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Last updated June 01, 2018
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CamWithHer used to be pretty good, but it seems no uses them anymore. We rechecked a couple of times over the past week and there were never more than 6 models online. We no longer recommend them as one of the Best Live Cam Sites. We would rather direct you to the best site, LiveJasmin. You can read the review here.

Take advantage of an informative CamWithHer review and find out if this sexcam site satisfies your expectations. Our team of experts has explored the video chat rooms, assessed average porn chat costs and had chatted with numerous live camgirls, all with the ultimate goal of helping you decide if this is a choice you ought to consider. If you haven't heard about before, don’t be too surprised. This is a small adult webcam community and certainly not as well-known as the likes of Jasmin, Chaturbate and, but it still has some great qualities and its own eager fans. After all, they say that size doesn’t matter and it's a good opportunity to find out if this is true. Read through the following information and miss the important points. They can save you some cash and plenty of time. Prices

For such a small website, Cam With Her is quite expensive, and this is something that you have to consider when you try to decide if this adult webcam site is the right one for you. There is just no way to get around this point: If you are working on a budget, you probably can't afford to pay as much as $8 per minute for a 1 on 1 session, which is exactly what this site charges. Here is the full information – but remember that we are talking about average prices.

  • Average Live Chat Costs

    • Public Chat Rooms – Free to Text (No Visual)
    • Group Chats (called 'Private' on this site) – 4.99 Credits per Minute
    • Spy Chat – 4.5 Credits per Minute
    • Private Sex Chats (called VIP here) – 6.99 Credits per Minute
  • Best SexCam Promotions

    • Free basic membership
  • Available Credit Packages

    • 10 credits for $10
    • 20 credits for $20
    • 50 credits for $50
    • 100 credits for $100
    • 150 credits for $150
    • 200 credits for $200
    • 250 credits for $250
  • Membership Costs

    • Basic Membership – Free
    • Premium Membership –
      • $24.99 for 30 days (reoccurring)
      • $27.99 for 30 days
      • $59.99 for 90 days
      • $99.99 for 180 days
  • Payment Options

If you want to buy credits, join a fan club or tip on CamWithHer, you will need to choose a payment option and the following ones are accepted.

  • Credit Card – Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Online check
  • EU direct pay

Membership Options on CamWithHer

This CamWithHer review will also include a short explanation regarding memberships, because on this website, they're a bit confusing and need some additional details, which you will not find on the FAQ page. Remember that nothing is preventing you from remaining free members and just buy credits to pay for various activities.

  • Basic Membership

This is a free membership that allows members to access most of the site's section, but in a limited way – anything that is considered a paid service will not be accessible. As a free member you can buy credits and join shows of course, but you will be paying a higher price than a premium member.

  • Premium Membership

This membership isn't cheap (you can find the full costs under the 'membership' section), but it does come with many added benefits including access to show archives (including downloads), access to porn videos and sex pics, access to, which is kind of a sexy television channel and access to bonus adult sites. The most important advantage this membership includes is a 20% discount on all paid sex chats.

Chat and User Features on

  • Very few live chat rooms online
  • Professional chatting platform
  • 'Private Chats' are basically group shows – several members chatting with one camgirl
  • VIP chats are private shows where only one guy chats with a single camgirls or a couple
  • All of the webcam models offer Spy mode
  • The sexy camgirls have detailed and informative profile pages
  • Members can use Cam2Cam with private sex chats
  • Some camgirls offer free chat, but note that it includes text only – no visual
  • Sex video archives
  • Hot photo archives
  • Members can access recorded live sex shows
  • Fan Clubs are available, for a price, and they feature epics and videos
  • Simple and easy navigation
  • A short, yet useful, FAQ page
  • Top Camgirls is basically a page featuring the most popular babes
  • Members can manage a Favorite List
  • There is a sexy store, offering premium videos and picture sets
  • Schedules are available, and offer a simple way of seeing when the member shows take place's Pros and Cons


CamWithHer clearly has strictly trained webcam models – these babes are both attractive and skilled in a variety of sexual acts. The women here will make sure that each live sex show you watch will rock your world and they will leave an impression that will not be easily forgotten.


There are very few webcam models online, sometime less than five, which is really ridiculously low. Moreover, the live sex chats are generally speaking quite pricey, and there are no substantial promotions other than the 20% discount that you get as a premium member – but then you have to pay the monthly fee. It is also very annoying that free members can see the camgirls that are inside the free chat rooms, only text them.

Editor's Impression of

We understand that for most readers, the important part of any CamWithHer review will be the details that we have already listed above: Cost, memberships, features, etc. In this case though, we feel that readers should invest a few more minutes in reading our editor's impression of this adult webcam site because in many aspects, it is a confusing combination of excellence and disappointments.

To start with the simple problems: It appears that Cam With Her doesn’t know that there is a whole industry of adult cam sites in the world and that users have learned to know specific terms and gotten used to them. For example 'Private' chat should be private, don’t you think? Yet in this case this is just a name and what you actually get is a group sex show. VIP chat, which is actually private, is also a bit confusing. Why is it called VIP? You don’t need a special membership to join it. This is just the beginning though.

Cam With Her is a tiny website. At times there are no more than 4 or 5 live camgirls ready to chat and this is just not an acceptable number. If a guy can’t even choose from a few dozens of cam models – why would he bother with the site to begin with? This is a real shame, because the platform is so well-made, that it can certainly support a much larger number of live chat rooms and it all feels a bit like a waste of advanced technology. Even on the off chance that you do want to start chatting – costs are really high. You would imagine that a sexy yet small webcam sex site will have plenty of motivation to lower average sex chat costs, especially when it has to compete with the best sexcam sites in the industry, but this is simply not the case here. Are people really willing to pay $8 for an extremely limited selection of models, when a monster-size portal like charges an average of $3 per minute? Apparently there are, but it's difficult to understand why.

Not that the women here aren’t gorgeous – they are, but in order to get any type of discount that will lower cost to a reasonable range, you need to pay for a premium membership, and pay a fairly stiff fee. There are no special promotions, no discounts other than the 20% you get as a paid member and even spy chat, an option which cost very little on other adult webcam sites, costs around $4 or even more on If you do enjoy videos and pics, well – the paid membership will make sure that you have plenty of these, and also numerous recorded porn shows. It is also an option you should consider if you spend a lot of time chatting with the live camgirls on this site, because 20% discount can mean a lot of money at the end of the month.

This is not some low-quality sex chat community full of amateurs and bad lighting - no, if that was the case, perhaps it would have been easier to make a clear decision regarding this website. The facts are that this seems to be like an okay site and the models here are much hotter than the average amateur camgirls – the big issue that there just so few of them to begin with. Moreover – the feeling here is just that… well, that the chat rooms are not especially important. They appear of course, but the vast majority of women are offline and it seems to be the normal status for a site that ought to work harder to find performers. You will get prompted to buy credit, to upgrade your membership and to watch videos and photos, but the site looks like some portal to other adult sites – not an actual sex chat community. Why would someone pay $25 for a paid membership if there are no camgirls to chat with, unless what he really wants is access to the vid and pics?

Well, our team of experts was certainly confused and we're guessing that most readers might feel the same, unless they really are only after adult content and consider live sex cams to be some kind of a side bonus. There are many problems that need to be addressed, but the truth is that CamWithHer has everything it needs to succeed: High quality chat rooms, professional webcam platform and enough features and sexy content to keep users intrigues. The only thing this site is in desperate need of is more camgirls – once this issue is taken care of, people might not mind about the relatively high prices. In fact, if the new camgirls will look anything like the ones that are currently performing on, chances are guys will be happy to pay any price to get personal with these babes on XXX webcams. Just get more models and you will deserve a much more positive review.

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