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Last updated December 12, 2017

We at BestLiveCamSites have been getting a lot of questions about where to find the cheapest cam sites online and as such created this list. We've selected the adult webcam hubs that dish out the lowest sex chat rates and the hottest live sex shows. As is required today, the cam sites all include the very best video quality, streaming speeds, and of course, the hottest selection of cam models. Since this is a review site, we have included a mini-review for each site. You can weigh the pros and cons of each, to see where you might want to pay a little extra, for that extra bit of quality.

We've made sure to explain why each of these cam sites is the cheapest in their respective categories. When all the calculations were taken into account, only six were left standing. Read on to find out what the cheapest cam sites are.

LiveJasmin is the Cheapest Luxury Cam Site

Live Jasmin is undoubtedly the best webcam site all around. They have the biggest selection of cam rooms and strict guidelines to ensure the quality in all of them. As a user, you are are exposed to thousands of cam rooms, all set up in an easy to navigate layout. When you look through the variety of rooms available to you, you will notice that everything is set up like an upscale pornographic magazine. The women on LiveJasmin aren't cam girls, they are cam models. You get plenty of women to choose from, with plenty of sub categories like teens, redheads, and Latinas to browse through. In terms of camera quality, LiveJasmin is at the forefront of all cam sites, low cost or otherwise. LiveJasmin is the only webcam site to insist that all models broadcast in HD. While others are advising for the models to get HD cams, LiveJasmine has demanded it. You can expect a 720p minimum with 1080p in the vast majority of rooms.


Sexy cheap camgirl

So what makes LiveJasmin a cheap webcam site? As a site dedicated to private chats, you are spending your money exactly as you intend to spend it and with guaranteed efficiency. On most low cost cam sites, where there is a shared goal, you have no say over anything. You will often find yourself tipping for a goal that isn't reached, also known as a waste of money. On LiveJasmin, when in a private chat, you get a lot of say in the direction of what you want to see happen. Overall, the price of credits at LiveJasmin is relatively cheap, at the largest package, credits are about $1.50 a piece. Given the average of 2.9 credits a minute, that's just under $4.50. You might think $4.50 a minute is expensive, but when you consider that a flash of titties on Chaturbate can cost you 200 tokens, i.e. $20.99, that puts things into perspective. If $4.50 is still too steep for you, don't worry - there are cheaper rooms too. Check out the Sales rooms for extra savings. 

Don't forget -

LiveJasmin is the only site that regularly awards their users, you get free credits on your first and every fifth purchase.

ImLive is a Cheap Webcam Site That Only Gets Cheaper

A long time veteran in the field, ImLive climbed its way up the ladder and rooted its position among the most affordable cam sites around. More than just prices, ImLive has invested heavily into innovation and constant self improvement. As a site that has been around for quite some time, you'll notice that ImLive is a very populated site. At no time will you find less than 500 cam girls online, and that's not including the male cams, couple cams, and transgender cams. The coolest feature that ImLive has, is the multi-viewer. With the multi-viewer you can watch six cam rooms simultaneously on one screen. While ImLive has worked hard at improving, it has not yet started forcing its models to use HD cams. Given that many of the cam girls on this site have been broadcasting there for years, many of the cam rooms don't have good cameras, resulting in pixelated video feeds.


Low cost cam girl

To start off with, ImLive has a reasonable and easy to understand credits system. Each credit is the equivalent of exactly $1.00. The average room price is between $2.00 and $3.00 a minute. As you spend credits, you gain points to be used in the extensive rewards program. As you gain points, you rise up the ranks from bronze member to silver, gold, and eventually VIP. The higher your membership level, the cheaper the "Discount Clubs" prices with your favorite models. In these discount clubs, you pay a monthly fee to a specific model, but get lower prices when camming with her. To top it off, you also get free bonus credits, depending on your level. At VIP, you get a 25 bonus credits and 25 bonus club credits per purchase. That being said, getting to the VIP is incredibly difficult. It is unlocked at 15,000 points (that's up to $15,000 spent).

That being said -

You start seeing the benefits much earlier. At 500 points you get 10 bonus credits and 10 bonus club credits on every purchase and a discount club reduction of 0.7 credits a minute.   

Sexier's Loyalty Program Makes for Affordable Sex Cams

Another veteran, Sexier is a cheap webcam site with a wide variety of cam rooms and an extensive search function, to find exactly what you like. While many rooms on the site are not in HD, the big screen format helps to make up for it. We found that Sexier in particular was great for people with vision problems. You can easily adjust the site of the text you send and receive from the models you speak with. In terms of variety, Sexier has plenty of options which can easily be found by the changing tags at the top of the page. You can find the popular categories there, with new categories each time you refresh the page. We believe that Sexier's biggest selling point is their low and affordable prices, which are competitive to say the least. It is the few non HD cam rooms which prevent Sexier from being ranked higher as a sex cam site.   


Affordable sexier cams

Like ImLive, Sexier also has a one to one exchange rate with their credits, the difference is that they charge in Euros instead of USD. The average show price is 2.8 credits a minute, so around $3.00 USD. So what makes Sexier an affordable sex cam site? The Frequent Fuckers Club. It is a different rewards program to ImLive, it provides different benefits and discounts. One thing that we want to be upfront about, getting to the top tier at Sexier is much easier than at Imlive. Platinum level is achieved at 500 miles, for which you would have to spend nearly €3900. It is much less than at Sexier, but once again, the benefits are different. With the Frequent Fuckers Club, the price of Happy Hour shows drops continuously, and you get free bonus credits with every purchase.

At Platinum level -

You get 3% bonus credits with each purchase and happy hour shows are just 0.20 credits a minute. That's right, sex cams for just 0.20 credits a minute. That being said, as it is a happy hour shows, it is not completely private and you aren't the only one watching. 

Flirt4Free Has Serious Sex Cam Bargains

Flirt4Free is a relatively newer site that has been hard at work to improve itself. Recently, they upgraded the capabilities so that their HD cams are now much crisper. The site now features hundreds of cam models broadcasting in flawless quality. The cam feeds on Flirt4Free are massive, with the vast majority of the screen being dedicated to model you are watching, rather than the chat window. Not every room has a great camera, but the rooms which are HD are clearly labelled and easy to find. One of the coolest features Flirt4Free has is the ability to preview rooms before going in, with sound and everything. The site's selection is quite robust, but much smaller than the sites listed above. Currently, we have seen an influx of new babes on Flirt4Free which we believe, make it a site worth adding to your bookmarks.


Bargain with affordable Flirt4Free camgirls

Flirt4Free is a cheap webcam site that can look deceptively expensive at first glance. The site is very liberal with letting its camgirls decide their own prices. That means that there is a huge price gap between the various models which makes it very hard to give a price estimate. While some girls try to charge an outrageous 160 credits a minute, others go as low as just 5 credits a minute. These girls are few in number, but they can be found with a little searching. If you can't find a girl for a price you like, Flirt4Free has the strike a bargain option, where you suggest to a camgirl what you believe to be a fair price for a set amount of private time. If she agrees, you are in for an epic show at a price you like. One of the things that make Flirt4Free an affordable sex cam site, are the group chat shows. Group chat shows are a 'Kickstarter' method of gathering money where users pledge money. The camgirl sets up a goal and you can commit X amount of credits.

If enough credits are gathered,

The site takes the funds from the users who pledged credits and the show begins for all tippers. If the goal isn't reached, you don't get charged anything. is the Only Site with Virtual Sex You Can Feel

An old time contender, is another site which has been around for decades. Despite its age, has done an amazing job at keeping its user interface up to date. The site's layout is clean, simple, and easy to navigate. And of course, there is a huge variety of HD cam rooms to choose from, with crystal clear quality in most of them. has two the things which makes this site stand out compared to the other cheap cam sites on this list. The first is that on you can see a flag representing the nationality of the cam girl before you go into the room. This is a cool little feature that can help you to explore the world sexually without leaving your room. The second feature is the Connexion virtual sex. You can buy a Lovense Max and have real virtual sex with cam girls who have the Lovense Nora. The respective toys will react to each others movements.

Visit has real virtual sex is a very affordable webcam site. While others charge at a ratio of a dollar to credit, on, you get 1000 tokens per $99.00. You have several tipping options, ranging from tipping to activate a Lovense toy, to Cam2Caming, and even sending virtual gifts. On you don't have to tip in large denominations, you can tip in brackets of 10 which works out to about a dollar. The average Cam2Cam sessions appears to cost 30+ tokens a minute, but there are both cheaper and more expensive rooms too. If you have a favorite cam girl, by watching 30 minutes of private sessions with her, you can join her fan club to enjoy cheaper shows in future. Some chat rooms even get a discount of over 30%. The Connexion is not included in this price, but as they are the only website with this feature they can pretty much charge what they want until competition arrives. By the way, you can become a Premiere member to get a further 10% off live shows and unlimited access to thousands of naked pictures. .

Did we mention you can get 6 free months of Premiere membership?

All you need to do is verify your credit card information an you automatically become a VIP member and get 6 free months Premiere membership.

Chaturbate Has Plenty of Free Cam Shows

Arguably the most popular free cam site in the world, Chaturbate has thousands of active models in the female, male, and transgender categories. The site is simple and user friendly, with an obvious focus on ease of use. When you search for a model you like, you will notice that the variety is massive with easily found HD cams. On Chaturbate you can choose the quality of the video. If the broadcaster is broadcasting at 1080p, you can watch it in 1080p, but if your internet isn't good enough, you can lower the quality as needed. Because of Chaturbate's current popularity, you will find that there is a constant stream of new models to the site. It's never boring on Chaturbate where there are literally tens of cum shows happening simultaneously. While buying tokens on Chaturbate might not be the cheapest, a cam site with non stop free sex shows has to be included in the list of cheapest webcam sites.


Cheap cosplaying camgirl

While the other sites on this list of affordable webcam sites have a focus on private chats, Chaturbate has a larger focus on the free chat. Goals are set that must be reached before an act is performed. Sometimes, this will be great as the camgirl can be close to a goal. At other times, this can be terrible, as the goal is taking off her shirt and she is not interested in privates. If a camgirl's room is popping and a lot of people are tipping, Chaturbate is great and cheap, but if you are going to be the one who gets the cam girl to her goal every time, it will quickly become very expensive and why we recommended LiveJasmin earlier. Privates cost between 30 and 120 tokens a minutes which isn't too bad a price considering that on Chaturbate 100 tokens cost $10.99. You can watch group shows and golden ticket shows for good prices, but your favorite camgirl might not always be available for private chats. In fact, not all models even have private shows as an option.

If you do want to use Chaturbate,

Consider paying by Bitcoin, you can save a few dollars on every transaction.


The best cheap cam site is LiveJasmin, we recommend it based on quality and variety more than based on the prices themselves. On all the camsites we listed, there are opportunities to be found to save money while watching adult webcams. It's hard to say which site exactly is cheapest. It is important to remember that everything is relative when you want to talk to your dream girl. You might not think that sticking to private chats is the best option, but it is the best way to watch affordable adult webcams. Tipping to reach a goal can quickly drain your wallet without you realize it. By sticking to privates you can better monitor your spending habits to make sure that you aren't going overboard.

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