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last updated May 17, 2019

If we wanted to summarize this ULust review in a few words, we could just say: This adult dating site could be better. It is not the worst site we've ever reviewed, by far, but it is short on features, short on singles and doesn't provide members with enough information. There are some good aspects worth mentioning, and we will, very shortly, but there is no question that some parts are in desperate need of improvement. Do the strong-points overcome the disadvantages? Read through the following info and we're sure you can figure that out.

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ULust.com's Prices

The prices on this sexy dating community are okay, but watch the way their presented, because it's a bit misleading. For example, the 3 day membership seems really cheap on a first glance, but then you'll notice that it lists the cost per day and not a total. The longer the membership is, the less you will pay of course, and the Buy 3 Get 3 Membership is really as cheap as it gets.

Membership Options

There are three membership options which are actually two because the differences between VIP and Gold are not clarified by the site and the two are listed together under the Upgrade category, so this how we'll keep them.

Leading Features on U Lust

ULust's Pros and Cons


The fact that upgraded memberships are accompanied by access to free sex chat rooms is a clear advantage. The site is simple enough to navigate through and if you choose the 3 months membership, you will get additional 3 months for free, which is really an exceptional offer. The women you see here are stunning and there are very friendly search tools.


There aren't all that many live chat rooms and as a free member you can't even access most of the areas without getting sent to the payment page. There is no explanation regarding the types of memberships and the whole notions of token is just ignored, although it is clear that you need to purchase some in order to chat.

Our Editor's Impression of ULust.com

Our first visit to ULust.com wasn't actually our first. We have reviewed this site a few years back and found many things not to like. We were kind of hoping that our new updated ULust review will show that this adult dating community has improved significantly in recent years and to some degree it has. However, there are still some issues that need to be addressed before we can offer an honest recommendation and for the time being we will just tell you a bit about our experience and let you figure out if you should join.

On the plus side, there's a free membership, meaning anyone can just sign up and look around, no strings attached. Registration process is fairly quick and doesn’t require a credit card and once you are a member you can start browsing profiles and take a look at your options. The basic search tool is the first option and we used it to search for sexy single women in our area. We found some, although not as many as we would have liked. But some of them didn’t look legit and others were so hot that we just had to assume that they were professional models. You basically need to go from one page to the next and the photos are so small that it is kind of hard to decide who you like to get to know better. There are several category searches such as Near Me, Bets Matches, Newest, Username and Online Now. There is also a "Detailed" search tool, but only upgraded members can access it and in any case with result number being low, we wouldn’t get to detailed r you risk ending up with no results at all.

When we wrote ULust reviews a couple of years back the site had a basic and a platinum membership. Since then though the site has altered its membership options and there are now three types or maybe two, depending on how you read it. If that last sentence wasn't enough to clarify that we found the whole thing confusing we will just go out and say it: This adult dating site has to organize its membership names and let users know what they get with each offer in some orderly manner. First there is the basic free membership, and that is actually pretty simple, but one you want to upgrade the site mentions a VIP membership and a Gold membership, each with 2 optional lengths. Is full VIP the same as Gold or are there any differences? The website doesn’t tell you that and it lists to the advantages of the upgrade together, but then why would you give it two different names? You would think that FAQ page would offer some information regarding this issue, but none was found. The FAQ wasn't a complete wreck and it did cover some technical issues, but we feel that a short section discussing the membership options and their details would be highly appreciated. The same can be said regarding tokens. The site lists how many tokens each member has, but that's it. There is no clear explanation of what tokens are for (we're guessing sex chats, but we've been around) and you can't even buy some until you purchase a subscription.

As far as features are concerned, this is not the best sex dating arena, although it does have some basic options. Members can manage a friends list and choose to ignore or add whoever they like and there are emails and even an option to SMS other members, all assuming you have an upgraded account. Users can flirt and express interest in other people and they can also send virtual gifts to show their appreciation. It is easy to recognize active members because the site tells you when a specific woman was last online. Do you believe what it says? That's a whole different story.

In all honesty, this ULust review would have been much better if we would see more live singles online. It's easy to forgive a site for unimaginative features or a lack of information, as long as there are plenty of hot horny women ready to connect and this is not the case here. There are some beautiful babes ready to chat on the webcams, but if you are looking for an actual hookup in your area, you might discover that your options are very few, and that's when we've listed a major US city as our location, not some unfamiliar town. This is the major issue this website has and without solving it, it is difficult to take this service seriously. Webcam sex and pics and videos are all fun enough, but many users choose an adult dating site because they want to actually have sex, and we are not convinced that on ULust.com there are enough partners to go around.

We really hope that this ULust review has not given you the conclusion that this is some horrible site – this is really not the case. One of the things that annoy us about U Lust is that it appears to have quite a bit of potential, but it misses it somewhere along the way. If this sex dating service would just get more active members and would clean up its act, it could become a successful and recommended sexy singles community. For now though, it still has some work ahead and we are not convinced that it deserves a spot on our list of the best adult dating sites.

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