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SuperTrip Review - A Journey For Cheap Private Cams

last updated January 01, 2021

With tens of thousands of registered models and always at least 500+ actively online at any given time, SuperTrip takes its place as one of the largest webcam sites online. At first visit, you'll immediately gain a sense of how focused and direct the site intends to be with you. They don't mess around with excessive features, or community forums and blogs to busy you superfluous add-ons. Here is a hyper-focused service intent on getting their members into 1-on-1 live sex video chats on cheap private cams. 

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SuperTrip.com Pricing

Various Memberships and Their Benefits

SuperTrip runs a Rewards Program where you accumulate points, and are awarded cash bonuses, based on your activity at the site. To get started, you'll need to at least make your first purchase. When you do, you're no longer a Free Member. You become a Bronze Member. There are four levels, with the highest being a VIP Member. Advancing through the member statuses is automatic. In your membership profile, you can track your progression.

In our Editor's Comments below, we account for all actions on the site that will earn you points.

Payment Options

SuperTrip works with the payment processor Epoch.

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Video Chat and User Features on SuperTrip.com

SuperTrip.com Pros and Cons



SuperTrip Review - Our Editor's Impression

With so many models performing at the site, and from all over the world, there really is no down time. Every hour is a peek hour at SuperTrip. We found that at most times of the day, there are at least 500 girls to choose from. And it's not rare to see 700, or 800+ online and active in the free or private shows. Really, any time of the day, you'll have more than enough professional and amateur cam girls to browse through and take into private 1-on-1 live sex video chats.

With so many choices, where does one start?

SuperTrip does many things well, but chiefly, they're really good at getting serious visitors into a sex show. Whether it be their popular group shows or a private show, they want you armed and ready with money in your account. Which is why they keep you completely anonymous to the models, until you at least have submitted a credit card verification. Once you have either verified your card, or completed a transaction, then you'll be able to chat with the performers in their free chat time, and see what the pricing menu for private sex shows.

You're going to spend money. Just not a fortune!

Comparatively, SuperTrip has among the cheapest private sex shows online. We suggest keeping an eye on their New Models. The girls in this category are just getting started at this site. They may be seasoned performers from other sites, or they could be fresh newbies. In either case, it'll only cost you €0.98 a minute. If the models have prior experience, likely from working on other cam sites, then you've found yourself a great deal - A seasoned performer for cheap. Or, if they are fresh newbies, then here's your chance to mold a neophyte with your pocket change.

Also, you can search for models by their 1-on-1 live sex rate. When you search by price, you are presented with a price-slider that you move to establish a range for your query. Starting with the cheapest private cams at €0.98 a minute and on up to their most expensive private cams, at €5.90 a minute.

For their most affordable option, let us welcome you to the Candy Show!

At any time of the day, you'll see SuperTrip promoting their Candy Shows. Here, the performer sets a cash amount for a certain time frame to perform a full show. When the countdown to the start of her show begins, any member can contribute the minimum entrance fee, or more, to get the show started. If the designated cash amount is not met within the allotted time frame, then she can choose to cancel or go on with the show.

A typical scenario will play out like this:

You enter into a Candy Show preview. Inside, the performer will be teasing and chatting with her visitors. Often, they are half naked, and really working the camera to entice you to join. You'll see she has set her goal at €30 to start her 20 minute show, and the price per individual buy-in is set at €5. Again, this is a typical scheme. There are variations. Most shows will be scheduled for 10, 15, or 20 minutes, and priced at €2, €3, €4, or €5 for the full show. While you're hanging out on the site, you should always keep an eye on the Candy Shows coming up. You'll see some shows offered for a low as €2 for 20 minutes. That's €0.10 a minute.

If the goal she has set is not met, she may cancel the show. If you had pledged to pay the entrance fee to the show, then your pledge will be refunded. The primary reason she would cancel, even though she's got a small portion of her desired goal, is so that she can try again. So, if this is a girl you really want to see, then hang in there, the second or third time around will probably get things started. Or, she may choose to go on with the show, though her goal wasn't met, and you and whoever else pitched in, now get to see a long show without a large number of other members in the room, and for mere cents on the minute.

Have a particular taste? Find it fast-

Using the advanced search option, found in the top right menu bar, you can search for by Category, Looks, or Features. Within the Category search, you can select from Girl Alone, Shy Girls, Girl on Girl, Fetish & BDSM, Girl & Guy, or Threesomes & Groups. With Looks, you can select from Age, Hair, Ethnicity, Body, Kinks, Fetish, Bust, and Ass. Under Features, you can choose from their Special Webcams, Price, Rating, and Language. Select as many variables as you wish to narrow down your search.

Take advantage of their Rewards Program-

As you engage in various interactions and activities at the site, you will be earning points at the same time. As your points accumulate, you will advance through their four levels of membership. As you move from one to the next, the amount of points you would earn for the same activities increases exponentially.

The following table are the points you would earn for these actions while still a new member (Bronze level):

Super Trip ActivityPoints
Free Live Chat: 1 Hour1
Paid Live Chat: 1 Minute1
Paid Live Chat: 5 Minutes20
Spend €20 (Tips & Vibes) during a Candy Show30
Add 25 Models to your Favorites List10
Send €10 worth of Vibes20

In the next membership level (Silver), two more activities that you would normally use, will begin to award you points. When you watch at least €10 worth of Recorded Videos, you earn 15 points. And, when using Hands-Free Mode, you'll see 4 points added to your total.

Overall, SuperTrip has built a robust platform for their models and members to engage in 1-on-1 live sex video chats.

Here, are all our favorite reasons to sign-up now.

Our SuperTrip Review intended to answer any looming questions you may have had, or alleviate any hesitations you were carrying. We recognize that every 1on1 live sex video site does one thing better or worse than they other. At SuperTrip, it's undoubtedly their cheap private cams. If that's what you are looking for, then you must give them a shot. And read our full article on the cheapest webcams online, to discover more low cost options.

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