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last updated May 14, 2019

Hi, friends. As of January, 2019, we no longer back this service.  

In its place we recommend going to LiveJasmin. 

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AllCams.com is a purely amateur webcam arena where women and couples log on from home to show off, get personal and enjoy passionate sex chats. The quality of shows is inconsistent, but some are truly captivating and there is a good variety of choices so anyone can find something to enjoy. This AllCams review will assess the highlights and lowlights of this sexcam community. Look through quickly and see what we discovered.

AllCams' Prices

The women on All Cams set their own prices and because they are amateurs there is a large variation in how much they ask for. At time you will find magnificent sex chats for prices that will seem almost suspiciously low, and other times you will end up watching mediocre sex shows for a fairly high fee. Look at the rating and don’t be tempted to pay a lot thinking that it means high-quality. There are a lot of cheap performers that are great, so there is no reason to choose expensive ones.

Leading Features on AllCams.com

AllCams' Pros and Cons


If you are a fan of real amateurs, and not just models pretending to be amateurs, then AllCams.com is definitely the perfect website for your needs. There is a good variety of sex chat rooms and costs can be low in some cases. It's also a simple adult webcam arena with minimal complication and as such it is ideal for beginners with little or no experience in the XXXCam world.


As was made clear under the feature section in this AllCams review, this site has very few interesting features and the design seems very basic. If you need gadgets, innovations and special interactive tools to enjoy the live sex shows, you are likely to be disappointed by the online selection and keep in mind that because the women performing here not trained professionals, you always face the risk of ending up with a dull chat partner that doesn't know how to get her viewers excited.

Editor's Impression of AllCams

As part of our AllCams review our research team has visited the site on several occasions and we try and convey here a genuine user's experience. We've checked features and different types of chats to see what is actually available and what fails to work. On a first glance AllCams.com is quite impressive and it looks like a humongous website. The number of registered webcam models is unbelievable and it's easy to believe that this is the biggest adult webcam portal in the industry. However, a closer look discloses that only a fraction of the registered women are actually live and at best you will encounter 500 or so camgirls. This is not a terribly low number, but it's nowhere near the figure we expected. However, this is not an uncommon phenomenon on amateur webcam sites where hosts log on whenever they feel like and have no fixed schedules.

There is a bit of a mix-up in terms of categories. The women are separated into different groups, but they are all listed together, non-adult right before not so shy girls and then hardcore babes all on one page. It is very easy to get confused and click on the wrong category, so try and make sure that you know who you're chatting with and what she is willing to do. It would have been better if the categories were on different pages or tabs, but alas, this is not a well-planned or a well-designed site.

We will return to this point several times in this AllCams review, because really this is the great oxymoron of all amateur webcam portals: On the one hand, you do get to video chat with real amateurs and enjoy genuine passion and true orgasms, but on the downside even the platform is amateurish and fails to provide the technical perfection and complexity that have become the norm of the best live cam sites in the industry such as LiveJasmin and Sexier.

One of the most annoying things about AllCams.com is the fact that you can’t do anything before you register. You can text chat to a degree, but you can’t even access the free chat rooms, which is very annoying considering that users might like to check the water before they dive in. Membership is free, but this does not mean that users are not entitled to at least some limited free chat. Well, there is none, so we've signed up and started browsing the live webcams. For the most part, the babes we’ve chatted with were welcoming, but not all were hot and not all knew how to handle the attention. There are enough attractive amateurs online to suit any taste, but you might need to search for a while before finding that is both attractive and knows how to perform.

We've decided to treat ourselves to a few live sex shows and looked for some Buy Credit button. There was none. All Cams is one of the few adult webcam sites on the web that do not use credits, tokens or gold, but instead uses continuous billing, meaning that users pay for the number of minutes they watch. The downside is that it's more difficult to restrict yourself. The upside is that you don’t need to purchase additional credit at the end of the show, and that you don’t need to work out some complicated math – converting dollars to credits and backwards. Watch a 27 minute show; this is what you'll pay for – no ifs or buts.

Because there are no credit packages, it's difficult to get some instant discount for purchasing credit in bulk. Don’t let the lack of discounts discourage you though: Many of the webcam models will agree to give you a discount for longer shows and because they control their own rates and work from home, many will willingly give you a small discount, if you sign up for a long show and don’t get to greedy. This is not true on all sex chat rooms of course, but there is no harm in asking, especially in cases where hosts charge more than average. There are plenty of live camgirls that charge a low rate to begin with, and in that case a discount is not very likely.

The advanced search tool is detailed and includes most criteria that could interest a user. However, it is impossible to search for hosts with a specific feature, and that is quite limiting. For example, if a user wants to only watch sex shows with audio, he will need to go through the rooms one by one and make sure. Before you conduct a search also check the upper box to look through the online hosts only. There is no point in finding a breathtaking beauty that is never online, so stick to the ones that are currently live.

Some of the porn shows we've watched on AllCams.com were okay, some were incredible and some were a mess. It seems to be impossible to know in advance what level of performance you are going to view, although the user rating roved to be a good indication. The whole inconsistency issue which we have mentioned before in this AllCams review may not be totally bad. The customers of this website come here to watch real women strip and play with dildos and they expect some level of mess, so the fact that this site doesn’t look professional and doesn’t offer professional features may be the right edge it needs. If you ask us if this adult webcam portal matches the quality and professionalism of the best live sex cams sites we would say no, but that does not mean that it's not fun. This site has its own character and it takes a completely different approach to sex cams, and as such it makes a long-lasting impression. It manages to attract users that prefer messy, sticky amateur sex over polished, superb model shows and for what it is, it works very well.