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last updated January 07, 2021

There are quite a few adult webcam sites online. Well, "a few" is clearly an understatement, as anyone who has read just a fraction of the sexcam reviews available on this website ought to know. There are hundreds if not thousands of sex chat communities on the internet and while they each hold their own personality and style, most are, essentially, very similar to one another. This is why this CamsCreative review might surprise you – and in more ways than one. This live adult webcam site is a reliable and enjoyable nude cam portal, but it takes a unique approach to sex chatting. The live camgirls here perform from various locations around the house, thus serving XXX fantasies from different angles and in a whole new level of intensity. Want to know more about CamsCreative.com? Our team of experts has done the necessary research. Sit back and find out the results.

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CamsCreative.com Prices

This amateur webcam sex site is not particularly expensive and in fact, if you take advantage of some of its promotions, you stand an excellent chance of lowering cost even more. It is important to point out that the pricing information is a bit difficult to obtain and even the site's FAQ is not very helpful in this regard. It would have been much easier for the users if CamsCreative would just offer an organized list of webcam sex prices according to the different types of chats, but alas, many porn chat websites seem to feel that such information is extremely secretive and keep it well-hidden, maybe so novice members will not find it discouraging.

Chat and User Features on CamsCreative.com

CamsCreative.com's Pros and Cons


This adult cam site does provide several extraordinary opportunities to interact with live camgirls in a variety of locations. Members enjoy many benefits and discounts and the paid membership comes with so many sex chat minutes that it is, practically, free. There are many webcam models online and they are, for the most part, simply stunning.


This sexcam site is alright, but it can be better and the selection of features is not as innovative as one would expect, especially considering that this is a relatively new webcam sex chat community.

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Editor's Impression of CamsCreative.com

As was mentioned right at the beginning of this CamsCreative review, there are loads of sexcam chat communities available for users who are looking for some XXX fun online. Our team of experts has certainly encountered some excellent adult webcam sites, as well as some that don’t deserve even the slightest attention from informed users, but the truth is that they do, in varied qualities, offer the same options: Video chats, videos, amateur or professional camgirls - you know; the standard categories and choices. Cams Creative attempts to bring something new and fresh to the table; to shake up the familiar webcam terms and surprise users with a new approach. Does it succeed? To a degree, but not completely, as you will shortly see.

On a first view, this sex chat community does look very special – or perhaps the better term is "distinct". The colors of the home page, the design and style all look like a weird comic book – not an anime, but some kind of a cute superhero book. You'd think that this is a manly design (do women even read comics?), but everything here is very feminine and you can peek into a few "chat rooms", which are actually showroom models and probably recorded clips. The quality of the shows you see before you register is amazing – the camgirls look amazing, of course, but even the image quality is really out of this world, and so it should: People will see this page and decide if they want to join or not, and this is important on a website that doesn’t offer free chat.

Yep, here we come to an unpleasant point regarding CamsCreative: There are no free chat rooms for users to peek into and get impressed. This is a downside, because for many guys who have never visited this sexcam community before, the free chats are the most reliable resource for information. Other than this review of course, but here you will need to pay in order to see. You don’t need to pay a lot though. This site has a special promotion where users receive a three day premium membership for a total cost of $4.95 and it includes 150 "treat" minutes which they can use on public sex shows or private chats. This is an amazing gift and it means that you can get much more than a taste of this sexcam community without a substantial fee. Keep in mind that you will need to use all of these minutes in a matter of three days, but for most adult cam users, this will not be difficult, especially considering the hotness of the women. Watch three shows of 50 minute each, or five live porn shows of 30 minute each and you'll get through your treat minutes in no time. In fact, you might want to purchase some more, which you can do promptly for a cost of $1 per one credit.

On most adult cam sites, the camgirls sit on their beds – r at least in some studio designed to look like a bedroom. This isn't bad – users, after all, want to illusion of a sexy encounter, even if it takes place online, but there is something very exciting about being able to watch the camgirls strip and do naughty things in various locations around their houses. The babes offer all sorts of fantasies and it appears that members love watching them explore. This is an opportunity to fulfill a desire that you have always had, and simply didn’t have a chance, or the right partner, to make it come true. Feel like having sex while working out? Going wild with a seductive able while she's working? CamsCreative.com lives up to its name in the sense that it does allow you to get creative – but, as you will quickly see, it doesn’t go all the way.

The problem with this adult chat service is that it has a very nice idea, but it gets a bit stuck along the way. There are hundreds of live camgirls, many perform from locations that are not their bedrooms and they are very sexy and happy to share fantasies. So far, it all sounds, and looks, amazing, but then the site kind of fails. The choice of features is surprisingly low, and they are the ones that you know from any other large webcam site in the industry – and it's even less impressive than what you'll find on services such as MyFreeCams for example, which take features very seriously. Moreover, the public porn shows are a bit too public and the camgirls are so busy is paying attention to guys who tip that they kind of – or totally – ignore the guy whose turn is to direct, so you have to keep tipping, although you're also paying by the minute, and it all turns, very often, into a bit of a mess. Private sex shows are sensational – really, some of the best that you will get to see, but when all is said and done the webcam models mostly stick to the usual show-style. It may be taking pace in some different location, but the show is the same, which is disappointing if you've had some great fantasy on your mind. You can certainly ask for things, and during 1-on-1 session the live camgirls obey almost any request, but most of the time you feel like you're chatting on any other live sex cam site. The bottom line is: CamsCreative is doing a great job, and for a very affordable price, but having said that, we will add: It can still do much better.

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