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With Fair Prices and Horny Camgirls, iFriends is One of the Best Webcam Sites

last updated May 01, 2019

Hi friends, as of October 2018, iFriends has bid us farewell.

For 20 years the site made online connections between webcam broadcasters and their audience.

iFriends was once, an idea ahead of its time. The site introduced us to a platform of connectivity six years before Facebook was a thing. In its early years, iFriends would come to dominate the live cams market. Over the years, the site was there to connect thousands of broadcasters to millions of viewers.

In its place we recommend going to LiveJasmin.

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Grab a hand full of features, a bunch of horny women, great streaming and fantastic innovation and them mix them all up and wait for iFriends.com to make an appearance. This adult chat community is one of the most enjoyable hangouts in the sex cam arena and it keeps users on their toes with new options and crazy tools that really contribute to the community feel. Think that this website could be your next favorite? Read through this iFriend review and find out for sure.

iFriends Prices

Most of the best webcam sex sites on the internet have one thing in common: They are all fairly affordable, and iFriend.com proves that it's one of the best. This may not be the cheapest video chat portal in existence, but it is still quite cheap and users that need to mind their spending will still be able to enjoy long chats with quality naked camgirls.

The iFriends Memberships

We are determined that this iFriend review will include all the information you need to decide if this is the website you ought to be chatting on and the membership options are an important aspect on any such choice. Why? Because when you need to pay for membership, this is something you should consider, although in this case there is also a free membership and it's more than enough to enjoy the live sex shows.

Available Features on iFriends.com

iFriends' Pros and Cons


If you are the kind of guy that appreciates a full range of creative features, you are going to go bananas when you see the collection of tools, options and exclusive choices that iFriends.com is catering. Don't get us wrong: The live sex shows are great as is, but when you throw in some amusing additions and innovations, you get an experience that is truly thrilling. Also, there are plenty of camgirls, so there have to be dozens that you'll like.


If you are looking for $1 sex chats, you will have a hard time finding them here. Again, as we stated earlier, this is not an expensive sex cam service, but it is not dirt-cheap either. Also, we don’t like the fact that you need to pay for membership upgrades. Paying for extra services is fine, but the monthly fee is quite the commitment.

Editor's Impression of iFriends.com

iFriends.com is a large, lively and welcoming adult chat community where people come not just to watch women strip and play with themselves, but also to talk with friends, share experiences and feel like they belong. As soon as we entered this site we were overwhelmed by the vibrant atmosphere which really drags you in and makes you feel as if you've been using this site for years, instead of it being your first visit.

First, we just have to talk about some of the unique interactive options, some of which we haven’t seen anywhere else. Wake up with Me which we have listed under the Feature section in this iFriends review is a great example: It is an option that actually allows users to wake up every morning with the voice of the camgirl of their choice. Is it a practical tool? We are not quite sure. As an idea this is as cool as it gets, but we have a feeling that most wives and girlfriends won't approve. Then there is the Get Closer feature which is, let's call it as it is: Phonesex. This is actually a growing trend in recent year where guys use phonesex either between live sex shows or even during them, to get a more erotic sensation – in retro style. In general, iFriends.com really seems to put an effort into creating a king of an ongoing relationship between viewers and camgirls, encouraging them to return and interact, to stay in touch, not just to watch a single XXX show and then move on to eh next room. Need another proof? Just feast your eyes on the Make a Date feature, which allows users to schedule an appointment with a specific live camgirl. This is an option that we wish all other adult webcam sites would start to offer as it is much more practical than hoping that the cam girl you like will go online when you find it convenient to chat. With Make a Date a guy can know for a fact that the woman he wants will be ready for him, and with no other competitors. It is probably idea for men that love to plan ahead and in general just seems like a very practical idea.

Earlier in this iFriends review we have listed both the price and the features of the various memberships, but we do have another point to make. We don’t like monthly fees. We never did. It is basically like paying twice, because webcam users will always pay for private sex chats, so it makes no sense they'll also need to pay for added services. However, it is very important to note that the VIP membership is only paid UNLESS you spend a reasonable amount of time on premium sex chat rooms. If you watch sex shows, and not that many really, you will get this status for free, so really, in this case, the deal is more than fair.

Unlike LiveJasmin, ImLive and basically almost any other XXX cam site, iFriends.com does not use the credit system. Users simply pay by the minute or fund their E-Wallet, which we would recommend you do because it gives much better control of how much you spend.

Coming to the end of this iFriends review, we bet that you are looking for some final conclusion and in this case we feel confident that we are dealing with an excellent website. Most of the live porn shows here are exciting, most of the webcam models are hot and there is plenty of entertainment available between the chats.

The best reason to choose this adult webcam site though is not the number of features, although that certainly helps, the number of camgirls or streaming quality. People that choose iFriends.com tend to do it because of the unique atmosphere. Everyone here is fun-loving, communicative and eager to enjoy the physical pleasures of life and many users are just amazed to discover a place where they can explore their wild side without feeling like outsiders. This is not something overly deep or emotional – it's all about goodtime and free spirit. Go online and you will feel the same way – it's just an awesome adult cam site that succeeds in bring sex, socializing and innovation together.