard of the term user experience before. It took us weeks to figure out that to add a model to your favorites list, you need to add her to your friends list (you can find that option under the Menu button when in a cam room). Every other site has an icon set up for that function, but nope, not MyFreeCams.

Finding the tags selection is also somewhat of a chore, it can be found under the Menu selection towards the bottom right of the page.

MyFreeCams is also pretty much the only adult chat site which does not allow men to broadcast. That means no couples and no transgenders. Depending on who you are, this could make you happy or be a deal breaker. We aren't judging, we're just giving you a heads up.

MyFreeCams is our last pick for the top 10 sites this year. Feel free to check out our complete list to read about other great sites.


There are many sites competing to be the best adult cam sites of 2018. Each site offers something unique to give it a competitive advantage. Overall, the things that were most important to us were video quality, model selection, and how hot the models on the site are. Of course, we didn't forget to take price into account, because lets face it, we can't all be ballers.

Our top recommendation is LiveJasmin. While the webcam models on the site are still technically amateurs, they are the most professional around. If you want to experience a show where the woman treats you right, this is the place to be. These women know how to tease and how to please.

Visit LiveJasmin.com