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TrannyCamModels is a Superb Tranny Sex Cam Site with Not Enough Tgirls

last updated May 05, 2020

Take one look at the tranny sex cams on TrannyCamModels.com and you will be dazzled by the naughty-looking chat rooms, the low sexchat prices and the breathtaking shemales. Take a second look and you will be disappointed by the poor-quality images and limited features. Need some help figuring out if this site is any good? This is exactly what this TrannyCamModels review is for.

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TrannyCamModels' Prices

Tranny Cam Models is an exceptionally cheap transsexual webcam site, and possibly even the cheapest. You don’t need to use any promotions – even basic private sex chat is very affordable and there are many hosts charging a credit per minute. This is an excellent choice for users that want to spend less online but still expect to enjoy exciting XXX shows.

Leading Tranny Chat Features on Tranny Cam Models

TrannyCamModels' Pros and Cons


This is not a small site and with around 40 or even 60 online hosts, there is an okay selection. As far as price goes, this is the best shemale webcam site – no questions about it. There is just no competing with an average of a credit or so per minute especially when this is not the exception but the general rate.


The site is very old fashion is both appearance and features. There is nothing interesting happening, no fun tool that would make the tranny porn shows more interesting and the quality of the performers is again, a matter of luck: Some are stunning, some are very disappointing.

Editor's Impression of TrannyCamModels.com

If we had to conclude this TrannyCamModels in one word, we'd pick Contradiction. This is a sex chat community that has many of the essentials needed for success including some hot Tgirls and a descent platform. There are many HD web cams and for the most part we found the chat room quality reasonable, nothing that would spin your head, but certainly good enough to sit at home and enjoy a good XXX transsexual webcam show. However, the site has a lot of issues and we became aware of one major problem as soon as we went online. There is a strange mixture of gay and tranny sex cams online and this is not just a bad calculation but also something that shows that the people who contracted this site have no understanding of sexy shemales and the guys that love them. The absolute majority of shemale admirers are heterosexual guys and it would be safe to assess that they don’t get in the mood for a little something somthing when they see a big gay cock on their screen. The two categories are separated, but they are right there on the same page. Even more strange: It seems that there are some gays on the transgender category and some transgender women on the gay category and this is all very confusing. It is unclear why TrannyCamModels.com, a site that by its own name deals mainly with trannies, would mix them up with homosexual men. If the site wanted to feature the guys, it could have just as easily add another separate tab at the upper navigation bar but as is, the whole thing is just of very bad taste.

Well, we were pretty unhappy, as we're sure you notice, but decided that this TrannyCamModels review must be completed and so went on to check other aspects of the site. The advanced search tool was quite detailed, but with a relatively low number of online performers – not hundreds but 50 or so at best, this tool is not of much use. If you limit your search too much, you will only end up with no results at all, although there is nothing wrong with asking to see only transsexuals a specific color of hair or bust size, if that is something which is important to you. 

This adult cam site is not just cheap, it is really cheap and most of the lusty trannies only charge a credit per minute and that is for actual hardcore sessions, not just for some basic teasing. In fact, we were quite surprised to see that live tranny hosts were so eager to play with their pre-op dicks. Sometime you can even get a peek during free chats, but considering that 1 on 1 is only about a dollar per minute, don’t beg for freebees and just book a decent show.

While cost is very low, tips are encouraged and on Tranny Cam Models they have amusing definitions for every tip. Fine equals 1 credit, nice equals 2 credits, Good equals 3 credits and awesome equals 4 credits. We are not sure we understand why a "Fine" show should be tipped at all, we believe that tipping should be assigned only when a host has gone further than she has to and has provided you with a specially enjoyable sexcam experience, but we like the names which make the whole thing look like you're paying a compliment instead of… well… just paying.

If you need additional information about a specific tranny, you may want to look at her profile page. These profiles are not really as detailed as they ought to be and some offer very little data, but at least you get to check out the models' public pics and videos. As mentioned earlier in this TrannyCamModels review, the photos and videos are divided to two separate tabs: Private and Public. Anyone can view the public pics, even unregistered members, but only registered members have access to the private pics and vids and in some cases many of these tabs are empty. There are always some pics at least, which is nice, but don’t expect to be amazed because many are just snapshots or even headshots that don’t even compliment the host.

We feel that by this time you have gotten a pretty good picture of our general impression of TrannyCamModels.com. This is not a completely bad webcam site and there are quite a few online shemales, which is not always the case on XXX tranny cam sites, but there are many problems that ought to be addressed. We are living in the 21st century and it is about time that any self-respecting adult cam site will make sure that it fits users' expectations and as far as features, design and even quality of content, this particular portals falls short. However, there is financial matter to be considered and until this point we have not yet encountered a transsexual webcam sites with an average private chat cost of a credit per minute, other than LadyboyCams.com. So, if you really want to save up and watch particularly cheap Tgirl porn shows, this portal does let you do it, and you can probably even find a chick with dick that you really like. What we'd really like is to see Tranny Cam Models launch a new version. With some touchups and a few exclusive options this site could really be fantastic and all it needs is a bit of extra effort.

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