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Discover the Credit Auctions on LiveJasmin and Bid for Cheap Webcam Credits

last updated January 17, 2021

The credit auction function is no longer available. It seems to have been removed by the LiveJasmin team. If you are looking for the low cost sex cams, we recommend checking out the cheapest cam sites online.

The one thing that adult webcam users all have in common is their hunger for cheap credits. People are willing to go to great effort to pay less for credits, especially on the large sites and there is one promotion that has got everyone talking. This article will discuss a topic which you may or may not have heard about and that is the LiveJasmin credit auctions. If this makes you feel a bit confused, it’s completely understandable. After all, the connection is not quite clear: Auctions – on live sex cams, what’s that about? This is a special webcam promotion, exclusively available on LiveJasmin and while it’s not the best offer around, it still manages to get users excited. Our loyal team of experts has ventured into this topic with passion and commitment and has managed to collect all of the facts and figures of these extraordinary auctions. We can tell you in advance that this one of a kind promotion can help you lower the cost of the live porn shows you’ll watch on this website, which are already kind of cheap to begin with. It’s a way for you to obtain low-cost credits and enjoy yourself along the way. Sounds tempting? Listen up and see it’s not complicated, at all.

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How to Access the LiveJasmin Credit Auction?

It's important to make a note that you can access credit auctions only when you're signed out of your account. And since this feature is actually valuable to users, it's been hidden in a link-maze, so to speak. So, we figured you might find this infographic - this illustrated guide - helpful:

Save Money on Credits with LiveJasmin's Auctions

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What’s So Special about Another SexCam Promotion?

LiveJasmin has always been a groundbreaking adult chat portal, so maybe it’s not surprising that it’s also taking promotions seriously and trying to offer users something that they haven’t seen before. It isn’t easy keeping webcam users impressed. After all: There are hundreds of live cam arenas in the industry and after a while they all start to kind of blur in – much like the office water cooler – you chat, but you also have a disturbing feeling that you’ve done this before, said the same words even, and not too long ago. The auctions though are a whole new thing and even our team of experts, with its years of experience of reviewing the best webcam sites (and some that were far from being the best), has never encountered this idea before, although now there are already some other video chat websites that have tried to copy it. This is a fun, vibrant and entertaining game that allows users to compete with each other and potentially buy much cheaper credits. It encourages users to peek at the relevant page on a regular basis and keeps things interesting between the live sex shows. You need to do something until your favorite camgirl becomes available and this way, you can have a great time while you’re waiting for the next show.

The Credit Auctions Are Not Difficult to Understand

So, if you made it this far, chances are you want to know how the LiveJasmin credit auctions actually work, and the answer is very simple. This is just like a regular auction – you may not have been to one in real life, but you’ve probably seen one of TV and the auctions on LiveJasmin work about the same. You bid for credit packages in different sizes and other users do the same. There is a clock indicating the time that is left until the bidding ends and the one to make the highest bids before the time ends – wins the package. That’s it. Nothing could be simpler to follow.

Sadly, you can’t just go online and join one of these events whenever you feel like it. The auctions begin randomly, so you never know when one starts or when it ends and they are not available throughout the day, but once in a while and no one really knows when. This adds to the excitement of this promotion and marks it as something more than some basic discount or the credit raffles that take place on many adult cam sites. This is a competition between the members and it’s more about engagement than it is about getting some extra credits for a bargain price, although that’s what most participants have in mind.

This is Not the Only Promotion LiveJasmin Offers

A leading sexcam site like LiveJasmin understands how to get users hooked, so it’s only expected that this is not the only special offer available. There are many other enticing promotions to entice new and existing users and many might be viewed as even more worthwhile than the auctions. There are, for example, the Sale chat rooms, where members who have credit in their accounts can chat with a beautiful webcam model for only a dollar per minute. That’s the price for nude chat of course – the places where naughty, sexy things take place and everything is kept secret. For naked sessions, especially in the premium quality that you will watch here, a dollar per minute is almost unheard of. Then there is the free membership, which is available to just anyone who signs up, and the free chat rooms where you can interact with skimpily dressed cam models and share some fantasies or just flirt – that’s also nice. They will try to convince you to join their private chat rooms, obviously, but it’s still a fun opportunity to enjoy yourself before you do sign up for a live porn show. You also get bonus credits when you buy the larger credit packages – the more you buy at once, the bigger your bonus will be.

These promotions are just addition to the already cheap sex chat rooms. LiveJasmin is perhaps the best webcam sex community online in terms of quality – models, streaming, the works – but it doesn’t use this fact to overcharge for its services. Members on this live sex cam arena enjoy very affordable nude chats and when you see what level of XXX cam shows you get for this price, you will be even more impressed.

Should You Join This Adult Cam Site Because of the Auctions?

New users often get too excited about a specific promotion that they go and join some adult webcam site without thinking twice and without considering other factors. Even if a promotion is okay, or great, it should never be your only reason for choosing a specific sex chat community. This is also true in this case. The truth is that you should not sign up to LiveJasmin just for its credit auctions. This promotion is entertaining, sure, but most users will not be the winners of the auctions and after you participate in a dozen or a hundred, chances are that you will have enough. Sure, getting some cheap credits, ones which you would otherwise pay substantially more for, is great – but this is really not a reason to go for a particular website.

You should join LiveJasmin because it’s a spectacular sexcam portal with breathtaking models that will do what you tell them to on naked chat rooms. You should join this website because its platform is not just advanced, but outright top-notch. Finally, you should join LiveJasmin because it’s one of the best webcam sex communities that you will ever see in your life. Go and try it right now and while you’re at it – see if there’s an auction in progress and maybe even make a bid.

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