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last updated October 17, 2019

LiveJasmin has long been a contender for the best sex cam site in the world. With a huge selection of cam girls, it's no surprise that their variety includes some of the best lesbian cams in the world. Unlike other sites for lesbian sex cams, LiveJasmin was created to look as professional as possible. All still images were taken professionally with the intention of creating a magazine look.

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While LiveJasmin has a free chat option, you aren't going to get to see much there. The free chat includes no nudity and is designed purely to pull you into paid private chats. This isn't a bad thing though, it gives you a prime opportunity for some one on one private lesbian cam shows.

Memberships and Benefits on LiveJasmin

As previously mentioned, the moment you buy any credits on the site you are automatically upgraded to a LiveJasmin premium member. As a LiveJasmin premium member, that's when you can start taking lesbian cam models into private lesbians cam shows.

Realistically speaking,  you aren't going to get much out of being a free member on LiveJasmin. The site is geared towards private chats. As a basic member you are entitled to -

As a premium member, you are extended all the possibilities on the site. You can invite lesbian cam girls to privates to start enjoying some real action.

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LiveJasmin's Pros and Cons



Editor's Impression - LiveJasmin is the Best Lesbian Cam Site

LiveJasmin is a fantastic place to watch live lesbian cam shows. The site has an entire section dedicated completely to nothing but girl on girl cams. There is a wide selection of lesbian cams here, with new rooms constantly being added. Throughout the time we wrote this review, we spotted five sapphic couples with the NEW tag. We don't know if that's the average that joins each day, but if that is the case, there will plenty of lesbian action to watch.

Overall, LiveJasmin is the best lesbian cam site we reviewed. It has plenty of sexy lesbian webcam models for you watch. Unlike other sites, the models are obligated to do what you ask of them. But, this is only in the private chats. As a free user on LiveJasmin.com, you aren't entitled to much at all. If you are planning to sign up to LiveJasmin as a free user, you are probably wasting your time. While you can watch free cams as a free user, that's about all you are going to get.

No action in the free chat-

LiveJasmin forbids the models from getting naked anywhere but in private chats. In fact, if they do get naked, they can get penalized by the site. You can try and convince them, but you are probably not going to be very successful.

LiveJasmin offers superb video chat quality as well as audio chat quality. Many of the streams are in HD, with little lag between you and the performer. Better yet, the sex cam feeds are already set to widescreen, for your viewing pleasure. That being said, unlike other sites, you can't really stream multiple cams. Technically you can, but then you start getting lag.  But, at the end of the day. there isn't really a point in opening multiple chats on LiveJasmin. Since the platforms is based on private chats, it is better to focus on just one room at a time. By the way, that's also one of the reasons why lesbian cams are better. You can watch multiple women in one room, paying for it once, and without facing lag.

LiveJasmin has invested a lot of effort into to the professional look. Models must take professional pictures and have to always work out of clean rooms. This is good the sake of the neat freaks out there, you don't have to worry about the dirty pile of clothes at the foot of the bed. There are strict guidelines which cam models have to follow if they want to work on LiveJasmin.com. For you, the member, this is great.


It means you get to look at nothing but classy pictures while you decide which lesbian cam models you want to take into a private. 

When in the public chat, there is no way of knowing how many other users are in a room watching the same lesbian couple as you. Honestly though, this isn't one of those sites where you have to think of ways to draw the models attention. LiveJasmin models are here for private cams. If you want the models attention, take her into a private chat and you'll get all the attention you could ever need. Seriously, they offer case-by-case refunds on private shows you were not satisfied with. That doesn't mean you'll win every time, but if you ask a model to do something, she pretty much has to do it (within reason).

If customer care is something that is important to you, you are going to love LiveJasmin. They have probably the best customer support in the business. We tried sending a message in the chat and got a response back within 30 seconds. We are used to the we'll get back to you soon, and we've got to say that the quick response time was quite unbelievable. They even given you a separate number for billing support and a non toll free number for customer support, in the event you need telephonic assistance.

So what?

On other sites you have to spend thousands of dollars and get to the very top of the membership tiers before you are treated as well as by LiveJasmin.com. Seriously, on most sites you are giving nothing but an email address until you are deemed worthy of better service.

A general note for the site, you might notice the categories Hot Flirt, Soul Mates, and Advisers. Be forewarned that they do not get naked. These are non-nude cams for entertainment purposes only. Be advised that they are not allowed to get naked, as per the sites rules. Don't blame us if you go in there and waste your money. But, don't be worried, none of the live lesbian performers are under those categories.

When you go into a lesbian private chat and activate your cam2cam, don't be worried about any potential voyeurs. If anyone decides to peek in on the models, they will only be shown the girl on girl action, and will no way be able to see you.

With all of its great features, the cons of LiveJasmin are mostly nitpicking. As you may have noticed, we mentioned a language barrier with some models, which is honestly a problem on all adult cam sites. The vast majority of lesbian cam models on LiveJasmin speak very good English, and the rest are working hard at improving. If you see a sexy hottie struggling with English, take her to a private chat and help her learn.

The lesbian cam models bios aren't as complete as other sections on the site. This is unfortunate, but understandable. This is a new category on the site and the models have not yet had the time to beautify their profiles. In time, we are sure that the lesbian couples will be adding the same glamorous photo shoots and sexy video teasers that the solo girls do. The only difference will be that the videos and pictures will be of lesbian couples, making them twice as good.

In conclusion, we believe that LiveJasmin is the best lesbian cam site. It has great quality cams and a wide selection of lesbian cam shows. LiveJasmin has great customer support and goes a long way in satisfying customers. The biggest faults with the site were minor details which did not hamper the lesbian camshow experience. As a free user, you aren't going to get much out of LiveJasmin, but if you are into private shows, it is the best place to be.

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