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Last updated July 12, 2017

Payment options on live adult webcam sites may not be a “sexy” topic, but it’s still something which many users are concerned about. Today we will discuss an interesting payment method that has become increasingly popular over the years. We are talking about Bitcoin and you must have heard the name. This virtual currency has become widely used and it is not surprising that many live adult webcam user want to use it to pay for their live sex chats. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? There is an issue though and that is that not many adult cam sites accept Bitcoin, which can be very annoying for people who prefer to use it. Just imagine how annoyed you would be if you want to pay for credits and discover that your favorite payment method is banned.

Most people, if they ever encounter such a situation, might be annoyed and then carry on as usual, choosing an alternative payment options. However, there are also quite a few adult webcam fans that would rather change website than payment methods and these are exactly the guys for whom this article was written.

We have done the needed research and now have the results. The information has been collected, assessed and is ready for you. Read on and discover which of the leading sexcam services do work with Bitcoin. Pay attention: There aren't many and this information can save you a lot of time and disappointments. is the Number One Choice for Bitcoin Webcam Users Bitcoin Logo

Perhaps we should have been more mysterious regarding the results of the research: Slowly build up to the big conclusion, getting that wow factor. On the other hand, our ultimate goal is to provide the readers with the full info they need, and that is true even if certain readers can't be bothered to read more than 100 words in one go. Well, Live Jasmin is not just one of the best adult webcam sites that you will ever set your eyes on. It is also the number one choice for guys who want to buy their sexcam credits using Bitcoin. You won’t have any difficulty using this payment method nor will the site hide it. Some time, you see, when a website prefers that you only use a particular payment method if all else fails, it kind of keeps it hidden, making it more difficult to find, but LiveJasmin lists Bitcoin right up there with Visa and MasterCard – what an honor.


LiveJasmin accepts Bitcoin for Adult Cam Shows

This should not come as a surprise to anyone who has had any experience with This sexy chat portal has always been number one in a variety of categories. It has the highest number of live camgirls – thousands and thousands of them live at any time, and it also has an advanced video chat platform, one that makes every live sex show one of a kind. This is also a very safe site. It has been around for so long that it probably existed back when you needed to dial to get an internet connection and it has been serving pleased customers with hot, horny women right from the start. This is a respectable sex cam hub that works with all the leading payment processors and it has a great reputation and almost unmatched reliability, so you don’t even have to worry about potential problems. Actually, if you use Bitcoin, most of those problems that people worry about when paying online don’t even apply to you, so that last sentence probably has very little effect on you to begin with. In any event, if you are looking for the ultimate Bitcoin site, LiveJasmin is it – join it and visit the free chat rooms to receive additional persuasion.

The Advantages of Using Bitcoin Sexcams

If you wonder why so many people are writing to me and asking about Bitcoin cam sites, chances are you have not had a lot of contact with this relatively new and world-changing virtual currency. There are many advantages for using Bitcoin as your preferred payment method on live sex cams. They're more anonymous than credit cards, there are no transaction costs and they allow customers to pay for services easily and quickly. Businesses like them because they involve no taxes, don't allow charge-backs and there are no third-party seizures. This is probably an advantage that is also important for many users: Less government intervention often sounds like a great idea.

We hope you don’t think that the purpose of this article is to convince you to use Bitcoin. After years of reviewing sex chat communities it becomes clear that different people are into very different things and the truth is that all of the mainstream payment methods are just as good, if they achieve the purpose of allowing users to easily purchase additional webcam credits. However, this option is liked by many, and its popularity has been going up since Satoshi Nakamoto, who invented the system, released it as open-source software back in 2009. This means that people are looking for alternatives that will work with Bitcoin and sadly, for now at least, there are very, very few.

Is Live Jasmin the Only Adult Webcam Site That Accepts Bitcoin?

The answer to that question is No. While is the best choice for guys who are into live webcams and Bitcoin, there are other services that accept this unique payment method. Both and XLoveCam work with Bitcoin, and in the latter case it includes the whole network – XLoveMatures, XLoveTrans – the works. If you choose to sign up and try to buy credits, you will see Bitcoin among the websites' other payment options. So, why does the conclusion of this article state that LiveJasmin is still the first choice? This is not difficult to explain.

These adult webcam sites are not bad, of course they're not, or else they wouldn’t be mentioned in our list of the best cam sites, but they just can't compete with the one and only LiveJasmin. They don’t have the same selection of live webcam models, the same superb streaming quality or the same level of features that guarantee amazing cam shows. What can you do? Some websites are good while others are spectacular and the live porn shows on Live Jasmin are wild, affordable and unforgettable. This claim is extremely easy to prove. Just take a stroll through and you won’t need to hear another word.

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